Egyptian Ceasefire Proposal or US-Israel-Arab Conspiracy

The Palestinians demand that Qatar should replace Cairo in any negotiations about ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, taking in 513975consideration that all negotiations must be based on cancelling the shameful borders agreements of 2005 signed between the PA and Israel, which created the conflict between Fatah and Hamas which has led to the current genocidal rampage of Israel against the one million and a half Palestinians.

The Israeli war criminal Ehud Olmert entered in discussions with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, generally known in Arab countries and in Egypt as “the Smiling Cow”, because of offers to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The criminal organizer of genocide, Ehud Olmert, congratulated the President Mubarak as well as the French President for their efforts to defend the Jewish State and to advance a solution that will supposedly bring an end to the smuggling of weapons to the Strip and the Palestinian resistance, as well as forcing the one million and half Palestinians of Gaza to continue living conditions equal to those in a concentration camp under the Israeli blockade.

The State of Israel is an occupier and must not be allowed to sell the murder of al-quds-newspaper-2hundreds of Palestinian civilians and the injury of thousands, the wholesale destruction of property and infrastructure, acts which are all war crimes and genocide, as an act of self defence. The UN security council must refer these crimes, their planners, those who gave the orders of this grave crime, as well as those who support it in the international politics, for investigation according to the International laws. The International Criminal Court in The Hague was set up to deal with exactly such situations as what is happening now in Gaza, and it is the only instance which should deal with the Israeli crimes. The massive expressions of support by many states is a worrying sign that many heads of state and ministers do not understand that there is a clear line of demarcation between politics on the one side, and criminal activity on the other.

American Soldiers at the Egyptian border

An increased number of dead and the wounded people in 805991060Gaza are left at the medical centers, where there are no medical supplies. The medical staff are not able to cover the relief and to cope with the huge numbers of wounded people. According to sources from Gaza, the Egyptians are not allowing the medical relief to reach Gaza, and there is a team of American soldiers working at the Egyptian border al-quds-newspaper-1impeding the movement of humanitarian relief supplies into Gaza. The American team arrived the Egyptian border due political agreement between the Egyptian government and the USA. The Egyptians are justifying the presence of the American soldiers at their border as “a step to prevent the flow of weapons into Gaza”.

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