Civilian Casualties Contaminated with Uranium in Gaza

Norwegian medics in Gaza allege civilian casualties contaminated with Depleted Uranium

If, as recently alleged by Norwegian medics in Gaza, that civilian casualties have been found to be contaminated with Depleted Uranium that would mean that munitions used by the Israelis are clad with DU (Depleted Uranium). Such use  against civilians, never mind the opposing military forces, is a war crime in itself.

Depleted Uranium is the unforgiving gift of war that keeps on giving. Any warhead – be it bullet, bunker busting bomb, missile or rocket – capped with DU will cut through the thickest steel armor plate like a hot knife through butter. On impact, the DU vaporizes to a fine toxic dust which, when inhaled, will ultimately poison anyone unfortunate to have been exposed to it. Unfortunately for Israeli soldiers if they are exposed to DU dust they will get a toxic dose just as much as the Gazans.
As the unforgiving gift that keeps on giving, just like the NATO military (including Canadians) in Bosnia and NATO troops in Iraq, Israeli soldiers will bring their now DU poisoned bodies home to Israel, contaminating their spouses with this invasive teratogenic metabolic poison. This curse will spread and poison Israeli children, including the unborn who will be subjected to monstrous birth deformities of the most hideous kind – the same deformities  that been inflicted on the people of Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo and anywhere such insane, diabolical weapons have been used.

Croft Woodruff PhD
Coquitlam, BC CANADA

“It should be obvious that action without wisdom, without clear awareness of the world as it really is, can never improve anything.” Theodore Roszak

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7 comments to Civilian Casualties Contaminated with Uranium in Gaza

  • “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” –Mark Twain

  • ThomasT

    Right, rashid, the Pals brought this on themselves. They blockaded gaza, and tried to starve themselves to death. Much like the one million germans who starved and froze themselves to death AFTER world war two in open camps under orders from jew/Swede/American General D. Eisenhower. Now the Pals blast themselves with DU, phosphorus, and cut off ther own medical supplies. Oh, maybe mean they invited the Isra-hells in to kill their kids. Oh yes, I forgot that. You sound like a sick Israeli.

  • Gazan

    The United States has been using DU munitions in Afghanistan since the beginning of operations there. According to an Afghan doctor, Mohammed Daud Miraki, about 10 million Afghans have now been exposed to DU contamination. U.S. forces have also used DU in Iraq, and now millions of Iraqis have been exposed and now carry the contamination in their bodies. U.S. soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have already produced children with strange, devastating deformities like those that have been showing up in Afghanistan since U.S. operations started there. The data I have seen indicate that DU contamination will persist in Afghanistan and Iraq while life persists on Earth: 4.5 BILLION years! In both countries, rates of Leukemia and other cancers are many times more than normal. Dr. Miraki’s book, “Afghanistan After Democracy,” documents horrendous birth defects that have been showing up there for years now: children born with their organs outside their bodies, with no eyes, noses, or mouths, with eyes turned inside out, without limbs, brains, or other organs, etc. Apparently, DU contamination PERMANENTLY alters DNA, and those changes are passed down through the generations.

    What we have here is a crime against humanity without precedent in human history. Not even Hitler or Stalin, mad and evil as they were, would have dared use munitions that genetically damaged and contaminated not only enemy countries and their people, but their own troops and their families, literally FOREVER. Parts of Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Gaza and Israel, will probably be dangerous for human and animal habitation for all time.

  • Richard Simpson

    In the day and age with technology the way it Is DU munitions shouldnt even be necessary. isreal has benefited from american technology for over half a decade and although effective the side effects of DU munitions when used should be considered a crime against humanity. DU has been found on the space shuttle after missions and can be found on every human head in the world. dont believe me? go get tested. go bag a deer in the forest and test its fur youll find DU. It spreads across the world and should be considered and attack against every nation and human being on the planet from every round fired. petition your elected officials, this crime against humanity must be stopped.

  • GeigerNZ

    I looked upon that media release article about DU with much interest.

    Then I researched it. The ‘Norwegian medics’ in Gaza are in fact not Norwegian medics as such, nor did they have the specific detection equipment, nor the training to identify depleted uranium residues from such munitions.

    I really wish that the media would accurately identify sources of information, and ascertain their validity, before making bold politically correct motivated statements.

    The fact is, that there is no evidence to date that the IDF has been using depleted uranium kinetic munitions.
    Lastly, after having worked with uranium for years, I can validate its toxicological effects, which have to be taken into account when working with it. It is a naturally occurring material which exists in environment naturally, within the air, food, water and soil. There is no way of avoiding uranium, as it is everywhere. Naturally.

    There is a higher risk of genetic mutation to the residents of Gaza by eating burnt food containing sugars, drinking from modern plastics, and using cellular phoes.

    – If you are from “”, then why do you post the same comment twice from an address in New Zealand?
    – Uranium: the AH64 Apache helicopter (see has a board gun called M230 (see which shoots (among others) an ammunition called PGU-14B (see

    Uranium is also used in tank ammunition and for bomb casings, all info is readily available to anyone wanting to research on the issue. Since Israel generally used the same weapons and ammunitions as the US, it is plausible that they are also using them.

    You are not the first one to appear here today spouting inanities about Uranium, so this must be a highly embarrassing issue for these criminals. Did you say something about “politically motivated” statements? What about you and others attempting to help cover up grave crimes against humanity?

    Lastly, if Uranium is not dangerous, why is it so that nobody can walk into a store and buy some of it?


    I would submit that GeigerNZ must have missed a few lectures
    dealing with Isotopes, Radiation Physics, and Radiation Biology. Your statements echo those from the 1950’s and 1960’s A-bomb testing in Nevada, and Agent Orange in Southeast Asia. Be careful where you put your head, the sand may have more DU than you might think.

  • The use of DU weaponry in wars has been proven in the Iraq wars (1991, 2003, ..) and the Balkans (Bosnia 1994/95; Kosovo 1999) . There is no reason to assume that it has been used in Lebanon (2006) or currently in Gaza, though there is circumstantial evidence that is has been used in Afghanistan.
    So far I haven’t seen any clear evidence that DU is used in bunker busters. Also I haven’t seen any evidence that is has been used by Apaches. I am dealling with this issue since 1992.
    In addition I can tell that I have never seen such a parnoid movement like the anti-DU weapons movement. It’s a wrong attitude and it doesn’t help to get rid of these weapons, which are indeed very toxic. The toxicity has been clearly proven by scientists of the Pentagon itself. The toxicity has been compared with nickel, which is an acknowledged carcinogen by the WHO. Since the mid-nineties the testing of DU anti tank shells in the US is forbidden in the open field, because of its toxicity and the difficulties to remediate soil contaminated with DU.
    Unfortunately these weapons are not forbidden. The only way to ban them is to follow the same route as the campaigns against landmines and cluster munitions did (do).

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