Video of a Bombed School in Gaza

Below is a copy of a Reuters Video which was posted by ALQUDS.COM TV at the Palestinian Al-Quds daily Newspaper. The video shows the horrible moments after the Israeli War criminals bombed the Al-Fakhora UN school in Jabalia.

The Israeli criminal forces fired deliberately at three UNRWA schools in Gaza after the faculty administration of the UN schools informed the Israeli Authorities about the presence of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in these schools, who had fled from their homes and were using these UN schools as a shelter from Israeli strikes and the freezing winter weather. The Israeli criminals had also ordered the Palestinian civilians to leave their homes, and they were aware of where these civilian stayed when they bombed the places. It is a clear event of Genocide and ethnic cleansing according to the Palestinians testimonies.
The UNRWA representative strongly denied that there were militants at any of the schools.

Video taken from here:
A strongly censured version of this video was shown on Euronews, what confirms that the western media can be understood to be part and parcel of the Israeli propaganda offensive, covering up and even justifying these bestial war crimes.

6 comments to Video of a Bombed School in Gaza

  • Jane

    Here in Australia we had a censored version of this as well. The bit about the UN having supplied GPS coordinates was not reported. It was made to look like an accident on behalf of the israelis. The only ray of hope was that Mr Gunning was heard to say that the footage israel trotted out to support its claim that there were militants there, was confirmed as old footage.

  • Helen from Canada

    this was taken from another article.
    “We are calling for an independent investigation to establish the facts,” he said. “If the rules of war had been broken those found guilty must be brought to justice.”

    Isrl will call this a mistake and nothing will be done about it. this is how justice works outside of isrl and the USA. i find it difficult to understand how cheney said we never gave isrl the green light on a ground offensive, after they vetoed a Un resoultion against isrl. this clearly states that we support isrls actions. both nations should be tried. along with the canadian gov’t for supporting the terrorist state of isrl. may they all burn in hell.

  • Helen Dukke

    i remember once when the isrlies bombed another school full of elemtary children. the news read that they destroyed a militant camp. even with people stating it was a school the news never once checked to se if it was true. propaganda has been effective in the early 80’s. but i’m glad to see that more people are speaking out. God rest those souls that lost their lives on such a murderous campaign. they are truly the chosen people of that land. for no other nation cwould fight for their land like th epals are fighting for theirs. this alone should speak out to the world.

  • Denmason

    This will continue until the WORLD steps up and STOPS IT! The jewish holocaust has now been rendered moot. We should hear no more of it. Izrahell should have a full embargo and blockade thrown at it. Cut them off from the world, they have much to make amends for over the last 60 years. It is time.

  • Paul

    Anyone who does not believe the peaceful actions of Israel is a holocaust denier and should be silenced!!

    People are so indoctrinated by the Jewish lobby and special interest groups, its no wonder these people were deported out of 38 countries in the past!!

    (…) we should as an international community realize this and reverse our mistake, no matter how hard it is.




    The solution is obvious. World Control, not by people of this world, but by those called ANGELS.

    Humankind is NOT in a position to rectify things…since they have no idea how to remove the weapons out the hands of others. THose with the weapons will not lay them down for peace.

    Prove me wrong….and the light will shine upon you as being a world saviour.

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