Days and Nights of Israeli Horror in Gaza

Horror, fear, hysteria, weeping , involuntary urinating, fever and trauma affect the children of Gaza due to the death of their friends, parents, relatives and seeing the blood covering the streets and the gaza-5ruins of the destroyed houses. Trauma spreads across the children of Gaza due to the increased number of funerals in the streets, and the loud noise of the Israeli F16s flying over their heads, bombing everything around them.

It’s very difficult to hear the children talking about death, funerals, and searching a piece of the bread in the middle of the huge destruction around them. It is very difficult to hear the children talking about war, F16s, politics, and describing the death of father, mother or parents!

Yesterday, seven children were killed overnight in Gaza, after the Israeli air forces dropped a GBU-39,  a new bunker-buster bomb at a mosque in the central residential district of Jabalia refugee camp in the northern part of Gaza Strip.

Among the dead children were five young sisters aged between one and 12 years gaza-81from the Ba’losha family. Three young boys from Al Absi family from Rafah Refugee Camp were also killed by the same GBU-39 bomb. The Israeli State of occupation bought  from the US 1000 of the GBU-39 bunker-buster bomb which the air force recently use in their strikes against the population of Gaza Strip .

Israel won congressional approval for the purchase of the missile in September 1000 (September) 2008, and officials said Israeli Defense Ministry and the first shipment arrived earlier this month and used it successfully to penetrate underground launchers for the missiles “Qassam” in the Gaza Strip during air strikes Intensive infrastructure “Hamas” movement on Saturday. And also used yesterday (Sunday) in the bombing of tunnels in Rafah.

gaza-4During the day, the children watch and see the scenes of horror. The parents try to calm their children, but their fear is bigger than their capacity to calm them. During the day the parents try to put children in bed to sleep, but the loud noises of the bombs of F16s, destroy both the parents and the children. In Gaza, children are murdered while sleeping in bed, so the Gaza people say. The children are too scared to sleep, they all remember how their friends were murdered in their beds.

In Gaza, the terror is the same during day and night. The Israeli terror does not differentiate between day and night. The people live the tragedy of death each moment. Nobody is safe in Gaza. At night, the children urinate and tremble in their beds.

The UNRWA relief and works agency in Gaza requested today, Monday, an gaza-1international investigation of murder of the students and children while getting out from the UN vocational training Institute in the Gaza Strip. The UN spokesman, Sami Mishasha, said that at least 51 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, were confirmed to be among those killed in the Gaza Strip.

After the funeral of the eight students who were killed during air strikes on Gaza, Sami Mishasha said that the figure, which was based on visits to hospitals and medical centers in Gaza, was “conservative” and “certainly rising”. The UN calls upon the international community to protect the civilian population from the Israeli aggression.

Mishasha explained that the policy of closure of border crossings leading to gaza2Gaza made it impossible to carry out humanitarian tasks entrusted to UNRWA. He pointed out that more than 750 thousand people in Gaza are dependent on UNRWA food aid alone, and that there are hundreds of thousands more who rely on other medical and relief aid to survive. More than 200 thousand of the population are dependent on food aid of the worldwide organization. He added that it has become impossible to do massive humanitarian under the policy of “drip”, where Israel allows only a few trucks to enter the sector.

The High Commissioner-General of the UNRWA, Karen Abu Zeid, expressed her fear of the destruction of Gaza and the large number of casualties. She demanded that the Israeli authorities end the Israeli Air Force bombing, and reminding Israel that it had signed international conventions that protect civilians.

The Palestinian medical sources from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza stated that gaza-2during the three consecutive days of Israeli bombardment in the heavily-populated territory, over 345 Gazans have been killed and over 1500 wounded, among them hundreds who are in critical conditions. There were also growing fears that a ground offensive was being planned after Israel declared a “closed military zone” around the Gaza Strip, said Dr. Muawia, the director of Al-Shifa hospital.

As of my last information, Gaza has been declared a “military zone”, what normally means that the IDF will have free hand to murder anybody and commit whatever atrocities they want. Journalists are now effectively isolated, and anybody conveying information is at risk of death.

_45333288_4Mr. Sameh Habeeb sent me some new information from Gaza. He wrote that Israeli army moves from targeting governmental offices into civic ones. It has targeted  some of Hamas leaders’ houses. Israeli navy bombed the Gaza seaport, destroyed many fishing boats. Palestinian civilians in Gaza received more threats by phones, specifically to Khan Younis. The Israeli air force bombed Al Sideeq Mosque in Jabalia Camp. The Israeli Chief of Intelligence Yuval Diskin, stated that “the worse in Gaza is coming”. There are severe shortages in medical supplies in Gaza hospitals. Burn and birth units were transformed into emergency surgery units. The Al-Shifa hospital has also announced its inability to receive more cases.

9 comments to Days and Nights of Israeli Horror in Gaza

  • Bill

    and the nations looked on,and the courts of the world say nothing.Hmmm maybe this is all their fault.Or maybe its the sheeples fault for not demanding courts of law and justice.
    This is the country where they want to put a world court.Are you nuts,can you imagine it.These people can’t be judges.But then again there seems to be a shortage of that skillset in every so-called nation these days.Oh well,lets all have an apathetic group hug,and wait until it happens to us.Then I can laugh when you ask why.

  • devious

    horrible, sickening, twisted. i support israel about as much as i support my own home turf, i don’t. i can’t nor will i ever. i’d much rather leave my country [the us] with my son than to continue living here adapting to a life of darkness and hatred. it seems while we try to heal our wounds here with blacks versus whites, there’s still an ongoing race war where muslims and arabs are generally categorized as terrorists or war mongers. shame shame shame on my country and shame on my country for supporting israel and shame on people for not knowing the truth behind what is happening here. i feel like it’s a complete setup and that those homemade mortars were a smoke screen to bring this about and to engage in something greater. it’s about time somebody drops a few atom bombs in this world to clear out the ignorance and greed. only when we see a couple hundred million bodies from all walks of life strewn about the streets will we likely realize that we’ve been living a selfish and greedy life with all this war and bullshit. i do not believe hamas was instigating this by any means and doubt hamas to even be a ‘terrorist’ organization. fuck israel and fuck the good ol’ usa for supporting israel! and fuck obama’s cabinet for being pro-israel and not soliciting a peace agreement, we know what it’s about, we’re not stupid. this white boy american is fully aware of what is supposed to take place on the grand scheme of things. sick and twisted you human beings are and for that i must blind my child with my hands as you act cowardly towards an entire ethnicity of people because power and greed are your only way! long live palestine and may they one day be free from the wretched minions that seek to cleanse the world of arab folks, one of the toughest and most beautiful people on this planet.

  • brother d

    Thereshall be wars and rumours of wars but the end is not yet ..In thy patience posses thy soul.Its a sad yet happy day..Sad for the world yet happy for the believer for his redemption draws nigh.I want to take this time out to tell everyone and anyone who would listen in this crisis and mayhem please do not take sides but stand for truth and righteousness, don’t let political or religious views blind you to the truth for there are good and evil ones on both sides of the conflict

  • Gazan

    Thank you, Kawther, for providing this information for us, though I’m sure it’s painful for you to do so. The Zionist-controlled Western media emphasizes Israeli civilian deaths from the “Hamas” rockets. As I’ve said before, Hamas is a creature of Israeli Intelligence. It’s a Macchiavellian tactic designed to control one’s enemies by infiltrating, or even CREATING enemy organizations. Hamas is Israel’s excuse for genocide against the Palestinian people.

    The Zionist leadership of Israel, and of the whole world, are not true Jews. I’m convinced of that, now. These people are Satanists, and have been for untold thousands of years, probably since long before what we call “The Flood,” when the predecessor to our modern “civilization” held sway. They are doing to us what they did to the people of that time. Only this time they shall be defeated once and for all.

  • Peter

    Other nations do nothing for as Revelation says, the Harlot, Babylon the Great, has a Kingdom over the Kings of the Earth, Google dual nationality Israelis in the Senate or Zionists in British Parliament.
    But the Bible also says that God will call her acts of injustice to mind, for she is guilty of all the blood spilt on the Earth. So it will be soon that God will expose the Synagoge of Satan, those who say they are Jews but are not, he will open the eyes of governments so that they will inact his punishment on Jerusalem and she will be no more.

  • Gary

    I’ve been following this tragedy form the states, and have been very disappointed by the lack of balanced coverage. I watched David Lee Miller (A jew, but who isn’t in the media?) reporting for FOX from southern Israel. He was visibly shaken by a Hamas rocket that landed about two hundred yards from him in the middle of a field. There wasn’t an impact crater, just a lot of smoke, but he made it seem as though a nuke had hit. He mentioned the deaths of Israelies but none of the Gaza numbers. The FOX studio commentators didn’t have the decency to ask a fair and balanced question. My wife heard the interview and commented: “How biased!.” She’s apolitical.

    Is there a way for Americans to help the civilians and not be considered terrorist supporters of Hamas? The US government has placed Americans is a difficult situation. Please advise.

  • Fireye

    So I see all is normal. Killing. That is just what humans do. If the universe had any sense at all they would wipe this sick species out of existence forever. The true curse of hell is in being born a human.
    Of all things in creation to be born as, humans are the lowest of all in creation I believe and the sooner they kill themselves off the better all other life in existence will be. Death to all humans!!!

  • Gazan

    Fireye, we humans are indeed at fault for allowing ourselves to be duped into killing each other for the benefit of our unimaginably wealthy masters, our kings, Popes, Prophets, and now our CEOs, as we have since the beginning of the this “civilization” of death and destruction, but that is because our masters have been able to keep themselves and their machinations hidden from us for thousands of years. Now, they can’t hide any more. They are revealing their true face now because they believe, falsely, that they have won, and that makes them vulnerable. As horrifying as these times are, they are a time of opportunity for us humans. What was hidden from us for thousands of years is now being revealed. The masks are coming off. The times of our ancient Satanic overlords are coming to an end. It is a new day for mankind. Have faith! We are going to win!

  • yacine

    israel=palestinian militant=free palestine
    SHAME of every one in the world what’s happening in PALISINE

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