Call for creation of UN War Crimes Commission

The International Progress Organization, headed by Dr. Hans Koechler, sent me the statement below

War on Gaza:
Call for creation of United Nations War Crimes Commission

Vienna, 8 January 2009

In a statement issued today, the President of the International Progress 25-feb-13101Organization, Dr. Hans Koechler, called upon the United Nations Organization to establish a War Crimes Commission with the mandate to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on the territory of occupied Gaza (Palestine), to record them and help prepare indictments in conformity with the mandatory provisions of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of August 12, 1949 (Fourth Geneva Convention).

Since the beginning of the attack on Gaza on 27 December 2008, numerous and grave breaches of international humanitarian law by Israeli forces have been reported by witnesses on the ground, such as:

The repeated shelling of United Nations (UNRWA) school compounds, designated as places of refuge for the civilian population, with dozens of casualties;

The repeated targeting of ambulances, causing death and injury to medical personnel and the victims of war they were trying to rescue;

Repeated attacks on mosques causing the death of people during prayer time.

Attacks on United Nations (UNRWA) aid convoys;

The systematic targeting of family homes, resulting in the indiscriminate killing of women, children and elderly people;

Indiscriminate attacks on densely populated areas where it is impossible to distinguish between civilian and military targets;

The disproportionate use of force against a defenseless civilian population that is subjected to a total siege, making it impossible for the people to flee from the fighting.

All these acts combined make up a situation in which the civilian population is forced to live under ghetto-like circumstances and endure an onslaught of apocalyptic proportions.

Art. 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention describes acts of this nature as “grave breaches” which the States Parties to the Convention have committed themselves to prosecute:

“Each High Contracting Party shall be under the obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts.” (Art. 146)

The President of the International Progress Organization stated that a United Nations War Crimes Commission on the War in Gaza should be set up by the United Nations General Assembly on the basis of Art. 22 of the UN Charter. He recalled historic precedents such as the creation of a Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of War and on Enforcement of Penalties after World War I or of the United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC) in the course of World War II.

Dr. Koechler reiterated his position that, because of the paralysis of the concerned regional organization, the League of Arab States, the United Nations General Assembly should be convened on the basis of the “Uniting for Peace Resolution” and consider emergency measures including the creation of a War Crimes Commission.

Since the UN Security Council, due to an effective “veto” of the occupying power in Palestine (via the United States as permanent member), will not make use of the provision of Art. 13(b) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and refer the situation in Gaza to that Court – and the judiciary of the occupying power itself will not properly investigate and prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by its armed forces -, there will be no other avenue for the prosecution of international crimes committed on the territory of Gaza except by invocation of the obligations of UN member states under the Fourth Geneva Convention and the joint initiative of a majority of states for the establishment of an UNWCC for Gaza.

Neither the United Nations Organization nor the International Committee of the Red Cross can tolerate the continued and systematic violation of international humanitarian law in Gaza. There can be no peace without justice and there must be no impunity for the perpetrators of international crimes.

Urgent call for Emergency Special Session of UN General Assembly (31 December 2008)

International Progress Organization
Enquiries: info [at] i-p-o [dot] org, phone +43-1-5332877, fax +43-1-5332962, postal address: A-1010 Vienna, Kohlmarkt 4, Austria

14 comments to Call for creation of UN War Crimes Commission

  • Chi0ne1

    The UN is run by the same people that run everything. They like having committee’s that find for them. They have been having them for decades.
    The main question is why are Russia and China standing by when they could blow the US out of the water, and where are the other Arab nations? We are fighting their fight for them. As long as people continue to think that any of the authorities can be trusted, the elite will continue to win. Russia, China, and other middle eastern nations are staying out, because they have orders to. USA is a 4th rate power, but is allowed to bully the world, WHY IS THIS SO? It is so because the elite control both the “east” and the “west”, which are really only an illusion.

  • Franco

    If we are to be honest with our selfs and think not 60 years ago , only 10-15 years ago the governments around the world asked and follow people in serbia for the crimes against civilian population , and now for hideous crimes they commit 24 – 7 ( mind you , not only civil population but also against UN , and Doctors n medical stuff) we even help those that they do all the killing and destruction of a nation , we help them taking land that dose not belong to them (nazis). We should be ashame . Us as people of the world we should banned all the israelis products, all of them and stop buying our needs from a non jewish shopes , then they might have less money to kill inocent civilians and childrens.

  • Peter Lal

    for the sake of elementary justice, why not add Bush & Co to the list of war crimes fugitives as well?

  • Malcolm R Hughes

    At last some sense has come into this world after 40 years. Please push ahead with these criminal proceedings. No amount of verbal garbage should get the State of Israel off the charges this time. Definitely a ROGUE STATE.

    While in this mood, also push for a War Crimes Commission to investigate George W. Bush, John Winston Howard & Tony Blair for War Crimes against the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, in that they ordered invasions of Sovereign Nations. By using Uranium Depleted ammunition they have also created a War Crime against their own troops as well as the local civilians.

  • Gazan

    ChiOne1 is correct: NONE of the authorities, including the United Nations, can be trusted. Nor should they ever have been trusted. They are all working for the same masters: the Illuminati, or the Satanic international banking and finance oligarchy. The UN is stepping in now because Israel has achieved its major goal: the further degradation of human life in Gaza in order to demoralize and subjugate the people there. They have also sown more DU radioactive contamination designed to kill many more Gazans, over time. I think there was also another goal for Israel’s aggression in the Gaza concentration camp. It was to make the Palestinians afraid to oppose Israel’s control their newly-discovered offshore natural gas deposit, estimated to be worth upward of 4 billion dollars. A British company recently attempted to sign an agreement with the Palestinians to exploit this gas field, but was prevented from doing so by the Israelis. Of course, the Israelis’ ultimate goal is to remove all Palestinians from Palestine. Those that will not emigrate, they intend to exterminate.

    The international criminals in the United States and Israel will not be prosecuted, except perhaps some at very low levels of authority, until they have fulfilled their mission: to precipitate a worldwide thermonuclear war. The war won’t last too long (after all, the Satanic elite don’t want TOO much damage done to their property!), only long enough to generate enormous worldwide fear, kill a few million people (always a good thing, in their view) and make people surrender what remains of their freedom to their governments. When people have no freedom at all, they are SO much easier to exterminate!

  • Anna

    Collusion is evident here. The prolonged pattern of geocide stages perpetrated on Iraq (were so successful in the minds of the neo-cons) while the war and blood cry has no boundaries. Israel, I believe has wanted to take this bloody vengeance and amass shock, horror, torture, death, and is doing so the with the same mentality as was done in Iraq (Fallujah for example) The U.S. carried out dastardly crimes against humanity with dastardly weapons of mass destruction and I believe they have colluded with Israel to follow their suit. As you can see the whole world knows, but as with Kuwiat, Iraq, they kill the media or keep them out. The medics in Gaza were becoming a fierce inside truth-tell and unfortunately Israel saw them as a threat to establishing this ‘war crime substantiation’ from the inside. They are wiping them out. The outside world cannot/ has not stopped it with swiftness, so they are swiftly accomplishing what it took years of corrupt and illegal war measures to do in Iraq.
    The fierceness of attacks keep chaos inside and out.
    U.S. did Israel’s dirty work in Iraq, Israel does this with sanctions by a corrupt WORLD government who sells out humanity with their stalling, complacency, to little to late, or nothing at all. We are all collateral to those at the top. Sad…… has been such a scheme, in such deceit. Kings have butchered their own for centuries now. I await the TRUE King.
    And I abhor liars, theives, murderers sitting in their palaces drinking blood from the GOLDEN cup.

  • Debbie

    Yes, please set up a war crimes commission and investigate the people of the Israeli government and military departments for war crimes. If found guilty, please prosecute them to the fullest extent. Thank you.

  • Teri Scatchard

    You must bring charges against these Israeli criminals. If Israel gets away with these horrendous atrocities, you will witness a total collapse of the rule of law. It will be the rule of the JUNGLE. Because it’s only logical that if they can murder and slaughter at will, why
    can’t any country or for that matter ,any group do the same?
    You can never rule with a pointed gun. You lead by example. Israel
    is a ROGUE STATE and should not be a participant in the UNITED NATIONS. It’s making a mockery of this institution. And for future
    generations you have to do the moral thing. Make these arrogant
    Zionists accountable for these war crimes.
    Forever the PANTHEON.

  • Joe

    Well yes I support a UN crimes commission on Isreal if the UN Crimes commission also investigates the activities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad members who have commited terrorism as well.

  • SAUDI Arabia’s Officials along with all other Oil invested countries officials should be hold accountable as well since it is the their countries oil sold to the U.S and Isreal that gives those tankers the fuel to move into the occupied territories as well as Afghanistan, and Iraq.
    SAUDI Arabia’s Officials shame upon you for lending a hand in the killing of your own brethrens. Act before its to late.

    from a concern Muslim
    U.S Virgin Islands

  • Shareena M. Smith

    GOOD websites: by brother Mohammed Omer( a Palestinian journalist)

    SAUDI Arabia’s Officials along with all other Oil invested countries officials should be hold accountable as well since it is the their countries oil sold to the U.S and Isreal that gives those tankers the fuel to move into the occupied territories as well as Afghanistan, and Iraq.
    SAUDI Arabia’s Officials shame upon you for lending a hand in the killing of your own brethrens. Act before its to late.

    from a concern Muslim
    U.S Virgin Islands

  • Jim

    I am a pacifist but if the UN War Crimes Commission do not add the US and their British and Zionist allies to the their list of war criminals then the only option open is to call for an international brigade to fight for the people being slaughtered. Boycott American and Israeli goods, If you have a pension stop paying, take your money from their banks.

  • Chi0ne1

    Shareena the house of Saud is Edomite.

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