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Israel, a Morally Bankrupt State led by Psychopaths

The stinking smell of a conspiracy, a disaster, a political plan is behind the Israeli “war” against the population of Gaza. The Israeli military “Operation Cast Lead” did not begin as a result of adduced rocket-spiegel [1]“self defense” against Palestinian rockets, which appear to be made and shot for the most part in Israel itself or distributed by the employees of Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin, the Israeli intelligence system, to collaborators within the Palestinian resistance.
It also has nothing to do with the primitive, home made rockets of the Palestinian resistance, or because Hamas had ended the weak truce after six month of continuous Israeli blockade against one million and a half persons in the concentration camp of Gaza. And it also has nothing to do with Israel wanting to free the Israeli-French war criminal Gilad Shalit captured by Hamas.

Nobody showed the hundred tons of explosives which the Israel Air Force dropped on the police stations and civilian offices in Gaza, leading to the death of over 300 civilian and police, and the injury of over 1000 persons, hundreds of them in critical condition. The western media has manipulated the information so that everyone believes that the Israeli destruction and ethnic cleansing of a nation is some kind of “self defense”, that Israel is some kind of “victim”.
The world is not so naïve to believe that Israeli intelligence Chief Yuval Diskin, 880f857 [2]Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni will be able to hide the purpose of their abject crimes against the population of Gaza and their will to massacre hundreds, or even thousands, in order to win the coming Israeli elections with scenes of bodies without heads, and legs without foots of the Palestinian victims in order to placate the blood-thirsty masses of Israel.

The old war criminal Ehud Barak called in 6.700 reserve soldiers to take part in the ethnic cleansing of the population of Gaza. Lets ask general Barak, how many Palestinians did the State of Israel kill since 1948 until today? How many Palestinians did Barak himself murder while he was a general at the Israeli MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS [3]ministry of war? How many Palestinians did the Israeli troops murder in Gaza and the West Bank since the Al-Aqsa Intifada until now? How many Palestinians did they injure, and arrest? How many military invasions and operations did the Israeli troops do in Gaza itself? How many house did they destroy, how many trees did they cut? Does this huge number of murders, assassinations, destruction, unjust jailing of Palestinians stop the resistance, and protest for their basic right to live as human beings? Do you disgusting criminals ask yourselves these questions during your so-called “security session”?

What is next? Tell us and tell the world what comes next. We are all sick of you and your so-called “security” even if the world keeps silence until now. What will your criminal “state” do if the Palestinians of Gaza do not stop their resistance against your blockade and occupation of the land, the sky and even the air which they breath?

Enough is enough! Killing, murdering, and assassinating will never provide your state and your nation with security. You will never live in peace while you make the Palestinians live injustice.

After all the Israeli military, tanks, air force, were ordered to take part in MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS [4]destruction of Gaza, adducing a supposed “right of self-defense” against rockets which the Israeli intelligence and IDF have either given to Palestinian collaborators, or which they are shooting themselves at Sderot and surroundings and other places in Israel. That not a war, that is a war crime. Logically, what happens between two states and two armies, carrying equivalent weapons can be called a war. What happens when the army of an occupier state bombs and murders dozens, hundreds of resistance fighters in an occupied nation, living besieged in a concentration camp since over 41 years, this is not a war, it is a massacre, a crime of war, genocide and crimes against humanity.

If Israel wants to separate Gaza from the West bank and give it to Egypt after PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/ [5]murdering the political activists of Hamas, then this is a clear war crime, a crime against humanity. If Israel planned [6] this massacre so that their Nazi leaders can win the next elections in their country, then this is a clear war crime.
Above this, and given the strong suspicion that the Israeli intelligence, either under Yuval Diskin or in the IDF, gave the rockets to Palestinian infiltrators purporting to work as resistance in Gaza, this is itself the height of criminality.

The nations of the world should stop Israel before they are all crushed by what the Israeli spies from Shabak and Mossad are doing. The alternative is for all peoples to suffer in the future what we Palestinians must suffer, for that is what is written in their books.