The Donkey Who Scared the Israeli Army

The weakest and most coward army in the world, which considers itself as the strongest one targeted and bombed a donkey on the streets of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. The cowards of the Israeli Air forces fired a missile at the donkey which was pulling a cart while Lama and Haya Hamdan, two sister aged 4 and 11, were searching for some food for their impoverished family.

The poor “terrorist” donkey scared the Israeli soldier who was watching him lama-and-haia-donkeyfrom outside Gaza, using war equipment received from the “friendly” USA. The great scare of the “innocent” Israeli army obliged them to protect, to defend themselves and their criminal state from the big horror of a “terrorist” donkey, probably from “Hamas”. So they in the air force to drop an intelligent GBU-39 bomb at the donkey cart, immediately killing not only the donkey, but also Lama and Haya, the two young sisters.

In this was another small new catastrophe was added to the current horrors, leaving another poor family of two young girls without bread. The eyewitnesses of this tragic crime said the body and the blood of the donkey was splattered all around the place, mixed with small pieces of the young girls bodies. It was not possible to identify which parts belonged to the donkey, and which parts belonged to the innocent girls.

The murder of Lama, Haya and their donkey one day after the murder of the five daughters of Anwar Khalil Ba’losha from the Jabalia refugee camp, Jawaher, aged 4, Donia, aged 8, Samar, aged 12, Ikram, aged 14, and Tahrir, aged 17, shows the deteriorated level of the well paid and manipulated western and international media. These two incidents and other similar ones were not reported, but CNN, BBC, Al-Arabia TV, Euronews and the  Egyptian and Saudi news, which falsify the facts and are only reporting “Hamas, Hamas, Hamas”, and they swear to god that the Israeli army is targeting the fighters of the “great army” of Hamas in Gaza.

_45337458_311208_8I say to the manipulated media, which is paid and owned by the Zionist lobby and it’s allies, that you all involved in the murder of the Lama and Haya and all the innocent people of Gaza, by advertising, and justifying the Israeli genocide. You have all betrayed the the right of the public of your countries to know, and you have made fun of the intelligence of all human beings. You are all guilty of the war crimes in Gaza, just like the Israeli murders, as if you hat pulled the trigger yourselves. Your absolute lack of objectivity has lost you all your credibility, and we are the people who discovered your lies, we threw you out of our consideration, and together we all will find our way to make our voices heard by the majority, and this will expose you and all your lies and connivance with immoral criminals.

The criminal Israeli air force, the tanks and the military are committing war crimes and targeting the human beings, the stones, the birds, the animals and every single moving object in Gaza.
There is no military belonging to Hamas in Gaza. There are militant groups resisting against the continuous genocide of Israel against the one million and half people jailed in Gaza under conditions worse than a concentration camp. One million and a half human beings jailed and punished as a result of expressing their free will by voting in a democratic process, the election of January 2006.

The civilian population of Gaza lives a daily catastrophe, a holocaust, under full sight of the international community. A catastrophic holocaust which affects humanity and the stones.  To die once, at the same time as a group is easier than living the death and mourning 24 hours a day, seeing shredded bodies, funerals and destruction every day of your life. In Gaza all the Palestinians live the daily horror of Israel, the fear, the disgrace. There are horrible stories in every house in Gaza. To die once is better than seeing the Israeli horror and the increasing number of daily murders. In Gaza, the Palestinians live the holocaust a hundred million times each day.
I heard these words from the mouth of a person from Gaza during a phone call. And I want the international community to hear these same words.  During this phone call, I heard all what the media cares to cover with their lies. Continuous death and mourning, continuous funerals and destruction, continuous raids and dropping of bombs. Noise of F16s and apache helicopters day and night. All the time sirens of ambulances, devastation right and left, ruins, fire, smoke and the smell of death spread everywhere. Shocked people running in all directions, their faces showing signs of terror and pain. Others crying and screaming. Houses mourning in each street, and women dressed in black…
It is a catastrophe, a disaster bigger than my words can describe. It is a disaster and a shameful disgrace in the face of humanity, in the face of Israel and it’s barbaric history. It is a catastrophic shameful disgrace in the face of USA, the international community, and the Arab leaders.

I heard that the day before yesterday, at 11AM, two sister were murdered by the shrapnel of missile dropped in Beit Hanoun. On Sunday, F-16 jets dropped a missile at the house of Abdullah Tawfiq Kishko, located in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood east of Gaza City. The house of two floors collapsed over the head of the residents killing the Ebtihal, the daughter of Abdullah, aged 8 years, and his son’s wife Maisa, 22, and injured other 13 member of the family, among them two young children.

Yesterday an Israeli missile dropped in the Rafah refugee camp fell on the house of the Palestinian civilan Ziad Al-Absi and murdered three of his children, Sidki, aged 3, Ahmad, aged 12, Muhammad, aged 14. The children were all sleeping in their beds. Ziad and his wife and other three children were injured seriously.

Yesterday, the war criminals of the Israeli air force dropped a bomb on a truck delivering oil and murdered the driver in the northern part of Gaza.

Yesterday evening the Israeli air force bombed the UN school in al-Karara in the southern area of Gaza. The civilian guard was murdered as a result of this criminal attack, and the school was destroyed. During the last days of criminal Israeli attacks against the population of Gaza, over 65 women and dozens of children and civilians were murdered. The total number of the dead people increased each moment. While I finish writing this, 402 were killed in Gaza, and 1780+ were injured, among them hundreds of critical conditions.

Today, 31 December 2008, Al Nasir  incubators of newly born babies affected by Israeli heavy bombings hit a shop of money transfer and exchange in the west north of Gaza City. A another Israeli air raid targeted money exchange shop mid of Gaza City.

34 comments to The Donkey Who Scared the Israeli Army

  • May every zionist and anyone else that is complicit in this holocaust reap what they have sown. This is one holocaust that the world can see is real.

  • Dawn

    apparently israel is very afraid of donkeys
    once was a mistake (?) but repeatedly shows intent

    “Deir al Balah resident Hakeem abu Mansi, a 31-year-old farmer, and his 6-year-old son, Uday, were riding on a donkey cart carrying vegetables to the market when an Israeli missile struck nearby and killed them. Abu Mansi’s cousin Nael described his relative as an illiterate and apolitical farmer. “He didn’t know anything in life but his donkey and the vegetables he grew in a rented lot,” Nael said. Los Angeles Times, Dec. 29, 2008

    israel says they are killing Palestinians because they are all “Hamas” but the donkeys are also Hamas??????

  • Mike

    The illegal Zionist regime that occupies Palestine and the Palestinians was born out of terrorism. Google: The Irgun and Stern Gang. These terrorist organisations originated in Europe and America as criminal gangs. They have gone from small time criminals to committing Crimes Against Humanity on a massive scale.

    Most of the characters behind the American and European ‘financial crisis’ also share the same origins as the war criminals in Zionist Israel. The Plan for a New American Century [PNAC] was drawn up in Israel and sold to George Bush and his cronies as an excuse to invade Iraq. It states: “All we need is a new Pearl Harbour” as an excuse to trigger events in the middle east. Who do you think was behind the 9/11 attacks? 9/11 was an inside job.

    ALL western governments and politicians have gone rogue. They are sponsored by the International Bankers such as the Zionist Rothschild families. The world must wake up before it is too late.

    The Iraqi, Afghan and Palestinian people today.. it could be you tomorrow. These are very, very evil people. Act now before it is too late.


  • David123456

    It is terribly unfortunate when any innocent is killed. The palestinians should consider just how hellish war is next time they provoke it with someone stronger than themselves.

  • Nim

    by Livia Rokach, Third Edition
    Foreword by Noam Chomsky

    To all the Palestinian victims of Israel’s unholy terrorism, whose sacrifice, suffering and ongoing struggle will yet prove to be the pangs of the rebirth of Palestine…

  • War was provoked 60 years ago by you Khazars. The Palestinians are thr real semites. “What goes around comes around” and your day is coming.

  • John watson

    Could anyone how you can be accused of provoking a war , when you have been robbed of your land? When your land has been occupied for the past 60 years ?hen you are daily subjected to humiliation? When you are starved to death ? When you are regularly bombed ? When you are being genocided?
    Maybe for some people of noble intent, the Palestinians should acquiesce to all this without reacting ? I’m sure that even then some would say that they are provoking , that they are terrorists.

  • Mike

    No David123456, it isn’t unfortunate. It’s horrific !
    Those are the same tactics used by dictators for thousands of years !
    “100 of theirs for 1 of ours”.
    Lessons learned well from the Nazi’s !

  • Fresno Bob

    Gotta agree with you here Dave, “The palestinians should consider just how hellish war is next time they provoke it with someone stronger than themselves.”

    Someone who’s been perpetually ass-raped by a psychopathic, narcissistic bully for 50 years shouldn’t resist, they should continue bending over and taking it – if the bully is stronger (love that one). Your argument is double-plus good considering Palestinians are no better than vermin anyway, and jews are “God’s chosen people.”

    Happy chanukah:)

  • Yeah right, David123456… they provoked it… and Osama flew planes into the WTC… yeah yeah…

    SHOOT THOSE ********!

  • Steve Terry

    Better to die fighting than be starved and enslaved. The Palastinians have no choice but to attempt survival from the rape, pillage and destruction of their people and their land, which the UN had no right to give anyone. The rockets were a last ditch attempt to bring this geneocide to the attention of the world. They have lost almost all and the world just turns a blind eye. They are coming for the comotose Americans now as well even as we put forth our opinions and views. Good luck.

  • cuda

    David123456:Parroting the media is not proof of facts,Its just talking from where you crap.

  • While David123456 evidently believes might makes right, I would suggest to him that the Palestinians have been provoked by the Shem family for sixty years — perhaps it takes a donkey to remind him of this. –jws

  • su

    David 123456,
    Pull the covers back up over you head.
    You are the pure product of propaganda.
    I can tell you this is the end of Israel.
    Their true colours coming to light despite the attempts
    of our sycophantic media – the people will one day wake
    up to the Israel equation – the antichrist itself.

  • Alex

    Anyone with one brain cell knows what the shituation is going down in Palestine. Note how the “Master Race” used the Xmas/New Year holidays to keep their mass murder in the background of most of everyone’s minds…..
    The most hated nation on earth gives it’s 60 years now invaded neighbours, hell on earth, you must all be very proud.

  • Rob O'Loughlin

    Soldiers and their ilk are the bane of humanity. Patsy idiots taking orders so they don’t have to think for themselves. Why do some people have a seemingly never-ending fetish for interfering in other people’s lives? Spare me any brave, heroic or defender nonsense. They are murderers and killers who can’t spot a real enemy even when it’s pointed out to them. Army’s of the world… you are the most pathetic of men (?).

  • Israel has clearly abdicated whatever tenuous strands of their “right to exist”.
    Diaspora; a very old idea whose time has come yet again.

  • elisabeth angel


    I hope this is helpful to some readers. What is happening in Gaza sickens so many of us, and it’s hard to know what we can do – but spreading this truth is one concrete thing that anyone who is on the Internet can do, and that can have far-reaching effects.

  • Tim

    Israel will never be able to live in peace. Once theyve murdered all the Palestinians, then they will start on the rest of the Goyim. Once theyve killed all the Goyim,then they will start to kill each other. And I suppose the last man left alive who will no doubt be the senior Rothchild will then commit suicide.

  • Trinidad reader

    My heart goes out to each and every one who is affected and will be affected by this horrible crime. I am not a pro war person and have always believed that reason and dialogue will achieve more than any bullet, missile etc can do. In a situation like this only god can save these people from this atrocity. I do applaud the writer for having the strength to write this in the failing light we call the media. We ( the rest of the world ) are looking on and we will unite to fight this threat in our own little way. Thanks

  • P. J.

    Unfortunately, innocents always end up in the crosshairs of war…But let’s not forget who keeps sending rockets into Israel EVERYDAY!!! If Hamas and all the other Arab states would stop sanctioning all out war on anything Zionist, then maybe some of this crap would stop! If not, this will continue into the ever-widening dark hole that it has become. We can only hope that one of these days, everyone will begin to see the real reason why “Live and Let Live” is the only way to find everlasting peace!

  • Justice seeker

    65 years ago when Jews were killed, they call it Holocaust. To get continous sympathy from world over they celebrate/remember the Holocaust every year!

    when the same killing, imprisonment suffered by te Palestinians no body call it nothing. even today in a modern world no body dare to publicly term the killing masacre/genocide or even Holocaust!!!! All because of the media are controlled by the zionists.

    we should promote this term Holocaust / Massacre every day every where to highlight suffering by the Palestinians in Gaza today.

  • Justice seeker

    65 years ago when Jews were killed, they call it Holocaust. To get continous sympathy from world over they celebrate/remember the Holocaust every year!

    when the same killing, imprisonment suffered by te Palestinians no body call it nothing. even today in a modern world no body dare to publicly term the killing massacre/genocide or even Holocaust!!!! All because of the media are controlled by the Zionists.

    we should promote this term Holocaust / Massacre every day every where to highlight suffering by the Palestinians in Gaza today.

  • Bloody Disgusted

    What amazes me the most are the justifications from the minority of people in support of this horror. Its like they have been so brainwashed that they cannot identify that what they are supporting now is something that was done TO them and something that they spent millions in money and time forcing everyone else in the world to remember so that it would never happen again. Schindler’s List anyone?

    So who is the Schindler of the Palastinians in Gaza? Nobody helping the humanitarian plight? Or is it that they’ve been so badly brainwashed that they no longer identify Palastinians with HUMAN BEINGS, which makes sense when they repeatedly reiterate that this is not a humanitarian crisis. Really, anyone who thinks this is not a humanitarian crisis, should go have a test to determine if They’re actually human.

    Do these same soldiers also serve an army leader with a funny moustache? Or do they just Honour him?

  • Helen

    Fresno Bob

    the chosen people have been living there for thosuands of years, your invaders have been occupying their lands for 60 of them. you are not the chosen, just because your ancestors converted to judaism doesn’t mean you are the chosen. go back to where you came from, and apply for citizenship like everyon else. but don’t expect the nation of Palestine to accept your terrorist asses, they have had enough of your ilk and personally i can’t blame them.

    may Palestine return to its rightful place and isrl fall into the sea.

  • Chi0ne1

    The leadership of the “Jews” is the cousins of the 12 tribes; Esau along with the daughters of Ishmael, Canaanites, and maybe tribe of Dan, and other middle eastern nations. Palestinian leadership is Edomite, etc. Thesis/antithesis/synthesis. Gen 27:40 Esau wants his birthright back and will terminate anyone that gets in his way. Most Khazars(lower level ones) are as much a victim as the rest of the masses. Esau married into them and then had them massacred so that he could get the middle east back. These people are sociopaths that love to sacrifice to their god Lucyfer.
    The question is where is the benevolent entity that should be helping the masses. They seem to be on vacation. This massacre will continue until the benevolent entity(ies) stand up and do something, or maybe they joined sides with the sociopaths.
    The masses are unable to unite because they have been lied to, and are too confused to see who the real enemy is, the descendants of Cain, Ham(Naamah), Canaanites, Esau, Ishmael’s daughters, Dan, Khazars, Spanish Edomites(Sephardic), and Khazars. The “Arab” nations that side with the above people have been infiltrated by Esau, etc. The house of Saud is Edomite. There are only 2 types of people the serpent seed(Cain, Esau, etc) and the masses. As long as the masses fight each other the serpent seed will continue to win.

  • Passerby

    The already morally feeble excuse for Israel’s existence, i.e., as a necessary refuge for the Jewish diaspora, is no longer valid as the Jews already own at least two other countries, i.e., the US and the UK, the Jewish inhabitants of which show no sign whatsoever of removing themselves to their stolen “homeland”.

  • Muhammad

    Peace. Good to see so many decent folks ripping that fool David123456 and his/her post. This looks like he/she may be a sayanim professional hired through GIYUS.ORG – Give Israel Your United Support. Here zionists are put on email alerts as to which blogs they want comments on and they are trained on example arguments. Read the site and weep. This is not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. Also, if you are worried about being tracked visiting the site, go to and click “Access the Free Proxy” and enter the URL there. This way GIYUS.ORG will not know who you are when you visit.

  • Passerby

    Before anyone decides to use the proxy services of, as recommended in the comment above, they should note that its server appears to be located in the USA. See:

    Its traffic is thus liable to be subject to government sanctioned domestic spying just like that of every other public server located in the “Land of the Free”.

  • Perhaps the reason the Israelis don’t call this a humanitarian crisis is as someone has suggested: they don’t see the Palestinians as humans, and gentiles (as per the Talmud) are, as with donkeys, animals. Most think the Torah is the holy book of Judaism. It is not; the holy book of Judaism is the Talmud. The authors of the Babylonian Talmud in Hebrew, took it from the Mishna, which are unwritten rules and commentaries (the Talmud is the written version) that were handed down from the Pharisees and Sadducees (the priest that Jesus Christ called “you are of your father, the devil.” (Not literally as someone said above, but spiritually. All that Christian Identity nonsense is obfuscation of the truth.) Thus, because of the Talmud’s influence, the leaders of Israel do in fact believe that all non Jews (the Palestinians) ethnically and all Messianic Jews (Jews who believe in Christ, thus violating the Noahide Laws) are NOT of Adam, that is, not humans. and secular Jewish Israelis have also bought into this. Zionism is just an outgrowth of this evil philosophy.

  • The sooner the world STOPS the flow of money to the terrorist state of Israel, The better.

    How many people buy these everyday products that assist the rogue state of murderers called israel?

  • Clavel

    It is a horror that so many people have died and life is so miserable for the Palestinians. It looks like World War III has started in full.

    The Bible says, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” Jesus will be the only one to bring peace to Jerusalem and the world.

  • abdullah

    allahum mansuril islama wal muslimeen..
    bismillahirrahman irraheem.
    rabbana laa tuakhizna inna seena au akhta’na, rabbana wala tahmil alaina isran kamaa hamaltahu alladheena min qablina, rabbana wala huhammilna maalaa taqatalana bih, wa fu’anna, waghfirlana, warhamna, anta maulana fansurna alal qaumil kafireen.

  • The Donkey Who Scared the Israeli Army…

    The weakest and most coward army in the world, which considers itself as the strongest one targeted and bombed a donkey on the streets of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. The cowards of the Israeli Air forces fired a missile at the donkey which …

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