What Israel does not want you to see (UPDATED)

The video was deleted because it caused huge confusions among the readers. several readers have written or posted comments saying that the video is related to another incident .The video will be posted again after the film-maker verifys the exact time of the incident and the place where it happened.

Thank you for are understanding.

If you are still interested in seeing this video please click here

108 comments to What Israel does not want you to see (UPDATED)

  • Beau Leclerque

    What nobody has mentioned so far is the incredible bigotry of some American people. When a Mexican crosses the border peacefully but without the proper visa, and only to buy some groceries, he will be treated like a criminal. I have heard Border Patrol officers talking about how much they would like to chop off their hands and feet for this “terrible offense”.

    But when some satanic Khazarians invade Palestine and carry out all kinds of crime for over sixty years, these very same Americans support them. Are they satanic, are they stupid, or what’s wrong with them?

    Sorry for all those decent and kind-hearted Americans who have to deal with these freaks on a daily basis.

  • b, Ramzi

    Sombody said that this video is not true!! The number of death are over 530 at this moment. obviousley cold heart people have no mercey on human life and everything for them is a trick. This is a another genocide against the palestinian people and the whole world is watching, what next?

  • cardboard box

    This same video is posted here with a date of 23 September 2005, but uploaded on 1 January 2009.


  • T.T.

    The truce was broken on 5th November when Israel bombed the tunnels that Gaza used to bring in food & medicine.

  • Mustafa

    All Hamas has to defend the Gaza people are rockets! If you were imprisoned by the Israelis from every direction…without food…without electricity….without water…without medical supplies.. I’m sure u would be firing more than rockets! That’s 1.5 million people compacted in such a small area….who were kicked out of their homes and lands and shoved into Gaza! So don’t tell us that Israel taking over their homes..and now Israels attacks which are way more violent against the Gaza people is in anyway ligit. Those poor children and civilians had no right to die!

  • revolutionary peace

    I don’t doubt if Hamas “terrorists” who rocketed Israel ain’t actually Mossad’s agents infiltrated. And I also don’t doubt if Mossad has been indirectly sponsoring Hamas (even without their concern) since Arafat’s regime.

    We need to stop condemning the jews, they are also victims. Not all jews are zionists.

    I just feel for the innocent children…


  • hal

    Folks, please take some time to understand the history of this conflict. A very good place to start is with Ilan Pappe’s book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”. Pappe is an Israeli Professor, and his work is brilliant as it exposes the undeniable truths underlying the current crisis. http://www.amazon.com/Ethnic-Cleansing-Palestine-Ilan-Pappe/dp/1851684670

    Khazarian converts to Judaism (circa 740 A.D.) stole Palestinian land by bloodshed and terror with the support of the major powers. Nothing has changed today.

    When American settlers tried to steal Indian land, the Indians responded with arrows and spears. The settlers retaliated with Winchesters and bio terror.

    Homemade rockets vs. F16 bunker busters?! Sticks and stones vs. tanks and helicopter gunships?! 4 Israelis vs. 500 Palestinian dead?! Who is the aggressor and terrorist here? Are these rockets actually coming from Hamas, or is Israel launching them as pretext? Does anyone seriously believe that Hamas has to do anything to prompt the Israelis to continue their decades old genocide program? That program began long before Hamas, probably long before most Hamas members were even born. Today, Hamas’ firecrackers are the excuse, and you can see here how much devastation they can cause here: http://www.reuters.com/news/pictures/searchpopup?picId=7701736
    But what was the Israeli excuse in 1948?

    What don’t we give the Palestinians as many tanks, nukes, helicopters and F16s as the Israelis have, with the full complement of armaments so we can have a real war, not this one-sided slaughter of women, children and unarmed men?

    IMHO, the invaders must vacate Palestine and pay reparations for their crimes of genocide. Only then will peace have a chance.

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