Petition for Palestine Directed to the UN Secretary General

Today I went to the United Nations in Vienna, to take part in an event with occasion of the “Annual Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People“. The representatives of many countries and international organizations assisted to this event. Some of them gave speeches. The speech of the chairwoman of the session, the representative of Cuba, called my attention because her reference to international treaties and how she characterized the occupation. She stated clearly that the occupation is a crime against humanity. Other persons who called my attention were the representative of the “International Progress Organization”, who presented an outline of the treaties and international laws violated by Israel.

The representative of Austria referred to the security of Israel but equally said that Israel there is observation and encouragement for the peace process. Yet another participant in the session was the Director General of the UN Office in Vienna, who spoke about the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis, which they support, and that he would go next year to Palestine to see what is needed.

The representative of Palestine delivered a speech in Arabic which was sent to him from the office of President Abbas, in which he stated that he would like to continue the peace process until there can be two states which will exist side by side. I am sorry to say that, among the speeches and private conversation of the various participants, I found that his speech and behaviour was the only one not commensurate with the occasion. I was sad to see, for example, that the representative of Cuba, Ambassador Norma Goicochea, displayed a far greater understanding and sensitivity of the issues at hand than the Palestinian government.

I used the event to present to various persons present a petition for my country Palestine. This petition is directed to the UN Secretary General, to the UN General Assembly, and to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. I handed it to the Director General of the UN Office in Vienna, and to the representatives of the, CTBTO, IAEA, Austria, Palestine, the Opec Fund for International Development, UNIDO, the International Progress Organization, the representatives of Germany and Russia, as well as to the representatives of various Arab countries and other participants.

My petition It represents the voice of the majority of Palestinians which is normally not heared by the international community, it is not representative of the well-known factions like Fatah, Hamas and others, who have become a part of our problem. I hope that my petition will come to the attention of people willing and able to help, and that it will give the “state of Israel” as well as the PA something to think about.

The text of my petition follows below.

Please receive this my petition for the people of Palestine with occasion of the “Annual Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” here at the UN here in Vienna. In this petition I take in consideration the ample body of international laws and treaties from which derive national laws of many countries and jurisdictions, which establishes in writing the respect and protection for women and men, for their culture heritage and their property, in form of inalienable human rights.

I come before you with this petition, not only as a victim in third generation of the relentless campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the state of Israel and other zionist organizations against all Palestinians, but on behalf of the civilian people of Gaza, who have been denied all justice and respect for their most basic human rights and needs in as systematic way, under ludicrous pretexts. We Palestinians need immediate and material support and solidarity from the world. Symbolic events like this day of solidarity help nobody, they only serve to conceal the forced connivance and acquiescence of the institutions of the UN and many of its affiliates with the crimes being perpetrated against us, a connivance with grave crimes against humanity which must end.

My first and most urgent request is that you arrange to immediately suspend all blockades and embargoes against the people of Gaza, and that you undertake to supply the people of Gaza immediately with food, medical supplies, energy, and all other things necessary to resume a normal  life in dignity, that you arrange for safe and secure passage for the people of Gaza to the outside, and that you arrange for effective measures to protect the people of Gaza, as well as the Palestinians living in the West Bank, from the constant harassment and terror by the Israeli military and the illegal settlers, for as long as this may be necessary.

Gaza has been converted by the “state of Israel” in fact, intention and effect, into an extermination camp. This is so because the inhabitants of Gaza are the righteous owners, and the descendants of the righteous owners, of a significant portion of Palestine, their property having been usurped by the “state of Israel” in favour of illegal immigrants. This, and the fact that the people of Gaza defend their dignity and their right to live and to return to their homeland, is why these persons are subject to measures of collective punishment and progressive genocide by Israel. Why does the UN look the other way? Is it not long past time that you acknowledge your responsibility and end the abject crimes of Israel?

Resolutions, vacuous speeches and expressions of concern are not appropriate instruments to deal with the dire situation at hand, or with the “state of Israel”, that criminal and terrorist organization. What is expected from the UN and its member states is that you resort to the full range of legal instruments and material resources available to you for dealing with a genocidal organization like Israel, that you apply the same laws and criteria to the crimes of Israel as to those of any other terrorist organization of crime. Is it not an abject shame that, while private persons are able to organize and finance ships from Cyprus to Gaza despite all obstacles, the UN, with its lofty ideals and lavish resources, is nowhere to be seen when it comes to doing something, to living up to what this institution promises in the form of so many resolutions, declarations, agreements and statements?

Unfortunately, your active and passive support of Israel, your acquiescence and looking the other way when confronted with the abject criminality of Israel is tantamount to complicity in the genocide of Israel against us Palestinians. Let me say this clearly: through its passivity the UN has patronized this abhorrent crime until now, an attitude which many people around the world expects that you will reverse immediately. Live up to your promises!

My second and equally important petition to your respected organization regards the so-called “state of Israel”. Since the first recorded reports of violence from illegal squatters of European origin against Palestinians in the 1880s, through the fraudulent declaration bought by the Jewish Agency from the British Empire, the immoral and criminal UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947 sanctioning massive theft, ethnic cleansing and other genocidal acts against the Palestinian people by the various terror fronts of the Jewish Agency, passing through the various wars of Israel against its neighbours in the 1960s and 1970s, the massive land thefts in Gaza and the West Bank by illegal squatters from the USA and Europe, what can be observed is a continuity of unrelenting criminality and terrorism against the Palestinian people, which is supported, encouraged, organized and financed by the “state of Israel” and its financiers and proponents abroad.

Analysing the relations of the “state of Israel” with other nations, the picture is equally worrying. Not only Palestinians, but all neighbours of Israel have been subject to unrelenting aggression and terrorism since its inception; the countries of Europe are subjected to oblique threats of nuclear attacks by the Israeli Air Force; the USA has been converted into a de-facto colony, what shows in the persons selected to the cabinet of president-elect Obama; many other nations are targeted by Israel with numerous manners of terrorism, criminality and corruption against their public institutions, what  all has the purpose of furthering the interests of this so-called state. And, while representatives of Israel have signed important treaties of humanitarian law like the Geneva Conventions or the Convention against Genocide, or even the UN Charter, the activities of Israel show that accession to these important treaties happened in bad faith, as Israel never had the intention to comply with them. This attitude is sanctioned as “fraud” in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

Can the UN and its institutions, the most important forum for the nations and peoples of the world, continue bringing ignominy upon itself by tolerating this situation? Is it not time to correct this problem, which has grown over the years from one exclusively suffered by us Palestinians, to a situation which endangers the peace of all nations and peoples on earth?

My petition regarding Israel is that the UN, its member nations and institutions apply to Israel the same considerations and sanctions under existing national and international laws [as to any other individuals, groups or nations]. It should be apparent after careful study that the “state of Israel” does not have the ability to be a subject of international law, that its accession to the UN is fraudulent, that its representatives have signed most if not all bilateral and multilateral treaties in bad faith, calculating in this way to extract undue advantages from the other parties. Most important, given the unrelenting and obstinate criminality displayed by the “state of Israel” towards us Palestinians despite uncounted UN resolutions, treaties signed and Israeli laws to the contrary, that Israel cannot be considered as a state proper, but rather, that it must be characterized as a criminal and terrorist organization masquerading as a state, having converted the territory it controls into a refuge for lawlessness and a place where those with criminal inclinations can expect not only impunity but rewards for criminal behaviour. This is a state of affairs which obviously should have no place in a community of peaceful nations.

With these considerations in mind, I do respectfully suggest that your respected organization and its member states  considers the following measures regarding Israel:

  • To rescind UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947 because it is untenable either in law or under considerations of human morality.
  • Pursuant to national and international laws against terrorism and organized criminal organizations, to freeze all accounts and assets controlled by the “state of Israel” abroad, with a view of using these resources as reparations for the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian people. Of special interest are foreign reserves held in other central banks, any other accounts and instruments of finance held in commercial banks abroad, ships and other assets of the shipping company ZIM, vehicles and other assets of the company EL AL, all military assets of Israel stationed in Turkey and other NATO countries, and other assets as identifiable.
  • In a similar way, pursuant to national and international laws against terrorism and organized crime, to freeze all identifiable assets of individuals and organizations known to support the continued crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people in any way, and to designate and prosecute such individuals and organizations, as appropriate, as terrorists, backers, financiers and supporters of a terrorist organization.
  • That persons from your respected institution or from states parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC explore the possibility that the ICC asserts jurisdiction over all territories under current control of the “state of Israel”, stemming from the fact that Israel is in part unable and in part unwilling to implement even its own laws protecting civilians, a pre-condition explicitly mentioned in the Rome Statute for the assertion of jurisdiction by the court. Such an assertion of jurisdiction by either the ICC or its signatory states should last until a Palestinian administration could assume legitimate government functions over the West Bank, Gaza, and all territories currently under control of the “state of Israel”.


Kawther Salam

Vienna, 26 November 2008

1 comment to Petition for Palestine Directed to the UN Secretary General

  • Beau Leclerque

    Dear friend,

    Thank you for your continuing effort to inform the world about one of the most heinous crimes we are witnessing in present times. I’m glad to see that you don’t give up, but rather make use of any possibility to make your voice heard, like this time when you submitted your letter to the international community.

    Are you aware that there is a legitimate homeland for those “Jews” who claim to be the owners of Palestine? The name of this autonomous region is Birobidzhan, and I attached below two links for your information. Needless to say that Israhell doesn’t want people to know about this, as it invalidates their claims on Palestine, so you’ll like it even more. – If the links don’t work, please let me know, as I saved the articles.


    Beau Leclerque

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