EU Must Stop the Israeli Genocide Against Palestine

I could not keep my silence before the continuous war crimes against the one million and a half people in Gaza and the coward silence of the international community, which enjoys seeing the blood of innocent Palestinian civilians irrigating the earth of Gaza. Do these people have any shame left that they heap the responsibility for these atrocious crimes upon a mostly indefense population which lives under concentration camp conditions since about 3 years?

t_405f68a3-9737-41fc-8c43-6f4aae12e448I could not keep my silence before the continuous destruction of private and public property which all had been financed by the European Union with aid to the Palestinians of Gaza during the previous years. I could not keep my silence before the clear genocide, the current atrocities and the grave crimes of Israel, which violate international treaties and the most elemental principles of decency, justice, respect for human rights.

I could not keep my silence before the Arab leaders who allow Israel to use their MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-GAZA-CONFLICTland to destroy the Palestinian population. These coward leaders are accomplices in the Israeli genocide of Palestinians and grave crimes against humanity! This is not about “security” or “terrorism” or some puny rockets, but about genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder and theft which is being supported wholesale by the UN, the EU, the Arab League, all commercial media. There are laws against this kind of criminal behavior, and these people should go to jail. Enough is enough !

I wrote and delivered a letter to the EU Ministries of Foreign Affairs, asking gathem to assume their responsibilities toward the Palestinians under international laws and treaties which their countries had signed. What is this that suddenly international treaties and even national laws are worth nothing? Are the Jews above the law? Why is Livni not thrown in jail when she goes to France? Does France not have a law specifically against genocide, what is exactly what this disgusting woman is doing as a part of her electoral campaign?

I did not send the letter to the Arab foreign ministries. These corrupt poltroons and their governments have shown that they belong to the US and Israel more than they belong to the Arab nation. These Arab ministers have engendered huge anger due their irresponsible conspiracy with the Israelis against the Palestinian nation.

An old Palestinian man who lives in Austria since many years, one gaza3among thousands and millions of Arabs who are angry of what the Arab governments said, Said Khadra, wrote to me and others saying that the Arabs ministers of foreign affairs had lost their collective minds and memories, now that they are blaming and burdening the Hamas resistance against the inhuman blockade of Gaza with the responsibility for the Israeli atrocities and grave crime against humanity in Gaza, forgetting all the Israeli crimes and atrocities which were committed in Gaza under the previous rule of the PA, and forgetting all the crimes and the atrocities which Israel still commits in the West bank cities under the illusory presence of the Palestinian Authority.

Here is the letter which the EU Ministries of Foreign Affairs received (.PDF file). It is also quoted below

ramin-camera-and-photos-422My name is Kawther Salam. I am a Palestinian journalist native from Hebron and one of the many victims of the campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing which the State of Israel pursues against the Palestinian people since over 60 years. As a result, I live in Vienna as a refugee according to the Geneva conventions.

I write to you about the relations of your country and the EU with Israel, taking in consideration the current atrocities and grave crimes of the State of Israel against the inhabitants of Gaza.

I am honored to remind you that your country is a signatory of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their various additional protocols, of the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide of 1950, the UN Charter, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and other important international agreements and conventions of humanitarian law. Not less important is the fact that your country is a member of the European Union, and that in this role, your country is a co-party to the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement between the Union and Israel of 21 June 2000.

Article 2 of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement between the Union and Israel of 21 June 2000 reads “Relations between the Parties, as well as all the provisions of the Agreement itself, shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles, which guides their internal and international policy and constitutes an essential element of this Agreement”. The behavior of Israel towards Palestinians did not change after this treaty was signed, and in fact it worsened.

The State of Israel is too a signatory to most of above international agreements and conventions, and to many bilateral treaties, but the record shows that the representatives of the State of Israel consistently acceded to these agreements in bad faith and with no intention to fulfill their acquired duties, but in order to acquire undue advantages such as the privilege of diplomatic recognition by other states, which it would probably not have attained otherwise. This is described as “fraudulent conduct” in Article 49 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.

The current aggression of the State of Israel against the population of Gaza is portrayed by them as a “war against Hamas”, implying that Hamas has a standing army, while the attack is in fact against all the population of Gaza. According to information published by Israeli media, these attacks have been planned long in advance, even while conducing peace talks with Hamas in obvious bad faith. Also according to Israeli media, the current attacks against Gaza are taking place in order to boost the chances of TZIPI LIVNI and EHUD BARAK during the coming elections. Worse yet, circumstantial evidence exists which indicates that at least part of the rockets fired against Israeli territory were not launched from Gaza. Also, during the previous truce, Hamas had kept to its terms, but the truce was violated by Israel on 4 November with the murder of 7 Palestinians.

The current Israeli aggression against Gaza, as well as the increasingly severe blockade of Gaza during the last decade is an obvious case of graves crimes under chapters 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, compounded by the fact that the current atrocities appear to be part of the current electoral campaign in Israel, and again compounded by the fact that representatives of Israel, TZIPI LIVNI and many others, have repeatedly and recently called for extermination or ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

I do respectfully suggest that your excellency ponder if it is in the best interest of your country, as well as the EU, to maintain relations with Israel, which portrays itself as a state but behaves like a criminal and terrorist organization, and which consistently and willfully violates the elemental principles of international humanitarian law, including all treaties which it has signed. I equally suggest that your excellency ponder if it is in the best interest of your country as well of the community of nations, to continue granting the state of Israel, in its current constitution, diplomatic recognition as a state. The behavior of Israel as well as the body of international treaties and laws suggest otherwise.

I would appreciate if you take in consideration that all current and future dealings with Israel should refer in full to all treaties signed by them in order to be acceptable. Also, and equally, Israel must be compelled to pay ample reparations to private persons for loss of their loved ones, of property, of business and educational opportunities.

Equally, Israel must be compelled to pay reparations destined to rebuild all public infrastructure such as buildings, canalization, energy and telecommunications infrastructure, ports, airports, ships and boats which have been destroyed in Gaza as well as in the West Bank. Many such buildings and projects have been financed by the EU and its members in the past, and the crimes of Israel against Palestine should not be repaired with the money of the European taxpayers. Israel has foreign reserves and other public and private assets in the various EU states and in other countries, which should be used to pay such reparations.

Israel is the recipient of various grants and donations by the EU under various cooperation programs. These monies should equally be destined towards reparations, or at least conditioned to Israel paying full reparations as well as its full compliance with all its signed treaties. As a Palestinian, I see that the continued support to Israel for civilian as well as military purposes is directly financing their illegal occupation and impeding any progress towards a just peace in my country. The European taxpayers have no debts with the Palestinian people and should not pay for the crimes of others, and we Palestinians are very grateful for the generosity traditionally shown towards us by the EU.

Regarding Hamas, it was declared as a terrorist organization by the EU at the insistence of Israel and the USA, and not based in known facts which would have warranted this action. This has enormously facilitated an increased level of ethnic cleansing as well as crimes and atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza as well as in the West Bank. Before this background, I reserve the right to explore if there is personal responsibility for crimes as described in chapters 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and other pertinent legislation, among current and past members of various European administrations as well as of the institutions of the EU proper.

This letter will be published on the Internet at

Kawther Salam
Vienna, 31 December 2008

2 comments to EU Must Stop the Israeli Genocide Against Palestine

  • Vercingetorix.XIII

    I am so sorry for your troubles and the trouble of your people. There are people who care and are appalled at what is happening, many more than you know. I have read about you, you are a very brave, courageous woman, I admire your stand.

  • dania

    thank you for such a rational and interesting documentary.

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