Merry Christmas from Gaza: Strawberries Instead of Chocolate

This year, Christmas mass was held at six o’clock in the evening in Gaza City instead of at midnight, as a protest against the blockade imposed by Israel on the one million and a half Palestinians in Gaza.

musallam_daylife_1The Priest of the Roman Catholic in Gaza, Monsignor Emmanuel Musallam, headed this years Christmas mass in the Gaza Strip at the Church of the Holy Family, which was attended by more than two hundred people, lighting the candles in the dark caused by the Israeli blockade of city and the population of Gaza.
To hold a Christmas prayer in the church of Gaza at this moment is a great challenge and a protest against the Israeli blockade, Monsignor Musallam said during the mass at the holy family Church in Gaza. He added: “we are praying for Peace and for the end of the Israeli blockade and aggression against our people”.

Monsignor Musallam called the Christians of the world to raise their voice in the gazakids_1face of the injustice against the Palestinian people, especially the people who live in the Gaza Strip. Nobody deserves to be called a human if he keeps silence before what is going on in Gaza and does not raise his voice saying “yes to life and no to death” in favor of the people in Gaza, said Monsignor Musallam. He pointed out that he would be very pleased if this mass was attended by a small number of monks and other people, and it was allowed to everybody to go to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, to pray in the city of Bethlehem.

He stated that what is happening in the Gaza Strip is more difficult than anybody can  imagine. The blockade of Gaza is not normal, it is a siege which takes place every day and extends to all sector of life, and it affects the feelings of Palestinians and their rights of worship and living as a human being.

musallam_daylife_2Monsignor Musallam said that most of the Palestinian families in Gaza can not fulfill the traditions of Christmas because of the unjust blockade imposed on our people, and that the tremendous pressure on human emotions and feelings could be described as a growing hurricane which has never before happened in history, and that it constitutes a WAR CRIME against the rights of all Palestinian.

Monsignor Musallam stated that human beings must be the brothers and sisters of human being, and that it was the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) who was born in Bethlehem in Palestine, and the Palestinian people, who brought to the world the message that “God is love” and “Love is human”. He said that our Palestinian people want peace and do not need others to teach us the principles of democracy and peace. Despite all the circumstances of our people, we seek the message of the heavens.

Monsignor Musallam  concluded with the greeting “Glory strawberries_daylife_1to God in the heavens and peace on earth and happiness to the people”. The Christian communities of Palestine have a tradition of giving small sweets as a present to the attendants of Christmas mass. Monsignor Musallam stated that this year the Church of the Holy Family in Gaza will depend on the strawberries of Beit Lahia as a replacement for chocolate, which is unavailable due to the blockade, during the festivities of Holy Christmas. This is his challenge to the Israeli occupation.

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  • edisonoside

    Israeli extremists sure are causing alot of problems in the world. I can barely keep up to keep track of all the problems they help create.

  • quasar

    The bush “evangelical” “christians” have their phoney commerical christmas in the u.s. patronizing israel and saudi arabia at the same time they are destroying jesus christs birthplace, the holy land.

  • zip

    God gave me the deed to the my street.

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