Solidarity Statement from the INJC Women in Barcelona

I received this solidarity statement from the International network of journalist and communicator women in Barcelona after the harassment by Israelis I was subject to until yesterday 24 Nov. 2008. Another statement of solidarity I received from the journalist and professor of Journalism at the UPV from Vizcaya in Spain, The original copies of these statements in Spanish are below. To all of these supporters,to everybody I say and I promise that no Israeli power in the world will be able to stop my journalistic work, or to assassinate my freedom of speech, my words, even if all the criminals of Israel decide to kill me. Thank you very much.

To the attention of journalist Kawther Salam

In my own name and in the name of XIDPI-CAT (International Network of Journalist Women and communicators)/Integrated in the Mediterranean network of information and gender vision and the international network of journalists with vision of gender, I send you our solitary greetings because of the attacks to which you have been subject.

At the same time we express our unbreakable struggle in favor of the freedom of expression and information, and our rejection of any kind of violence or attacks against these principles, which have become manifest because of your fight  for the individual and collective freedoms of an oppressed people.

We must lament once again the harassment suffered by the media and the freedom of expression in general, and, in this case, a journalist who is at the same time a member of our NETWORK.

XIDPI-CAT joins the expressions of support which your personal and professional struggle deserves.

Montserrat Minobis, President

Barcelona,19 noviembre 2008

A la atención de la periodista Kawther Salam

En nombre propio y de la XIDPI-CAT (Red Internacional de Mujeres Periodistas y Comunicadoras de Cataluña/) Integrada en la Red Mediterránea de Información y Comunicación de Género y en la Red Internacional de Periodistas con Visión de Género, te traslado nuestras solidaridad y apoyo ante los ataques recibidos.

Manifestamos asimismo, nuestra inquebrantable lucha a favor de la libertad de expresión e información y rechazamos cualquier clase de violencia o ataque contra la misma que se ha hecho patente ante tú lucha por las libertades individuales y colectivas de un pueblo oprimido.

Una vez, más pues, hemos de lamentar el acoso que sufren los medios de comunicación en general y, en éste caso, una compañera periodista miembra de nuestra RED.

La XIDPI-CAT se une ,pues, a las muestras de apoyo que merece tú lucha personal y profesional.

Montserrat Minobis, Presidenta

Barcelona,19 noviembre 2008

Here is another solidarity statement from the journalist and professor of Journalism at the UPV Lucía Martínez Odriozola

Querida Kawter:
Hemos recibido con espanto la noticia de que te han agredido físicamente y de que también tus amigos y conocidos sufren acoso. Resulta igualmente grave que pirateen tu
sitio web. La Red Internacional de Periodistas con Visión de Género (RIPVG) no está en disposición de tomar posiciones políticas pero sí en la de mostrar solidaridad y afecto a las y los periodistas que sufren agresiones. Las libertades de prensa y expresión son pilares fundamentales de las sociedades democráticas; el respeto a la verdad y la discrepancia, el respeto a los derechos humanos son una exigencia de la que ni ciudadanos ni organización alguna puede inhibirse.
Vaya con esta carta todo nuestro afecto y apoyo, y nuestra repulsa a quienes te atacan y agreden.
La RIPVG anima a todo tipo de organizaciones y a la ciudadanía en general a que manifieste su apoyo y solidaridad a quienes sufren acoso por la defensa de la libertad y su repulsa por estos actos.
En el planeta Tierra, a 16 de noviembre de 2008.

4 comments to Solidarity Statement from the INJC Women in Barcelona

  • Omar

    Dear Kawthar,
    I read this article about your being harassed as a journalist fighting for freedom of speech. Please be acknowledged by those lovers of truth- truth that should not be scared of investigation- that we stand by your side in your couragous fight.
    Allah bless you.
    dr. Omar

  • Barry

    Dear Kawther,
    Thanks to you and all journalists working to breaking the zionist monopoly. I pray God releases the world from their satanic grip soon for all our sake. I also wish to express my appreciation to the Palestinian people who have been betrayed by all.
    God bless you,

  • rich loomis

    Attn: Kawther Salam and/or webmaster
    Sirs: I visit dozens of web sites every day, and thousands over the years, now and then “saving” items of interest to my hard drive for later study or sharing. Nearly all news sites are user-friendly, in that when saving, the name of the article itself automatically appears in the subject heading, so that when later scanning/retrieving an item of interest, it is easy to look for the appropriate title among other saved articles. In rare instances where the corporate ego (or webmaster/owner ego) is so huge that they need to see their name up in lights at all times, when one wishes to save, one must then copy/paste the “real” title of the article in place of the ego name — a stupid and wasteful extra step foisted upon their loyal readership — but at least it is possible! Whereas your site is one of a tiny handful that apparently scorns its own readers to the extent of purposely BLOCKING access to the normal copy/paste functionality . . forcing one to erase “Kawther Salam” etc on every piece and MANUALLY type in the complete article name or lead-in headline, etc. What’s going on in your head? Of what possible/genuine benefit is it to you to make this sort of extremely rare/odd difficulty for your own readership?? Yes, this is a great irritation and complaint, but I really would like to know your reasoning, so please take a moment to indulge me AND your general readership with an explanatory post?? Thank you

    Comment by Webmaster: ‘Kawther Salam’ is the name of the blog, which is put there automatically by WordPress. But thanks, I will look at this issue.

  • pete

    Yes, thank you for your courage and love of truth! I was warned by a Cerbian years ago, after asking how people from the middle east feel about Zionist Jews and Israel. He simply smiled and said they were VERY aware of how treacherous they can be and he added that we in the West have no idea, but we would learn.
    I feel such rage at the terrorist nation of Israel and their evangelical toadies in our government for their outrageous acts against Muslims in general and Palistinians in particular.
    The biggest terrorist nations in the world; Israel, U.S.A. and U.K. disgust me.
    Russia, now that Mr.’s Putin and Medvedev have removed the Zionist Jew bankers from their midst may very well solve the Israeli “problem” if the arrogant swine fool with Iran. You fool with the Bear, you get bitten.
    When they came to the aid of the Russian Christians in Ossetia and squashed the USA/Israeli backed “insect” Sakaashvili, it messed up their timeline for Iran a bit. Cudos to Russia and their courageous leaders!

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