Correction to the Speech in Favor of Israel by Ban Ki-moon

During the event commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians, which I attended at the UN in Vienna, a message of UNSG Ban Ki-moon was read by Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, DG of the UN in Vienna.
I listened to the message read by Mr. de Costa, and I found that the language used in the speech of SG Ban Ki-moon was not fit for the occasion to the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians. The speech was based on contradicting standards which ignore the UN resolutions related to the historical facts surrounding Palestine and Palestinians, and replaced them with improper phrases which honoring the criminal Israeli occupation and their alliance, and harms the feeling of Palestinian participants who live in the exile since 60 years ago.

SG Ban Ki-moon was wrong in almost all aspects in his speech. See it  here

SG Ban Ki-moon ignored that the cause of the current situation is the disrespect by Israel for uncounted resolutions and pleas of the international community regarding Palestine and, the continued blocking of all good faith solutions to our problem in by the representations of the USA and UK in the security council. The statement of Ban Ki-moon read at the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians was a complete abdication of the idea of an international community guided by the precepts of respect for each other, for laws and treaties, in favor of the real terror and cajoling of by the representatives of the main sponsors and promoters of genocide and terrorism around the world, namely Israel, followed by the USA and the UK.

I wonder why the UN, in the person of its General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, allows itself to forget over six decades worth of resolutions against the occupation and practices of Israel, which furthermore show that we Palestinians are clearly within our rights in everything which we have traditionally asked for, and in everything which several generations of Palestinians defending our homeland have done. Why does Mr. Ban Ki-moon try to make things look like there are no national and international laws which are clearly on our side, instead expressing his partiality with Israeli security, but at the same time ignoring the insecurity which all Palestinians have lived under since 60 years due to the criminal and terrorist Israeli occupation? Are the various institutions and courts of justice affiliated to the UN good for nothing more than to dispense paychecks to highly paid functionaries?

The speech of UNGS Ban Ki-moon at the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians in Vienna is a scandal, and it shows the real face of the “International community”, which is in fact a collection of a puppets in the hand of American Jews and their Zionist organizations everywhere, which only care about the interests of Israel to the detriment of everybody else.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon stated that “Palestinians have been deprived of their inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination and statehood, for more than 60 years. Israelis live with an ever-present sense of insecurity. There is only one way to address such legitimate rights and fears: a peace agreement that results in an end of occupation, an end of conflict, and the creation of a State of Palestine living side-by-side in peace with the State of Israel”.

Sorry, this was a clear lie by SG Ban Ki-moon. The only nation who has lived insecurity and continuous terror and crimes for more than sixty years are the Palestinians. Israelis live with an ever-present sense of insecurity because of their crimes, murders, and because of what they steal from the Palestinians. They live with an ever-present sense of insecurity because they violate the UN resolutions and the International laws and treaties.  These criminals should be punished according to the International laws and according to the laws of the nations from where they come. The UN should use its power to punish Israel of violating it’s resolutions the same way the UN punished Iraq, …. Why should we Palestinians accept the diktat of these thieves, murderers and terrorists one day longer?

The Palestinians are not guilty of  sense of insecurity which the state of the Israeli occupation lives. Mr. Secretary General, I wonder why should the victims of Israel be responsible about the insecurity of their occupier? Even this is not logical in any laws. Why should Israel be accepted as a state by the international community of peoples after it has shown for over 60 years neither ability nor inclination to live peacefully with anyone, to abdicate by even by the most simple norms of convivency? Why Ban Ki-moon dose not say that the only one way to end the Israeli fears is implementing the UN resolutions?

Mr. Ban Ki-moon continued in his speech: “The Israeli and Palestinian leaders re-launched bilateral negotiations a year ago at Annapolis. They agreed to try to reach a peace treaty by the end of 2008”.

SG Ban Ki-moon is wrong. Israel and the USA launched a sham initiative at “negotiating” in bad faith with a group of corruptionists around President Abbas, who were chosen by the US and Israel, with plans to essentially give Israel everything.

I would like to ask Mr. Ban Ki-moon about the achievements which the Israeli and the Palestinian leaders attained after Annapolis, or even since Oslo agreements: where are they ? Well, here is one: one of the immediate “achievements” of these sham negotiations has been that the daughter of Ahmed Qureia, the chief “negotiator” in favour of his own pocket, was given the Israeli nationality. Palestine and Palestinians on the other hand have been subject to a genocidal campaign of closures and more crimes by the IDF and the illegal settlers than ever before. Under such conditions, no peace can be achieved.

Why does the UN and the International Community not end the farce of these so-called “negotiations” of Israel and their collaborators at once, at the same time forcing Israel to implement exactly all UN resolutions, all treaties and the International treaties? Why should we suffer even one more day under the criminal Israeli occupation? Why do the representatives of the International community legitimize negotiations with the thieves and murderers, while in their own countries they throw such recalcitrant criminals into jail?

Mr. Ban Ki-moon added in his statements “I regret that this goal appears unlikely to be achieved. However, the parties have succeeded in creating trust and a framework where none existed only two years ago. We must not diminish that achievement. I commend the commitment made by President Abbas and Foreign Minister Livni at Sharm el-Sheikh earlier this month to continue talks into next year, and to seek a full and final settlement. This process must resolve the permanent status issues of Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, Security and water”.

What is SG Ban Ki-moon dreaming about? The only trust which has been built up during the shows at Sharm El-Sheikh and other places is strictly between Israel and a small group of Fatah people, chosen by the CIA and the Israeli occupation. The permanent status of Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the Palestinian rights, the duties of the Jews, and other points, have already been established by broad consensus of the international community, using as a forum the very institutions which Mr. Ban Ki-moon heads.

Which negotiations does Mr. Ban Ki-moon support? These so-called “negotiations” and the whole range of bad faith maneuvers by the Israelis? It would be better, not the least for sake of the respect which the UN deserves as the only existing forum of all peoples and nations, that Mr. Ban Ki-moon keep to the decisions taken by the majority of states members of the institution which he heads, and not the wishes of a small group of pariahs among them.

“My biggest concern in the immediate period ahead is the situation on the ground. I strongly call on Israel to cease settlement activity, remove outposts, open Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem, and refrain from unilateral actions in Jerusalem, such as demolitions and evictions, which alter the status quo. I recognize Israel’s security concerns. But the improved environment of security cooperation must lead to an easing of closure in the West Bank, in order to increase stability and to bring about a much-needed boost to the Palestinian economy”.

While the situation on the ground is certainly worrying and the needs of the people of Gaza, but also in the West Bank are dire and should be taken care of immediately, Mr. Ban Ki-moon is wrong in his other statements as well. Where is the expression of concern for the security of us Palestinians in our all rights and property? We Palestinians are sick and tired of the “concerns” of the UN and the International community. Did we Palestinians travel from all around the world to a foreign land to murder and dispossess another people? How should we Palestinians guarantee the “security” of criminals who hide themselves behind one of the biggest and best equipped armies in the world? Is that not beyond absurdity?

“The situation in the Gaza Strip also remains of major concern. I call for immediate measures to ease the near-blanket closure of Gaza, which leads to worrying deprivations of basic supplies and undermines human dignity. And I unreservedly condemn rocket fire. The way forward is for all parties to respect the calm brokered by Egypt. I call on Israel to allow sufficient and predictable supplies to reach the population, to ensure access for humanitarian workers, and to facilitate stalled UN projects. I also call on Hamas and, indeed, all Palestinian factions to work urgently to reunify the Gaza Strip and the West Bank within the framework of the legitimate Palestinian Authority”.

I would like politely to ask Mr. Ban Ki-moon, if somebody put him and his family in a cage and locked it, would he stay peaceful in this cage until the result of some sham “peace negotiations” released him? Mr. Ban Ki-moon should do himself a favour and ask his “UN representatives” in Gaza about the situation there. They would tell him that Gaza has been converted into a concentration camp.  SG Ban Ki-moons “calls” and “expressions of concern” are useless and have never been effective with Israel. There are many more effective measures well within his power, to not only ease the situation in Gaza, but to end the abject crimes of Israel. His comment about the political situation of Palestinian factions betrays a deep ignorance of the situation, or outright partisanship.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon finalized his speech saying that: “We have seen many difficulties in the past year. But it has been a crucial time in setting the stage for peace. Two thousand nine must be the year that these preparations bear fruit. Let us all work constructively, tirelessly and consistently for a just lasting, comprehensive, and urgent settlement of the question of Palestine”.

The rosy dreams of Mr. Ban Ki-moon, who has never lived a day under the criminal Israeli criminal, have no connection to reality. The crucial time for “setting the stage for peace” was every year during the past more then 60 years. Peace has consistently failed because of the lack of will on side of Israelis and their international backers. Today there is nothing more that Palestinians should either concede or give. The experience from these past decades has shown that the way to go in order to attain a durable and just peace in my homeland Palestine is for the international community to put pressure on the state of Israel to subject itself to all decisions and rulings in this cause which has been taken by broad consensus in the UN during the last decades, and to let Israel and its backers feel the alternative: shunning through disenfranchisement. The time for idle talk is over, SG Ban Ki-moon.

5 comments to Correction to the Speech in Favor of Israel by Ban Ki-moon

  • Al. Weir

    God be with you! You do great work. All too slowly the World is waking up. Just one of countless examples.


  • Ms. Kawther,

    It is understandable that the United Nations lie, time and time again…and mince their words regarding the Israeli-Occupation and total disregard towards the initial Protocols set forth by the UN….

    It was created to prevent future conflicts…by Communists…both in the United States and Bolshevik Russia…which, of course, had Israel playing both sides…

    The best chance for “True Peace” resides with Modern Day Russia under Medveded and Putin…

    Sometimes, the only way to win a fight…is to fight smart…and Medveded and Putin can outsmart Bush, Obama, Clinton anyday of the week…

    As long as Zionist Communists occupy the White House, Congress and the Senate… there will always be favourtism towards Isra-Hell…

    The US Media likes to write stories about how Obama will “muslimize” the United States….which is irony…because that is the ignorance they want the electorate to feed off…..

    Zionists use Marxist Blacks in Sudan as well as funding Marxist Muslims to fight their battles, be it in Georgia, Chechnya or Afghanistan…

    And the President of the United States is always willing to pick up the bill…

    which is why we see Pakistan becoming a focus in the eyes of American Policymakers right now….Pakistan has been an ally of the United States for 25+ years….but now that Russia is becoming Powerful, politically, we see how Americans can turn on their friends and stab them in the back.

    The United Nations is a failure to All Peoples of this World!!!

    Forgiving Third World Debt is just a Business Opportunity for Developed Countries and their IMF controlled Bankers…but a burden for all of us taxpayers…

    And Mr. Ban-Ki-moon knows this too…

    He serves as his Masters wish…

  • Nathan

    It’s inconvenient to tell the truth because his masters who put him in there will be embarrassed.

  • Kawther Salam – Correction to the Speech in Favor of Israel by Ban Ki-moon…

    During the event commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians, which I attended at the UN in Vienna, a message of UNSG Ban Ki-moon was read by Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, DG of the UN in Vienna.
    I listened to the message read by…

  • Kawther Salam – Correction to the Speech in Favor of Israel by Ban Ki-moon…

    During the event commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians, which I attended at the UN in Vienna, a message of UNSG Ban Ki-moon was read by Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, DG of the UN in Vienna.
    I listened to the message read by…

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