Regards to Venezuela Which Expelled the Israeli Ambassador

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Venezuela stated that on Tuesday night, 6 January 2009, the Venezuelan government expelled the Israeli vanambassador in Caracas as a protest against the Israeli offensive strike in the Gaza Strip and as a solidarity with the Palestinian People.

A statement of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the government decided to “expel the Israeli ambassador and all the staff at the embassy, in response to the Israeli military  assault on the Gaza Strip.”

Venezuela has accused Israel of violating the International law and described what the Israelis are doing in the Gaza Strip as State Terrorism. The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has condemned the Israeli campaign in Gaza and said that the continuous killing of civilians is a crime against humanity.

Also, the Foreign Ministries of the OPEC nations said in a statement on Tuesday that Israel’s campaign constituted “flagrant violations of International Law” and the use of “state terrorism”.

I hope that President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, generally known in Egypt securedownloadas “the Smiling Cow”, would have taken such a step together with the Venezuelan President, and expel the Israeli Ambassador there as well. I also hope that the rest of Arab the leaders would say similar words like what Venezuelan President Chavez said. I also hope that the international community, who signed several international treaties against genocide and war crimes, would show some semblance of character and react against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza in a similar way as the Venezuelan government. Regards for the Venezuelan President, people and the government, and shame on Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries.

Also, regards and many thanks to the States of Qatar, who condemned the Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza and released a statement against the will of the Arab League, and Abu Dhabi, where new year festivities were cancelled in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

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