The Israeli Terrorist Occupation is a Crime

A huge demonstration against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza took place today in Vienna. Over 15.000 men, women and children from different parts of the Arab community as well as Austrian leftist organizations and Turkish, participated in the day of anger against the Israeli crimes.
Omar Al-Rawi, an Austrian Parliament member, and Fritz Edlinger, the ramin-camera-and-photos-436Secretary General of the Society for Austro-Arab Relations, were among the demonstrators, but there was no presence or participants from any of the political parties of Austria. When some animal rights protectors were arrested some months ago, weeks upon weeks of protests ensued. But when Israel goes ahead with genocide against people living in a concentration camp, they are conveniently absent and on vacations.

The huge number of the angry demonstrators held and wore Palestinian flags. ramin-camera-and-photos-663They raised photos of dead children and of the destruction of Gaza, together with black and red, and Austrian flags.
The demonstrators held signs with different titles and colors: “Stop the Massacre”, “Let Gaza live”, “We all are Gaza”, “Children killer – Kinder Mörder”, “No war, don’t kill”, … They all chanted “Al-laho Akbar Takbier – God is great and above all”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Occupation is a crime”, ” Bel-Rouh Be Aldam, Nifdik ya Gaza – With our sprit and our blood we sacrifice for Gaza”, “Stop the occupation”, “Go to Hell, Israel,” and “Free Palestine”.

ramin-camera-and-photos-418The demonstration started at three o’clock in front of the Opera, they walked in the Ring street towards the Parliament. The street was closed for transportation by the Austrian police, and was held free for use of only the demonstrators. During the demonstration fireworks were heard several times. The organizers were not able to control the many children who were playing with firework in the middle of the demonstrators.

The demonstrators stopped before the Austrian Parliament and continued with ramin-camera-and-photos-509their angry chant against the Israeli crimes and murders in Gaza. Then they continued walking to the Hofburg, where are the offices of Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Chancellor Faymann, they continued to Michaelerplatz and then via Kohlmarkt and Graben until the center of the city at Stephansplatz, were the demonstrators showed films about the Israeli crimes and horror in Gaza.

The demonstrators let black and white balloons fly as a protest against the dcp_3473Israeli crimes in Gaza. Several speeches were read before the demonstrators and the general public , while the whole city center was completely blocked by the huge number of demonstrators. The speakers were representatives of several Islamic organizations, the Arab, Turkish, Palestinian communities, and some Austrian political organizations. The speakers spoke about the crimes of Israel against the million and a half Palestinian in Gaza and the inhuman situation which the Palestinian live since years under blockade, about the shortage of food, electricity and oil.

ramin-camera-and-photos-643The speakers clarified that the continued killing of Palestinians is a war crime which must end according to international treaties and laws. They all criticized the silence of the international community toward the crimes against the Palestinian civilians, and demanded that the international community take seriously their responsibility to end the Israeli war crimes.

Several petitions were spread during the demonstration.

Death toll 435, injured 2300, disastrous humanitarian situation
About the situation in Gaza January, 2, 2oo9. The Palestinian journalist and ramin-camera-and-photos-520photographer Sameh Habeeb wrote:  For the 7th day in consequence, Israeli military machine pursue the suffocating air raids and shelling through the Gaza Strip. Today’s bombings claimed lives of more Palestinian civilians while no militants recorded to be killed. Seven Palestinians killed today mostly children in the heavy ongoing raids.

Dramatically the number of victims still rise to reach  435 while wounded rise up to 2300 persons.   The health conditions in Al shifa’ hospital still direful while not much humanitarian aids entering Gaza Strip neither through Egypt nor Israel.
ramin-camera-and-photos-611The humanitarian status still the same while the rage of it EXACERBATES due to ongoing War. Basics of life still not available but with limited quantities like fuel, benzene, gasoline, flour, wheat, sugar, rice and bread.  Add to that, continued power cuts up to 20 hours during the cold weather of winter.

United Nations’ OCHA said that Gaza is being exposed to the heaviest war actions ever. Meantime, many protests across all EU countries, USA, Australia, Arab countries and Asian are taking place. A considerable mainstream I is being automatically formed  rejecting the recent Israeli deadly War against Gaza population.

3 comments to The Israeli Terrorist Occupation is a Crime

  • Pooche

    I admire their stand on Israel! It is wonderful to see a company as fed up with Israel as the rest of the sane world. IF only we can get the rest of the world to follow suit.

  • Diane Archer

    The UN is powerless in convincing Israel to stop the massacre as well as the rest of the World. I pray that the Lord Jesus will intervene with His great might and glory and save the innocent people of their sufferings. Prayer is the only answer….Israel is not listening to the pleas of the whole World.

  • Brett

    I’m sorry to say, but god and prayer is not going save them. Only action. There is only so much god can do. The governments that created this monster, are the one’s that need to stop them. These governments are not doing anything. pressure needs to be applied to the countries that are allowing them to get away with and funding this terrorism. The world has got to stand up to all of these criminals, and let them know that the people of the world see very clearly what is happening and that we won’t allow this. Sometimes i think that a war should start with citizens against there governments. Most of the worlds governments are corrupted. We to clear out the waste and replace them with people that actually have moral fiber running through there vains. If us, the people of the world keep leting these governments do what they will. I foresee a very bleek future for all of us on this planet. I wish i had more strength and more no how, to be able to do something substantial about this, to make a difference. I have never felt so helpless in a world…..of murder and greed that triumphs!!!!

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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