New Israeli Massacres in UN Schools in Gaza

The Israeli war criminals committed horrible massacres in the Jabalia refugee camp today Tuesday January 6 2009. They bombed many houses of Palestinian civilians, and the UN schools in the Jabalia and Rafah refugee camps, Killing more than 135 civilian and wounding more than 400, more than half of the victims were children and women.

The Israeli criminal forces fired deliberately at three UNRWA schools in gaza-51Gaza after the faculty administration of the UN schools informed the Israeli Authorities about the presence of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in these schools, who had fled from their homes and were using these UN schools as a shelter from Israeli strikes and the freezing winter weather. The Israeli criminals had also ordered the Palestinian civilians to leave their homes, and they were aware of where these civilian stayed when they bombed the places. It is a clear event of Genocide and ethnic cleansing according to the Palestinians testimonies.

45 civilians were murdered due to the bombings of the Al-Fakhora school in Jabalia, which happened as a direct response to the humanitarian request received from the UN school administration..
Another 100 Palestinian civilians were injured, among them dozens in critical 1_883767_1_34conditions. Medical sources stated that two Israeli rockets exploded inside and outside the UN refugee school where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge from the Israeli attacks. The rockets murdered 45 and injured over hundred. There was no more place in the hospital refrigerators for the bodies of the dead people, who were left in the yard next to the hospital.

A Palestinian family, father, mother and their five children, were killed by shells fired from Israeli Navy ships in the Al-Shati refugee camp. An elderly man and 1_883702_1_23his grandson were killed in the Zeitoun neighborhood before dawn. And also another 13 civilian civilians were murdered in another massacre in the southern part of Gaza in Zeitoun neighborhood, in which they were buried under heaps of rubble of their house after the Israeli air force lunched missiles on it. Parents, their children and their grandchildren all were murdered.

In another incident, 22 Palestinians from the Shamalkh and Samouni families were massacred under the rubble of their house and 35 were injured, among them 10 in critical conditions, because the Israeli forces bombed a mosque in the area were lived.

gaza-1In another massacre within the Israeli ethnic cleansing of southern Gaza, all members of the Al-Daya family were murdered. The victims were the father, the mother, and their children Fayez, the daughter in law Rawan, Muhammad, aged 6 months, Sharaf Al-Din, aged of 5 years, Ala, aged 8 years, Rania, aged 12 and Doha, aged 3 years. Other 5 people are known to have been killed in the incident at same house, while many are still under the rubble of the 4-floor-house.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported on Tuesday that 110 children, youths and women were among the Palestinians murdered today and yesterday. This figure do not include the people killed in the evening and night hours, neither those killed on Monday morning.

American Soldiers at the Egyptian border

An increased number of dead and the wounded people in Gaza are left at the ramin-camera-and-photos-620hospitals and medical centers, where there are no medical supplies. The medical staff are not able to cover the relief and to cope with the huge numbers of wounded people. According to sources from Gaza, the Egyptians are not allowing the medical relief to reach Gaza, and there is a team of American soldiers working at the Egyptian border impeding the movement of humanitarian relief supplies into Gaza. The American team arrived the Egyptian border due political agreement between the Egyptian government and the USA. The Egyptians are justifying the presence of the American soldiers at their border as “a step to prevent the flow of weapons into Gaza”.

During a phone call to Gaza, an old woman, Umm Shamekh Badra, answered my gaza-3questions about the current conditions. She said that the life of one million and a half Palestinian in Gaza is miserable. They live without food, water and electricity. The only light which she had yesterday night was the light of the Israeli bombs and the buildings burning. They live death, hunger, constant funerals, ethnic cleansing. They do not receive any humanitarian or medical treatments or relief. She said that the Egyptians had closed the borders and are enjoying the slow cold death of the people of Gaza.

Umm Shamekh was not able to reach her son in another room of the same house gaza-41because of the darkness, she asked me to wait a moment on the phone while she searched for a match to make some light. While I was waiting for Umm Shamekh, I heard a noise –  she had crashed into something in the room before she could find a match. I heard her weak voice cursing the awful life she lives and wishing for a miracle to end the occupation and the war.

Jordanian King Abdullah II today finally warned about an ongoing conspiracy against the Palestinians in Gaza. He expressed his deep concern due what will happen to Gaza and what measures will be taken against all Palestinians after the end of the current Israeli war crimes. It appears that the King has understood that the Jews have no friends, no matter how much someone licks their arse.

“Shame on the UN”, the demonstrators chanted before the UN in Vienna
gaza-6Today hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated in front of the UN office in Vienna against the Israeli war crimes. Over 700 men, women and children from different parts of the Arab community as well as Austrian, leftist organizations Sirbian and Turkish, participated in the day of anger against the Israeli crimes.

The demonstrators held and wore Palestinian flags. They raised photos of dead children and of the destruction of Gaza, together with black, yellow and red, and Austrian flags.
The demonstrators held signs with different titles and colors: “Stop the Massacre”, “Let Gaza live”, “We all are Gaza”, “Children killer – Kinder Mörder”, gaza-9“No war, don’t kill”, … They all chanted “Gaza massacre Shame on the UN”, “Al-laho Akbar Takbier – God is great and above all”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Occupation is a crime”, ” Bel-Rouh Be Aldam, Nifdik ya Gaza – With our sprit and our blood we sacrifice for Gaza”, “Stop the occupation”, “Go to Hell, Israel,” and “Free Palestine”. A coffin covered with a Palestinian flag and the pictures of the murdered children from Gaza was seen on the floor in the middle of the demonstrators in front of the UN office.

The demonstrators held signs with different titles and colors: “Stop the Massacre”, gaza-7“Let Gaza live”, “We all are Gaza”, “Children killer – Kinder Mörder”, “No war, don’t kill”, … They all chanted “Al-laho Akbar Takbier – God is great and above all”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Occupation is a crime”, ” Bel-Rouh Be Aldam, Nifdik ya Gaza – With our sprit and our blood we sacrifice for Gaza”, “Stop the occupation”, “Go to Hell, Israel,” and “Free Palestine”.
Several speeches were read before the demonstrators in front of the UN office in Vienna. The speakers were representatives of several Islamic organizations, the Arab, Turkish, Palestinian communities. The all demanded the UN to stop the Israeli war crimes against the million and a half Palestinian in Gaza and the ramin-camera-and-photos-709inhuman situation which the Palestinian live since years under blockade, about the shortage of food, electricity and oil.
The speakers clarified that the continued killing of Palestinians is a war crime which must end according to international treaties and laws. They all criticized the silence of the international community toward the crimes against the Palestinian civilians, and demanded that the international community take seriously their responsibility to end the Israeli war crimes.

10 comments to New Israeli Massacres in UN Schools in Gaza

  • A few years ago, while I was getting my MBA in the Dallas area, I coached Samir Farah, a young palestinian, to appear on the then popular Ed Bush radio talk show, and he did extremely well. Since then, since I am a Vietnam War veteran, and former Intelligence Operations Officer, I became a founding member (#7) of, a group which is also involved in antiwar activities. Our group is saddened by the unnecessary slaughter in the Gaza area.

  • Jonti James

    There is no other way to see Gaza than an open air concentration camp. Nowhere in all the atrocities of Nazi Germany did they bomb tank and naval shell any of the concentration camps. This atrocity must be seen for the crime that it is. It’s time for all to start throwing shoes….. And yes any media whore spinning this as anything less must have a more than a few shoes as well

  • Axe

    Synagogue of Satan.“You are of your father the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning.” israhell is truly the Asshole of the World and it’s zionist occupiers the Excrement. This Non-Human Vile Scum must be Annihilated at any cost along with their supporters. This is what happens when so many people with the potential to stand up and make a difference do nothing. Take a stand against this Evil incarnate. There is no more Noble a cause! Here is a chance to give your Life some True Meaning. Your Brothers and Sisters are being Slaughtered! Right Now! Where is Your Humanity?

  • Gazan

    At first, I thought the Israelis intended to exterminate the Palestinians in Gaza. Now, however, I think their main purpose is to radicalize the Palestinians to the point in which they will never again wish to negotiate with Israel, and to make them embrace extremism. That would give the Israelis an even freer hand to kill Palestinians at will, and would tend to quieten international criticism. The Satanist hierarchy in Tel Aviv also wants to cause a worldwide pogrom against Jews: ALL Jews. Remember, these fiends are Satanists, not true Jews. They have no compunction whatsoever about causing Jewish deaths. They did it in World War II, when they saw to it that Hitler came to power in Germany, and used his, and Germany’s, anti-Semitism to get rid of “lesser” (anti-Zionist) Jews in Europe, destroy Germany and make possible the Illuminati control of all European finance and property, setting the stage for the “conflict” between the West and Soviet Russia, inflict enormous guilt on Europe for the Holocaust and use that guilt to make Europeans support the State of Israel, and motivate Jews to move to Israel. This is all part of their plan, as I’ve said before, to create a worldwide totalitarian state modelled on Nazi Germany, but with far more power and technology. This world state, which elitist H.G. Wells referred to as “the New Republic,” will be headquartered in Jerusalem, where Lucifer incarnate, the Antichrist, will rule from his throne in a rebuilt Temple on Temple Mount, and he will rule with absolute power over all humanity.

  • henry pertwhistle

    Is it not possible for someone to put up a site with fotos and personal details of the pilots who are doing this genocide?….with fotos it would be possible fo r people all over the world to make a civilian arrest of a pilot who thinks that he is without danger to travel and enjoy the world.
    these “murderer pilots” could be accused of crimes against humanity, hate-crimes , genocide, anti-professional behaviour….whatever….their fotos could be enla rged by anyone with a scanner, and pasted everywhere all over the world for the population to see…..lets see if they like that!!!
    you could also put fotos of their families too…as aiding and abetting criminal behaviour, they could be arrested too!
    also any civil airline company which employs one of these genocidal criminals in the future, runs the risk of any passenger who see the fotos, refusing to fly w ith a criminal pilot!..even suing the airline for collusion in genocide!…incom petence in employing humanrights criminals is a terrorist offence I believe!

  • russ

    Kawther you are starting to win the war. Western world is waking up. Keep it up God is not sleeping.

  • pete

    Along with Mr.’s Castro and Guevara, Mr.Chavez has earned a spot on my hero list. Ahhh if only my country had leaders of his ilk instead of spineless whores for the Zionist dollar.

  • Why stop with pilots? They are all war criminals. Livni and all other politicians in the Kneset, we already have the pictures of solders, enlarge them and post them everywhere as “war criminals” wanted for crimes against humanity. Take pictures of these animals and identify them. Then the minute they step a foot outside occupied Palestine they will be arrested and tried for war crimes. While we are at it try and convict as accessories for genocide the whole political machine of the US, UN, and EU administrations and jail them all. Better yet, do the Milosevic manoeuvre, so they get done to them as they have done unto others. As for the Jews, they should be moved to the middle of the Sahara desert, it’s the perfect place for them, a land without people for a people without land, give them all the land they could possibly want, build a really high wall all around with only one gate. Put gun towers around the wall and post armed guards at the only gate, and make sure none get out for a thousand years, thus giving humanity a much needed rest from all their violence and financial crimes. Gather all of them from everywhere in the world and lock them up there. Start with the Rothschilds and all the way down to the last one of them. They will have to start working for a living for once in their miserable and pitiful lives, if they don’t they’ll starve. Suits me fine.

  • Axe

    Please read this! Humanities Ignorance of these facts and many others is part of the problem;

  • New Israeli Massacres in UN Schools in Gaza…

    The Israeli war criminals committed horrible massacres in the Jabalia refugee camp today Tuesday January 6 2009. They bombed many houses of Palestinian civilians, and the UN schools in the Jabalia and Rafah refugee camps, Killing more than 135 civilian…

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