Catholic Prayers of New Year in Gaza

The Priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Gaza, Monsignor Emmanuel Musallam sent God his wish during the prayer of the new year 2009. He said he wished to see the Israeli criminals Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, and Tzipi Livni trialed as a war criminals. In Gaza the Christian population is about 3355 Palestinians.

the-roman-catholic-in-gaza-monsignor-emmanuel-musallamThe Palestinians newspapers published that Monsignor Emmanuel Musallam was obliged to cancel the traditional night prayers for the new year in Gaza. He  asked: How will  the voices of our prayers arise to glorify God? And how will the songs of joy of the New Year 2009 be sung while the sounds of the Israeli bombs shock the earth and the sky of Gaza? How will the songs of the new year arise while and the Israeli airplanes arise above everything?
Priest Musallam said that he cancelled the nightly prayer to worship God in Gaza, and that new prayer times had been invented during the day, but that no one came to pray in the Church. The Israeli criminals are murdering anybody who goes out to pray, to buy bread, or to walk in the streets. This is a clear horror and a war crime, added Monsignor Emmanuel Musallam.

“We had lived for years under the criminal Israeli siege, but now the siege of Gaza became a hurricane of war crimes and crimes against humanity. I hope the day will come when we see the trial of Ehud Barak,  Ehud Olmert, and Tzipi Livni, as war criminals broadcast in the TV stations. This is my wish during the prayer of the new year 2009”.

Iyad Aziz Al-Sayegh, a Roman Orthodox and the Managing Director of Al-Ahli Al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza, said “there is no taste of the Christmas and New Year in Gaza: We are living a terrible and frightening horror in Gaza; We are living a continuous state of mourning.  We have not seen a truculent  horror attack like this before.”
He added: “We have not decorated our Christmas tree this year, as we are barely keep our lives”, adding that he lives in finest Al-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza, where the elegant buildings have been turned to ashes and rubble, and that the city has become a town of ghosts without electricity or water”.

9 comments to Catholic Prayers of New Year in Gaza

  • Bill W

    ‘Before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East.’
    -Father John Sheehan, SJ

  • Cynically, the Jews are being used as proxy soldiers by the USA. There is NO such thing as Israel as an independent nation — It is an American forward base. Even the Jews themselves have been fooled into believing in the Israel nation mythology. The fact is those who moved to Israel are hostages to American foreign policy — if they do not do what we want, we will withdraw the aid upon which they survive and they will last less than 30 days.

    Nothing “Isreal” does in the Middle East is of its own volition and when the USA finds an alternative and/or no longer needs its Isreali base they will be thrown to the wolves as so many USA “allies” have been in the past.

  • MACK

    Shove it you Papist phoney – to hell with your Antichrist pope …

    God bless the Jews and God bless Ulster!! Read Revelation – We win.

  • Gazan

    I liked “Bill W’s” quote from Father John Sheehan. it is so true, though most Americans believe Israel is “the Middle East’s only democracy,” and “our most reliable friend.” What a cruel joke. Carl Street, I think the evidence shows that the United States is now a proxy of Israel, rather than the other way round. Just look at how Zionist Jews have infiltrated everywhere in American society. Our corporate media, our political structure, our business community, our religious life, and even our military, are all controlled at their highest levels by Zionist Jews. No president, Senator, or state Representative to Congress dares to go against Israel. It is political suicide. That is true for nearly all Western governments and societies , as well. Mack, like you, I believe in the Antichrist, but I believe Israel is his vanguard, with the United States a close second. The United States is my country, and it grieves me to say that we are on the side of evil in the coming battle of Armageddon. Israel, the United States, Britain, and the European Union are now the Antichrist’s primary instruments and the true “Axis of Evil.” I believe the Christ will win this conflict, as it is prophesied in the Revelation to St. John. That means, of course, that the Axis of Evil is headed for annihilation. God hears the cries of the innocent, and they are crying to Him now from Gaza and the West Bank. Their cries and prayers are worth far more to him than the prayers of any priest or Pope, and He will avenge their deaths on the heads of the wicked . . . on US!

  • Nicolae

    What do you understand from Revelation??Who is again Christian?


    Enjoy your country and freedom while you have them.

  • Helen

    if the Christians and muslims are fighting the devil than why are no nations helping them? seems to me the isrlies have proven they are no ones friend, they only use us for their wars.

    Isrl claims they are to wiped off the map, but the fact is it is Palestine that was wiped off the map. Isrl claims Hamas broke the cease fire but forget to mention that isrl broke it over a 1000 times in the past 6 months. isrl claims Hamas seized control of Gaza but always never forgets to mention they were legally elected.

    I have no sypathy for isrl for it is a rogue state aquired through terror on a nation of peaceful people, where jews, Chrsitians and Muslms have lived in oeace for thousands of years.

    isrl needs to be dismantled once and for all, for God never gave them the land. the people that were chosen to live there have been there for thousands of years. the new invaders are not the chosen, they are the occupiers.

  • Paxman

    The racist nature of the Israeli Beast is well illustrated, as is the bestial manner in which this ghoulish entity is attempting to enforce its will.

    Be sure it is coming .. The shackles and the cells .. as the Israeli War Criminals await the disposition of the Tribunal .. whilst the evidence is gathered .. just imagine 60 years worth of depositions .. many of those voices died of injustice across the decades. Maybe it is time for the World to demand some atonement from Judaism.

  • I pray every day that the Zionist jews will be once and for all defeated and are driven into the sea. They were the cause of World wars 1 & 2 and will be the cause of World War 111. God help us all.

  • kd

    Speaking of Hell, “Mack”. Homicial, deviant, matzaball worshippers such as you will, ultimately, become acquainted with its deepest environs. Read the Apocolypse–you loose, everything, especially your soul.

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