A Holocaust Survivor Writes to Obama and Olmert


picture-6314Below a feeble attempt to appeal to the conscience of the nominal head of the Israeli government.  I’ve written Obama too, whose silence probably means that, were he still in the Senate, he would have voted the way I hear all the others did: 100% for Israel’s “right to defend itself.”
I’m sorry that I can’t think of anything else to do but write, and stand on the street in the now daily vigils here.


—– Original Message —–
From: Eva S. Moseley
To: Prime.Minister’sOffice [at] it [dot] pmo [dot] gov [dot] il
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 4:28 PM
Subject: Gaza

Dear Mr. Olmert,

What can I say to convince you to stop the attack on Gaza?  Hasn’t the IDF killed enough people?  I’m one of the lucky few who got out of Nazi Vienna in 1939, with parents and brother, and later aunts and uncles, and I find Israeli violence hard to understand.  You have the people of Gaza virtually in prison, controlling their borders, airspace, coast and shipping, their movements, their food, water and fuel.  What would you do in their situation?
Hamas won an election that international monitors said was fair; Israel (and the U.S.) then refused to deal with the government of Palestine, and jailed numerous members of its parliament.  What would you do if another country came in and arrested members of the Knesset and put them away without a trial?  In fact most Palestinians are peaceable and want only to live normal lives.  But how can they?  Even in the West Bank Israel controls their movements and many aspects of their lives as it continues to build illegal settlements on their land.

The Israeli government says it is fighting terrorism.  As an Israeli you should know why there are terrorists, as there were quite a few Jewish ones when Jews felt beleaguered and treated unjustly.  No one is born a terrorist.  It’s the occupation that has made some Palestinians terrorists, yet there have been almost no attacks on Israel for months, except for those rockets.  They too would stop if the people of Gaza could have normal lives, although now, with all the destruction, it will be harder than ever to achieve that.  Please stop the assault.  Don’t you hear about people all over the world protesting what Israel is doing?  Do you think we’re all wrong and only you and the U.S. administration are right?  I’m not sure about the latest figures, but last I heard the rockets had killed 9 Israelis over a period of months or years, while the IDF has killed more than 750 Gazans in less than two weeks.  This isn’t war; it’s slaughter, with modern weaponry, of a virtually unarmed people.

Eva (Steiner) Moseley
Cambridge, MA

11 comments to A Holocaust Survivor Writes to Obama and Olmert

  • I hear you loud and clear; why can’t the US and Israel hear you? How long does one try to destroy a people before one admits failure to do so? Zionist terrorists have been trying to wipe Palestine off of the map for sixty years; is it not time for the Zionists to admit defeat? The hearts and souls of the Palestinians beat strongly though their innocent bodies pay a price no people should have to endure. Enough, oh Zionism, let your blood-lust subside; may you awaken to what you have done, and continue to do, before you drag the whole world into utter shoah… –jws

  • Chi0ne1

    Writing to a “leader” of any “country” is like asking the fox to guard the hen house, which it is already doing. “Israel” will continue to do what it is doing, because the entities that run “Israel” are the same one that brought you the holocaust. The “peace movement” of the 60’s ought to tell people how effective protest is. Usually the ones protesting the most are the ones that work for the fox. The elite either own it or have infiltrated it. We need to fight the elite instead of each other. A good way to start is to realize the the “leaders” of all the “nations” work for the fox. It is time to wake up people.

  • John Kralik

    Eva, If more people were like you , we would have no problems in this world ! May God truly Bless you !!

  • George

    Beautifully said. I am appalled at the American Governments complicity in the slaughter.

  • Doc

    Hi Eva

    the world needs more people like you. Unfortunately you are appealing about the convenient smokescreen that was set up so that Israel could provoke Iran and the rest of the mideast into a war, which will give them an excuse to exterminate the entire Arab region … for resettling by Israeli scum. The whole concept of taking someone else’s land and then killing them when they protest, defines the taker as an arrogant, deluded, psychopath who feels entitled to his fantasy over someone else’s reality. There’s no logical discussion on earth that will convince that sort of person of anything other than to re-enforce his own delusion, after all, that is what delusion is – something that runs counter to logic.

    Behind Israel are the sick, arrogant beyond comprehension, international bankers who control the lives of everyone on the planet and send their attack dogs after those they can’t control. Israel are one of those attack dogs, as are MI6 and the CIA. So, there’s obviously a much bigger agenda at play here and there is no way they are going to stop and discuss it logically. I fear that they are doing their very best to escalate it into a full-blown war as that is part of the long-term agenda of the central bankers for their sicko world domination ideals. If war does not happen, I expect that they are going to get a lot more aggressive and the slaughter will become as inhumane as possible – they have demonstrated their appetite for that behaviour many times in the past, now is the time for their true colours to shine.

    All that we can do is appreciate the humanity in all of it – demonstrated by people such as yourself, the rest is part of the end-game that every person on theplanet will eventually be affected by.


  • venkhat

    if only we had those leaders into peacefull meditation programmes and self aware nees , the world will be so peacefull , and full of wonder, ohh for a world of peace .

  • Fireye

    I can’t believe that anybody is foolish enough to think that writing these barbaric monsters will bear any fruit. Don’t waste your time they are killers and that is just what they do. Go ahead and write all you want but you are wasting your time. Write to god, write to Obama, write to Olmert…. it makes no difference. They are sick [Redacted]. That is all they understand.

  • Anon

    BOYCOTT. Boycott every singles Israeli product. Boycott every single USA Product. If you cant make them listen. Hit them where it hurts, the hip pocket.

  • Gazan

    Once again ChlOne1 is exactly right. Writing letters and protesting do no good, except to make one feel better, and perhaps make others say, “How well he/she wrote.” We need to fight the elite Satanists who run Israel and all the other countries. The best way to do that, now, is to boycott Israel, completely. The people of every country also need to go on a general strike: no one goes to work, no one buys anything, sells anything, goes to class, pays taxes, nothing, for one week, all over the world.

  • anni karouni

    i am a polish jewish woman who called her daughter yasmina my mother developed schizophrenia because they burnt her family in poland i am actively militating against israeli politics i mourn every single child killed by those mad people even the grand rabin de france said israel is going toward a suicide

  • hely

    they are actually chosen people to be punished, rehabilitated, remolded, to repent or be destroyed by god eternally. the world has mistaken the Words and history have to show us.
    “love thy enemies ( or thou think they are)” that is the only way to prosperity, harmony and peace and enjoyment of life.
    without the humble ones, they would drudge to death on the expenses they thought belong to them.
    how naive and pitiful bunch.
    the universe has endless resources and places for endless people!

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