Israel, a Morally Bankrupt State led by Psychopaths

The stinking smell of a conspiracy, a disaster, a political plan is behind the Israeli “war” against the population of Gaza. The Israeli military “Operation Cast Lead” did not begin as a result of adduced rocket-spiegel“self defense” against Palestinian rockets, which appear to be made and shot for the most part in Israel itself or distributed by the employees of Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin, the Israeli intelligence system, to collaborators within the Palestinian resistance.
It also has nothing to do with the primitive, home made rockets of the Palestinian resistance, or because Hamas had ended the weak truce after six month of continuous Israeli blockade against one million and a half persons in the concentration camp of Gaza. And it also has nothing to do with Israel wanting to free the Israeli-French war criminal Gilad Shalit captured by Hamas.

Nobody showed the hundred tons of explosives which the Israel Air Force dropped on the police stations and civilian offices in Gaza, leading to the death of over 300 civilian and police, and the injury of over 1000 persons, hundreds of them in critical condition. The western media has manipulated the information so that everyone believes that the Israeli destruction and ethnic cleansing of a nation is some kind of “self defense”, that Israel is some kind of “victim”.
The world is not so naïve to believe that Israeli intelligence Chief Yuval Diskin, 880f857Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni will be able to hide the purpose of their abject crimes against the population of Gaza and their will to massacre hundreds, or even thousands, in order to win the coming Israeli elections with scenes of bodies without heads, and legs without foots of the Palestinian victims in order to placate the blood-thirsty masses of Israel.

The old war criminal Ehud Barak called in 6.700 reserve soldiers to take part in the ethnic cleansing of the population of Gaza. Lets ask general Barak, how many Palestinians did the State of Israel kill since 1948 until today? How many Palestinians did Barak himself murder while he was a general at the Israeli MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSministry of war? How many Palestinians did the Israeli troops murder in Gaza and the West Bank since the Al-Aqsa Intifada until now? How many Palestinians did they injure, and arrest? How many military invasions and operations did the Israeli troops do in Gaza itself? How many house did they destroy, how many trees did they cut? Does this huge number of murders, assassinations, destruction, unjust jailing of Palestinians stop the resistance, and protest for their basic right to live as human beings? Do you disgusting criminals ask yourselves these questions during your so-called “security session”?

What is next? Tell us and tell the world what comes next. We are all sick of you and your so-called “security” even if the world keeps silence until now. What will your criminal “state” do if the Palestinians of Gaza do not stop their resistance against your blockade and occupation of the land, the sky and even the air which they breath?

Enough is enough! Killing, murdering, and assassinating will never provide your state and your nation with security. You will never live in peace while you make the Palestinians live injustice.

After all the Israeli military, tanks, air force, were ordered to take part in MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSdestruction of Gaza, adducing a supposed “right of self-defense” against rockets which the Israeli intelligence and IDF have either given to Palestinian collaborators, or which they are shooting themselves at Sderot and surroundings and other places in Israel. That not a war, that is a war crime. Logically, what happens between two states and two armies, carrying equivalent weapons can be called a war. What happens when the army of an occupier state bombs and murders dozens, hundreds of resistance fighters in an occupied nation, living besieged in a concentration camp since over 41 years, this is not a war, it is a massacre, a crime of war, genocide and crimes against humanity.

If Israel wants to separate Gaza from the West bank and give it to Egypt after PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/murdering the political activists of Hamas, then this is a clear war crime, a crime against humanity. If Israel planned this massacre so that their Nazi leaders can win the next elections in their country, then this is a clear war crime.
Above this, and given the strong suspicion that the Israeli intelligence, either under Yuval Diskin or in the IDF, gave the rockets to Palestinian infiltrators purporting to work as resistance in Gaza, this is itself the height of criminality.

The nations of the world should stop Israel before they are all crushed by what the Israeli spies from Shabak and Mossad are doing. The alternative is for all peoples to suffer in the future what we Palestinians must suffer, for that is what is written in their books.

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  • John Hawk

    There is a big difference between a faithful Hebrew and a secularist/atheist Zionist.

    There is a big difference between a noble Israeli and an ignoble Zionist.

    There is a big difference between a true Hebrew and a Khazarian (i.e. fake Hebrew)Zionist.

    There is NO difference between a Nazi and a ZioNazi…and therein lies the problem.

    There is NO difference between a Nazi and a NeocoNazi…and therein lies another problem.

    (Apply equally to all sides of all religions…)

  • Bill

    Oh c’mon, everybody knew it was only a matter of time.The UN and all the other countries and theoretical justice systems let Israel do whatever it wants. I read something about a world court in Israel.
    As long as Israel gets a free pass on everything there is no law or courts worth trusting.Civilization is over,just the thought of a world court in a country with no understanding of right and wrong is proof of that. Law is a joke now.Its all about force now not justice,Obey or they will apply pain until you do.Thats not civilization is it?Oh well,group apathy will give you a shoulder to cry on.Everybody should ride this little country until it understands civilized behavior.The whole middle east is a barbarity,make them fix it or quit complaining,your turn will come up eventually.Maybe you can die while your mind is still pure,or pop a soma and smile your way into the next life.”is there anybody out there” I love that song.

  • nuke the sand monkeys

    nuke the sand monkeys

    [Comment:]This was written from, what is in Canada.
    Since when have Canadians started to copy the racist manners of Israelis?

  • Who Cares

    Yell all you like. The reality is that the powerful are enjoying seeing Hamas get taken down. Nobody is going to help them, not even Iran….

  • EON

    The Jews of Israel are professional champions when it comes to playing the victim…They wrote the victim card and continue to practice it well.
    Israel is not to be trusted…They will sell their own for gain and advancement..Sacrifice and crucify their own if they have to and do it in the billions (Maddof). Drag whole countries down if they have to (U.S.A.) Federal reserve…Even use the U.S. military to fight their wars close to their turf.

    The Mossad motto is “Deceit”.

  • Georg D.

    There is predictions that a middle east war will start a larger war. I pray Russia and China can stave of the bloodthirsty usa from taking over the middleeast with israel as it’s new governing body. europe would have to be engulfed by russia to even up the odds, america the greedy

  • I don’t hear the Jewish voice of condemnation ! Therefore as far as the Jews are concerned their genocide of the Palestinians is acceptable,along with the historical repression and injustice.Rome fell,so did the Third Reich and this Jewish abomination will fall as well,trouble is this vermin has got nuclear weapons and their awfully clever Samson Option which will probably blow us all to oblivion.
    [Redacted – Illegal statement]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ja

    the same zionist bankers that controls britain and US, created israel and are behind the terror

  • M. Ferrell

    This outrageous attacks on the Gazan fighters and civilian population convey a clear message—once and for all Palestinians and muslims must understand that they cannot oppose a powerful foe. Weapons, prayers or mass-rallies on the streets of Arab countries cannot change reality—Israel has her own strength and the American support, and that is more than enough to submit any opposition. This is an abuse of the stronger ones, they laugh at the sight of Arab armies or ireregular fighters, they want the Palestinians dead or on their knees and they succeed, nobody dares to help Palestinians, all Arab governments and armies are afraid of the Jews, they know that in a new war they may take a heavy beating and Israel will always manage to end up the victor. Who can stop them?

  • AnneMarie

    Dear Kawther,
    My deepest sympathies go to you and the many people who are now suffering in Gaza. I am appalled. And I know a bit more of the truth thanks to the Internet. You are so right about this having nothing to do with Israel’s lame stated justification.
    Just before this happened, I had discovered secret treaties and plans made in the early 90’s for just this sort of thing. The Political Zionists have made a mockery of the Judaic Israeli’s and have gathered so much momentum under lies, that I am now able to speak with understanding and I am telling on them. I am telling everyone I know. I speak with displeasure and abhor their bloody plans. I just recently finished a letter to some friends who would rather skip knowing that they have been lied to by these Zionists. They have been had by the Zionists who have co-opted the use of them and the Judaic jews for the apathy and bigotry against Palestinians, denying now the historical facts of their own deeds, and the hatred that has been planted through propaganda against ‘all Arabs’.
    So that you may know.
    I weep for the children of God, and He weeps too.
    AnneMarie – USA

  • 3echo

    When will the Goyim that recognise these evil monsters [Redacted – Illegal statement]. Because it’s easier to pose as a concerned witness than actually do something practical – an eye for an eye. Remember the Old Testament before it became this toilet-paper New Testament – “Jeudeo-Christian” my arse. That’s like saying “Chalk-and-cheese”. [Redacted – Illegal statement]

  • Sam

    Hamas is a Creation of Mossad:
    “Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)” Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    CIA & Mossad infiltrated Muslim organizations like Hamas in Palestine, Hizbullah in Lebanon & the Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia, says an Indonesian intelligence expert:

  • R. Richardson

    John Hawk,

    I disagree. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Nazism, false and true Hebrews, Communism, and Zionism (anti-humanist atheism) are all related, intertwined, and connected.

    Iran did business with Nazi. Muslims and Christians fought over Jerusalem last thousand year ago. It would be no Islam without Christianity, Khazars, and Judaism. Khazars (Jews’ ancestors) fought against Muslims to save Europe. Communism was born because of a Jewish man’s (Karl Marx) intense hatred toward Christianity. Zionism was established after the Jewish reaction to the swelling anti-semitism in France in the 19th century. Nazism was implemented by the Jewish bankers (Federal Reserve and Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland), American elites (JP Morgan, Hubert Hoover, Owen D. Young, Senator Reed Smoot, Willis C. Hawley, Prescott Bush, Franklin Roosevelt, and others), and Adolf Hitler. Nazism and Austrian Adolf Hitler were installed in Germany with Americans’ and Jews’ help! Americans and Jews worked hard to help Adolf Hitler to rid the German reparations which was imposed by Treaty of Versailles. If the German reparations were not removed, the WWII would be prevented or delayed for a few more decades, because Germany people would continue to work to make payments to meet Treaty of Versailles’ requirement. Then Germany population would expand because of the debt and reparations which were preventing the Germany economy from building up to lead to boost the Germany military businesses and industries! Jewish bankers did not want that way. They needed more wars to inflict more and more casualties on Germany. So, American elites and Jews had to plan ingeniously to create the two great European wars within two decades – WWII in 1914-1918 and WWII in 1938-1945. Mastering the western propaganda, tariffs/trades, American depression to support Germany’s economy(?), and economies were ones of their hallmark professions.

    After two great wars of the early 20th century, the Christian populations in different countries were greatly reduced thanking to Zionism. But the WWI and WWII were not enough for Jews, they had to invent other plans by bringing the immigrants from Muslim countries and Central/Latin Americas into America and Europe to weaken Christianity further. Henceforth, they, through their ownership on the American media mainstream, would use Christians to attack against Muslims in 1990/91 to give Israel more protection. They then orchestrated 9/11 to provoke the Western hatred toward the Arab countries.

    It would be no “modern” Christianity if it was not for Judaism which was not created until between 700 AD and 1000 AD by Khazars. I doubt that Khazars were “converted” by Judaism. Actually, they created it by themselves.

    “Early Christianity” is probably tied with Roman Empire’s poetry, myths, and propaganda. It should be fairly different from the “modern” Christianity which was influenced and altered by Germanic barbarians, the final years of the Roman Empire, the medieval Europeans, Zionists of 19th century/early 20th century, or/and Khazars. It was probably changed, evolved, and modified gradually, from 1000 AD to 19th century. The early Christianity could be mixed of Mithraism (Roman Empire’s official religion) and Buddhism.

    Buddhism was born 500 years before the early Christianity, as Judaism and Jews did not exist to influence upon Christianity until after 1000 AD. Hebrew is just a spin-off language of Yiddish language which was one of the Germanic languages. Hebrew isn’t old as everyone thought and is even younger than the Yiddish language.

    Buddhism already reached as far as Greece before the beginning of the Roman Empire. So, the Roman Empire should be aware of Buddhism, because the Roman Empire expanded as far as Palestine. The early Christianity probably borrowed from the idea of Buddhism in making the “praying hands” to pay respect toward the Buddha.

    If the Library of Alexandria, once the largest library in the ancient world, was NOT disturbed by Julius Caesar in 48 BC, the attack of Aurelian in 300 AD, the decree of Theophilus in 391 AD, and the Muslim conquest in 642 AD, then everything would be very, very different! The real history would not be altered! Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all would NOT make to the 21st century IF the Library of Alexandria had a right to be left alone and remained totally undisturbed throughout the humankind history.

    If we travel in a time machine to the period of the Roman Empire, at the first we will want to know where are Jews. Where are they? No, they are NOT Jews because not a SINGLE one became a Jew until 700 AD or beyond, when the Khazarians developed their belief owing to their trading experiences with the East (Far Asia) and West (Europe), improved writing skills, and acquisition of a few different religions including Buddhism. They were SCYTHIANS (“pre-Jews”) who used to live scatteringly throughout southern Russia, Palestine, far east Europe, Iraq, and Iran. Between 200 AD and 400 AD, Scythians (Jews’ ancestors) became “Indo-Scythians” after their invasion in India. Their Indo-Scythian kingdom was pretty close to Kerala, the union state located in the southwestern part of India, where the oldest Jewish community in India was established in 400 AD. This is why we notice that there is already presence of the Jewish communities across India. In the 19th century, David Sassoon escaped Baghdad, Iraq to settle in a Jewish community in Bombay, India. He was a Jewish merchant and banker who was later married into the Rothschild family of England. David Sassoon was responsible for doing a drug (opium) business in the Far East.

    Scythians became Khazars after they established their kingdom above Georgian kingdom and Alans in the 8th century. All of those kingdoms were located in southern Russia. But other Scythians, who did not associate with Khazars, were just somewhere else between the eastern Europe and the western India. Khazars’ kingdom only lasted for two centuries and was broken by Sviatoslav I of Kiev in the 10th century AD, but there were already so many Scythians who were scattered across the Asian and European continents. Later, those scythians in many different places became Jews after they acquired Khazars’ product – Judaism, which happened to be a highly specialized religion refering to a practice of trading and making money. This is why it is still a “closed” religion which does not allow anyone to practice in a greater depth, but “Jews” themselves, who are the descendants of Scythians.

    Well, conclusively, I suggest that people to dump the Western religions – Judaism, Islam, Communism, Zionism, and Christianity for Buddhism. Dalai Lama preaches very well.

  • C Casper

    It’s terrible that innocent Palestinian civilians, including women and children are dying, but what does Hamas think will happen when it announces a truce is over and Palestinians start lobbing more and more rockets over the border.

    If Hamas decides to declare war on Israel and engage it on the field of battle, what other kind of response does it expect but a military action?

    The only way to stop the violence is for Hamas to renounce terrorism, recognize Israel’s right to exist within some kind of livable borders, and come to the negotiating table to negotiate the foundation of an autonomous Palestinian state with borders and security arrangements to be agreed upon.

    Most Israelis are ready to give up territory and accept a peaceful two-state solution. But the State of Israel is not going to accede to Hamas’s demands for its self-immolation.

  • Gazan

    The supreme irony of the Israeli persecution of the Palestinians is that the Ashkenazim, the European Jews, are not racially Jews at all! They are not descended from the ancient Hebrews, but rather from a Central Asian people called the Khazars. The Khazars were a pagan race related to the Mongols who carved out a kingdom in the first centuries of the Common Era in what is now southern Russia, between the Caspian and Black Seas. In the ninth century, the Khazar nobility decided to convert to Judaism, probably because of pressure from Christianity in the West and Islam in the south. When the Khazar kingdom began to break up about three centuries later, they began moving west into Poland and eastern Europe, and became the European Jews, or Ashkenazim. Israeli academics admit all this. It is well-known to them.

    Where, then, did the ancient Hebrews go? When David BenGurion was asked this question. he said he believed that the PALESTINIANS are the true descendants of the ancient Hebrews. In other words, the ancient Hebrews, the descendants of those who followed Moses into the Promised Land, are STILL THERE! Some of them, apparently, moved into other countries in the region over the centuries, such as Iraq and Iran. Others stayed in Palestine and either converted, much later, to Christianity or Islam. The Romans, apparently, when they put down the last Jewish Revolt in 70 C.E., did not force the Jews to emigrate. In other words, the “Diaspora” was not due to the Romans, but was rather the result of Jewish proselytizing all over the Mediterranean region over the centuries. Jews, like the later Christians, felt the need to spread their religion, seeking converts in other countries. Who, then, are the only people who have a legitimate right to the land of Palestine? You be the judge.

  • This is, the biginning of the end of the bastard State of Israel, a bunch of thieves and killers.Gods choosen people? How dare you, Your God is the God of the Synagoge of the Satan, the master of death! Paul van den Akker Dordrecht the Netherlands.

  • ivo

    It’s amazing that Israel still is considered as a “state”, thus a normal country with normal people who do their all-day life, make friends, love other people, spend their lives with work and nice things, until they die.
    To most states this apply, but not the “state” of Israel. What the Israeli army is doing represents in general the wish of the Israelis.

    [Redacted – Illegal statements]

    The word “jew”, for example, is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuddha, meaning “lower warrior”, a soldier, a person trained for killing, destroying and leaving behind a big trace of destruction, evil, sorrow and suffering, colored red by the blood of his victims.

    The Bible – containing the history of the jews – shows that the Israelis (Jews, Israelites in former times) carried out massacres and holocausts against other people – but all the people in our time read all over these passages in the bible – they consider it as normal.
    So Paul van den Akker (#16) is absolutely right as he says that the God of the Jews is Satan. In 1995 I already published an article in the Dutch magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’ about Yahweh, the Jewish God, the article was titled ‘Is God God of een valse God – Achtergronden van de joodse God Jahweh’ (In English: ‘Is God God or a false God? – Backgrounds of the Jewish God Yahweh’). In that article I stated that Yahweh is actually the Devil – the cosmic primal force of all Evil – and this is to see in the Bible at all these parts of the Bible in which is described how the Jewish people destroyed other peoples – and their kings even with the most horrible methods, by which Hitler and his Nazis even are like innocent babies. (The massacre of the Canaanites, and the murder on the kings of Ai and Jericho, for example).
    But the leaders of the Israelites (Jews) were guided and instructed (even clear military instructions) by their God Yahweh.

    Even clearer this is described by the Belgian historical investigator Jos Rogiers, in his book “The Bible – the Devil’s book. How the Doctrine of the Bible brings the world to ruin” (the book is in English language only).
    Specially is described how the world of the Bible (actually the ‘world’ of the Jews and the Jewish faith, from which the Bible has come into existence) is a completely loveless world, where hate (against other people, not belonging to the Jews), revenge, extreme cruelty and insatiable thirst for blood seem to rule the daily life.
    The pleasure and self-greatness of being (and belonging to) the ‘Chosen People of God’, drives these Israelis to considering non-Jews (Canaanites, Babylonians Philistines – and in our time, the Palestinians) as animals, as things that have to be destroyed.
    The victim-peoples were virtually unarmed and defenseless, so they were an easy target for the military Israelites.

    When I was a little boy, I always called Jews “the people with the frozen mind” – and indeed Judaism seems to have changed very little since 3000 years. Only their weapons, with which they can kill easier and a larger amount of people in the same time then in the time of the Canaanites.
    Since May 1948, (Al-Nakba), the time they invaded Palestine, killed a lot of them and occupied the rest of the country, six million Palestinians are killed (until 2004, the number now will be greater) because of the occupation of Palestine by the Chosen People of the Devil.
    Because Palestinians are virtually unarmed – and they have no army of themselves – and because Israel has a high sophisticated army with the newest high-tech weapons which come directly from America, they can kill as much Palestinians as they want until not any Palestinian will be left alive.
    And it’s amazing that the state of the Netherlands considers itself as a befriended state with Israel.
    (This means of course that the government feels befriended with the Crime State, not the ordinary people of the Netherlands – a poll in 2004 has indicated that 80 % of the Dutch people are against the ‘state’ of Israel and the crimes against humanity they perpetrate, and the Dutch in general consider Israel as a major threat to world peace).

    When will the world wake up and stop the crimes against humanity of Israel?
    Forbid Israel to have an army at all, because they abuse their army to attack and kill innocent people, instead of keeping it ready for defense in a (possible) case of war!!
    As long as America will behave like the “policeman of the world” and send lots of weapons to Israel by hundreds of planes, then IsraHell will continue committing these crimes against humanity.
    (And if such a plane of El Al loaded with weapons, crashes on the Bijlmer in Amsterdam, as happened in the ’90 years; killing 48 people in the resulting fire, and leaving 1800 homeless – then Israel will offer no apologies to their victims – let alone a financial compensation. “Israel is God and they have the right to kill other people, even by accident” must they have thought).
    How can the world wake up for these crimes against the Palestinians – as the Zionist country America will continue supporting the Land of Evil, and their army???
    And after even the very last Palestinian has been murdered by the Israelis – which people will be their next victim?

  • Dear Kawther,
    Your struggle is ours. The Zion-Talmudists have taken over a land which is not theirs and have ever since proceeded to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian People to establish a Base en the Middle East, in complicity with mainly England, France, the USA and Communist Russia, ruled at that time by Zionists Jews.
    The Zion-Talmudists wiped out the WASP politicians and drove them away from politics in the USA. Actually, no presidential candidate can be even a nominee for either the Democrat or the Republican party without the approval of the AIPAC, the AJC, the ADL and a score of Zionists private persons and front ONG’s affiliated to these Criminal Organizations from the banking and the academia self appointed elite in the USA. The Zion-Talmudists have managed to position their own people in every institution of importance in the USA, including the Pentagon, and thus manage the country, where the Jews represent only FOUR percent (4%) of the total population. They own the Federal Reserve and use the taxpayers money to pervert the US Society and gain more and more power. Fortunately, there are more and more Authentic Jews, speaking up against the Zion-Talmudists and saying “Not in Our Name” to 60 years of Zionists Crimes.

  • Canaduck

    The more I see and read the more I wish [Redacted – Illegal statement].

  • Howard

    Genesis 27:39-41 says Esau will achieve “Dominion” over Jacob. Jacob’s God was not born on Hanukkah; Esau’s was. Jacob’s God was born on the true Festival of Lights “Feast of Tabernacles” 6 months after John the Baptist’s birth on Passover. Stop blaming Jews; Jesus regathers Israel at the 2nd Coming; Rothschild (Red Child) has nothing to do with Jacob and everything to do with his twin brother. The Hanukkah massacre is to be expected; Daniel (8) fainted when told the last 2300 days would begin with Daily Sacrifice.

  • neil

    negative energies need chaos to apply there order to control mankind

  • Ed

    Some of the comments above correctly state that Ashkenazi jews are not Hebrew. Indeed, they are a mixed race having Turkic, Mongoloid and Negroid blood. “…the original mixed ancestry of the Jews and their subsequent history of intermixture with every people among whom they have lived and continue to live…” (Ashley Montagu, Man’s Most Dangerous Myth, (1974) , p. 375). Even the Sephardim jews are not Israelites, but are mostly of Edomite ancestry. “Edom is in modern Jewry” The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, Page 41. This is the same race of Herod mentioned in the bible. It is well established John Hyrcanus II, the conqueror of Idumea, forced the edomites (Idumeans) to covert to Judaism (Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 6, (1971), p. 378; The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1977), p. 589). The 1980 Jewish Almanac’s first chapter entitled “Identity Crisis,” begins with the following admission: “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The word -“Hebrew” is derived from Eber, the patriach of Abraham. Eber’s spoken language became to be known as Hebrew. Modern Hebrew, or the Masoretic “pointed Hebrew” is not the language of Eber and his descendants. The “Hebrew” spoken today is a made up language containing vowel points finding its origins with the Masoretes in the Dark Ages. The original anguage has always been void of these marks, which were added in order to enable them to give such meaning and pronunciation to the text as they thought proper. This essentially gives the original text nearly whatever meaning he thinks proper. This is the object for which they were invented by the jews, and in any fine research reveals the errancy and even deception [Redacted – Illegal statement].

  • petr vojta

    To watch this horrible HOLOCAUST of palestine people, I can only say and adress to all MUSLIM people: PEOPLE IN GAZA ARE DYING FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!! Criminal ideology Zionism will newer stop, if YOU people of Arab world will not overtrow corrupt gowernments “curently in bed with Israel”, very soon whole arab world will be under zionist occupation and will be called NEW UNITED ARAB OCCUPAID TERRITORIES. Prorok Mohamed united people, he did show you how to stand to oppresion, what are you waiting for? UNITE!!!! and stand to this SATAN ideology ZIONISM – or do nothing and live like slaves and only protest on the streets of your cities, but your anger will not be seen on TV for Zionist occupay not only Palestine, Golans, Sheba f. olso US Gowernment and mainly World Media!!!! WAKE UP and be REAL MUSLIMS there is no other way.

  • William

    April 10, 2008 “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts.” This was the religious opinion issued one week ago by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director of the Tsomet Institute, a long-established religious institute attended by students and soldiers in the Israeli settlements of the West Bank. In an article published by numerous religious Israeli newspapers two weeks ago and run by the liberal Haaretz on 26 March, Rosen asserted that there is evidence in the Torah to justify this stand. Rosen, an authority able to issue religious opinions for Jews, wrote that Palestinians are like the nation of Amalekites that attacked the Israelite tribes on their way to Jerusalem after they had fled from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. He wrote that the Lord sent down in the Torah a ruling that allowed the Jews to kill the Amalekites, and that this ruling is known in Jewish jurisprudence.

    The article of Haaretz about the Fatwah of Rosen is here:

    [Redacted – The rest of your comment is illegal and offensive.
    Again: this Blog is NOT about religion.]

  • Kat

    What is an “illegal statement”?

    How can a statement, which is a thought expressed to others, be illegal, without making certain thoughts illegal?
    How can any government pretend to control a person’s thought process? How did it become legal, or illegal to think something, or express your thoughts on the matter?

    Why would anyone allow any government to tell them what to think?

    Do you wonder how LIKUD and the Knesset get away with this?
    They have somehow gotten government to control people’s thoughts, expressions of their thoughts, and their entire thinking process. Why does anyone allow this?

    An “illegal statement’ is a statement which is actionable under enacted laws in Europe against certain kinds of statements pertaining to certain groups, or which could be deemed as offensive against religious feelings. Since you and the others who are allowed to post comments here will hardly take responsibility for your words should anything come to pass, all comments must be moderated in order to stay on the safe side of the law. Freedom of expression IS limited here by law, and laws are to be obeyed. Period.

  • About war much has been written.
    More must yet be said by those who saw them die,
    so that the dead may rest, and sight be gained
    to see war for what it was and is.

    War is not fighting, though fighting’s what we see,
    nor is it death, for death is but its end.
    It is the rancor of disunited hearts,
    the death of love, the end of hope.

    The war around us echoes in our hearts, and grants it life.
    Once, mortals dared to tame this ancient beast,
    and yet it thrives.
    Each age must fight this force again, or pay it’s price!

    Wolfgang P. May
    Advisory Team Leader
    Republic of Vietnam

  • Stephen Kriz

    If the Israelis think they are “God’s Chosen People”, they better start acting like it. God is not a mass murderer. The U.S. needs to stop selling weapons to the criminals who run Israel and place a total economic embargo on them until they can learn to live in peace with their neighbors. God bless the poor oppressed Palestinian people.

  • Henry

    The days of that cancerous, international terrorist rathole are numbered.

    Of that the psychopath terrorists can rest assured.

  • iNGRID

    they are not only psychopaths, they are the representation of (..). They shouldnt be on (…) GOD SAVES PALESTINE, GOD GIVES THE PALESTINIANS THE VICTORY!!!!!!!

  • Frank Fredenburg

    I’m from the United States and I don’t support the murderers in Tel Aviv! For the Arabs on here, I want you to know that not all Americans support those VAMPIRES. I woke up a long time ago. It feels good to finally start seeing other Americans also rousing from their coma. The Christian church has much to do with indoctrinating the people of this country to support the Jews and never criticize them. The Christian Right are the worst, when it comes to that. John Hagee, is a good example of that indoctrination.
    Here is a couple of quotes that seem fitting.
    Shimon Peres warned Ariel Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and “turn the U.S. against us.”

    At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying “every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”

    The radio said Peres and other cabinet ministers warned Sharon against saying what he said in public because “it would cause us a public relations disaster.”

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine Gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983

    “They are the so-called neo-cons, or neoconservatives. A compact group, almost all of whose members are Jewish. They hold the key positions in the Bush administration, as well as in the think-tanks that play an important role in formulating American policy and the ed-op pages of the influential newspapers….

    Seemingly, all this is good for Israel. America controls the world, we control America. Never before have Jews exerted such an immense influence on the center of world power.”
    April 10, 2003
    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would Rise Up In Arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”
    — Thomas H. Moorer (1912-2004) Admiral, U.S. Navy & Chairman, Joint Chiefs Of Staff during interview on 24 August 1983.

  • Sam’s got a point. Terror is the tool of the rich, not the poor. And the Israeli policy is pretty clearly one of collective punishment, targeting civilians, and of long-term ethnic cleansing: Israel is trying to make the Palestinians abandon what remains of their homeland. It seems to me that, numerous as the dead and injured are already, Israel could have inflicted even greater damage than they have over the past few days; I’d guess they’re constraining their attack to a level just below that at which America will start to limit its support of Israel or start to assist Palestine.

    It’s a curious form of antisemitism that tries to disguise itself (to whom?) as anti-Khazarism. Those who would oppose Israeli policy by descending to antisemitism are no help to anyone. Let’s focus on solutions other than genocide. Personally, I’m not a pacifist, and believe that Palestinians need more weapons as well as more food, water and medicine. How about it, Arab world?

  • James

    [Redacted] May He lock them away in HELL for a thousand years! THEN there will be PEACE and PROSPERITY for ALL! May they forever more be banned from having their own “nation”, holding government office, owning or controlling any media and ban them forever from teaching! They have once again brought this entire world to the brink of destruction!!! These luciferian zionist pigs plan on destroying 80% of the worlds population and RULING over the survivors in a WORLD soviet-style communist state! May Jesus Christ return with vengeance and DESTROY their evil plan! FOREVER!

  • George

    I wish that the Arabs and Jews would simply kill each other off and leave the rest of us alone.

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