Children Survive the Israeli Destruction

The story of the eight children of Al-Samouni family who survived six days together with their beloved dead family under the rubble of their house in Gaza, and the story of dead people who are still under the rubble of their houses in b0918160515Gaza, and the story of barring the rescuers from gathering the wounded people and collecting the dead bodies is a war crime which gives me the right to shout loudly, in the face of the deaf international political community, the leaders of the Holocaust in Palestine who are still crying about the  Jewish holocaust in Europe, paying them compensation and freeing them from paying taxes, establishing more laws in their favor and denying the people who pay taxes the right to open their mouth to talk against the crimes of Israel.

To you all I say that your debauchery and your unlimited support for the Israeli genocide and war crimes has reached a level which makes even the stones speak. Your continuous support to the Israeli criminality and holocaust against the Palestinians in Gaza will cause your nations many tragedies and deep suffering. Each surviving child and person who has seen the murder of his family and the destruction of his house will never help Israel to live in peace, even if an army from all the nations of the world goes to Gaza to protect Israel. Destruction, murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes will never bring peace to Israel, or end the Palestinian resistance. The Israeli war crimes are mobilizing new generations of hate around the world as well as in the Arab countries against Israel and the Jews of the diaspora.

I wonder if your so-called “international community” understands, or if you all deaf and blind before the facts. I wonder what is behind your sacrifice and support for ethnic cleansing, for all the war crimes of Israel? Are you scared of b0918155246the Jews returning to Europe or are you scare from the Jewish lobby and the Zionist organizations? Why will you not bring the Jews back to Europe instead of supporting their genocide and criminality everywhere in the world? Why will you not stop financing their genocide in Gaza and the West Bank and giving them unfair tax advantages in Europe? Why are you allowing the Israeli Jews to climb on the shoulder of your people? Why have you adopted such laws which free the Israeli Jews from paying taxes for 10 years for their projects in Europe? We would appreciate if you collect this criminal  garbage from our land and take them back to Europe, instead of supporting their crimes against humanity for even one more day.

The story of the survival of the Al-Samouni children under the rubble of their house is a blot of shame on you, of shame on your useless laws, of shame on your craven humanity, of shame your dignity, of shame on your morality …

For six days of horror, 144 hour of terrorism, these children lived together with their beloved dead family under the rubble of their house destroyed by Israel. Without food, or cover, in the cold of winter and under the Israeli bombs and the noise of their air strikes. Six days of living among the dead under the silence of your criminal politicians.

What shall we tell these surviving children? Should we tell them that the Israeli air strike was “defending the State of Israel” when they ga-3killed their family? Should we tell them that Hamas is responsible for destroying the house over their heads, and that they should take revenge from Hamas? Should we tell them that the international criminal court does not exist any more? Should we recommend them to forget the six days of horror, and the death of their family? Should we tell them that they are not human beings and that Israelis are the only human beings and the chosen people God ? Shame on you all and on your craven humanity. Shame on you and your racism. Shame on you and on your laws. You are all criminal and racist liars.

Many dead people from Al-Samouni family are still under the rubble of their destroyed house. The rescuers are not able to search for the bodies under ga-1continuous bombing of the Israeli criminals. But the children of the Al-Samouni family were not the only children found alive under the rubble of the Israeli destruction. The International Committee of the Red Cross found other four small children alive next to their mothers bodies in the Al-Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza, where the house of the family was shelled by Israel, and 15 relatives and neighbors of these children were recovered wounded from under the rubble.

According to Dr. Moaiya Hassanain, 35 bodies of dead people have been found in the rubble of a Gaza strip battle zone. The bodies were discovered on Thursday during a three-hour lull in fighting. Israel agreed to the pause to allow aid shipments into Gaza.

Red Cross spokesman Pierre Wettach said that rescuers had been refused ga-2permission by Israeli authorities to reach the site of the houses which the Israeli military bombed while the people had been inside for four days. He said that the incident is really “shocking.” The Geneva-based group said in a statement that the Israeli military failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded; the Israeli delay in allowing access to rescue services was unacceptable, and according to the Geneva Conventions this is considered as a war crime.

On the other hand, dozens of Arab Union Doctors made a sit-in at the Rafah border as a protest against the Egyptian authorities, which does not allow them to enter the Gaza Strip. And Egyptian authorities continued their restriction of movement against humanitarian aid reaching Gaza. The Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Doctors condemned the measures of the Egyptian authorities. He said that the Egyptian doctors have carried out a sit-protest to call the attention of the Egyptian authorities to the urgently needed of opening of the Rafah crossing.

5 comments to Children Survive the Israeli Destruction

  • sadness

    I am sickened to the depth of my spirit at this human tragedy! I wish that I could do something, ANYTHING to stop this inhumane massacre! All I can do is pray to the Creator of truth, justice and love and ask for comfort for all of those living in Gaza. I cry every night knowing that I live in a country whose government is so sick and evil that it supports this! It is so sick and wrong, how could any human being for any reason support this, defend or even understand this? What has Israel done to their people, to brain wash them into being non-humans, sociopathic? I have children and all I can do thank my Creator for my blessings and beg for Creator to intervene in this evil, messed up slaughter.

  • Rosie

    This act of barbaric slaughter is turning me, a christian (nominal) grandmother [Redacted].
    God knows what it is doing to muslims everywhere.
    I didn’t know that I was capable of so much hatred against any group of people.
    I suggest the Jewish people collectively beware of that which they are sowing, not just amongst the Palestinians and muslims.
    It may come back to haunt you.
    No wonder you have been persecuted throughut the ages.
    We are seeing your true face, whether in Palestine or South Ossetia, and any half decent human being is turning aside with horror and shame.
    Most of those inflicting this horrendous crime against humanity have no historic right to Palestine and its lands. They are Khazars not semites. Khazaria (check this out) is many miles away although the Israels are beginning to occupy that land again and bring new bloodshed.
    How many of those who launched the brutal attack on the sleeping people of South Ossetia were Israeli/Georgian?. Many.
    They lie and ethnic cleanse where ever they go. God’s chosen people. I think not. No self respecting God would know you.

  • I live in Washington DC.
    I was born in Georgetown and when a young man, I saw John Kennedy and his wife frequently in the nearby parks and streets near his home.

    Washington DC and the United States was, in those years, still a great country, well respected, admired and mindful of justice for all.

    Yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell, an ugly vapid Isreal first senate representative from Kentucky, praised Isreal for its “heroism” (in this current Gaza slaughter).

    McConnell represents perfectly the bought outright membership in the US Senate by AIPAC and its related lobby.

    The USA is now little more than a 150 pound Rottweiller guard dog for Isreal as the entire Federal establishment knees in awe of the financial clout of Wall St and it’s influence over the media and US policy.

    For the most part, Wall St is dominated by dual loyalists who support Isreal first, foremost, and always, and as an after thought, the US , as the location where they rake in their fraudulent billions.

    Disgust is too weak a word, Iam ashamed . Iam ashamed of the fact that this once great country, one that I served in the US Navy, is now a disgusting slag heap of greed and homage to the most miserable vile country ever to exist on this planet, and I include pagan Rome. They, at least, were little more than ignorant savages.

    Isreal, however, is a country concieved out of political bribery, aset up for evil global adventures , international rape and pillage with disgusting, savage leadership.

    This month in the skies above Gaza, they have sealed their doom.

  • Madame Karnak

    If you go to the website listed below, you will learn what most Americans suspect, but don’t know. Our Congress has sold its soul to the highest bidder. They have taken money from industry, from the Saudis and from Israel. Worse, our media has also taken this money. The rumor is that most of this money is stashed in Switzerland, the Caymens, the Isle of Man and Dubais. Anyone who is aware of bank accounts belonging to US politicians, journalists, businessmen, etc., should publicize the related account numbers on the Internet. Maybe if the Internal Revenue Service goes after these accounts, our politicians will go to jail for tax evasion and new ones can be prohibited from taking money from killers, debauched trillionaires and the other people funding these wars.

    I am horrified at the what is happening. I know that the Palestinians do not deserve what is happening. Israel should be ashamed of continually talking about THEIR HOLOCAUST WHILE PERPETUATING A HOLOCAUST ON innocent PALESTINIANS.

  • Johhny American

    You all asked for this. I don’t feel your pain, in fact I hope the whole Arab world gets wiped out of human history. You all asked for a war and you don’t have the technology to fight it. Embrace the fact that human kind is moving forward or join the dinosaurs.

    Comment: Posted from

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