US Covers Up their Murders and Sexual Abuses in Iraq

Why does the US occupation and the Iraqi government cover up such incidents? How many such incidents have the governments cover up? Why did they decrease the number of victims in their reports?

Omar Abdullah Tawfiq is an Iraqi soldier. One month ago, on October 11, 2008, he opened fire  at a number of U.S. troops during a nightly raid carried out jointly by the Iraqi army and U.S. Soldiers in sites in Al-Mosul which were suspected locations of  the so-called “Al Qaeda” (civilians). Omar killed four American soldiers and injured two.

Iraqi military sources declared that the soldier Omar Abdullah Tawfiq lost control of himself when he saw US marines sexually harassing an Iraqi girl of 17 in a house owned by an old man, her father.
The Iraqi soldier Omar was shot from behind by the other marines.

For unknown reasons both the Iraqi government and the occupational government of US in Iraq covered up to the killing the four American soldiers. They announced the incident on the night of November 11, 2008, after they claimed that the incident came as a reaction because the Iraqi soldier had “received a splat in the face by a U.S. soldier” who was supposed to join the same raid against Iraqi civilians and their houses in Al-Mosul. They also decreased the number of killed soldiers.

The shameful Interior Ministry of Iraq said that an Iraqi soldier on joint patrol with U.S. troops opened fire on his U.S. comrades in the northern city of Al-Mosul Wednesday, killing two of them and wounding others.

U.S. military spokeswoman Major Margaret Kageleiry said “two U.S. soldiers have been killed today in Mosul. I can’t make further comment”.

13 comments to US Covers Up their Murders and Sexual Abuses in Iraq

  • David

    They hide their shame with lies
    can you hear the baby’s cries
    I can hear the mothers sighs
    they hide their shame with lies

  • America’s newly elected President may help to alleviate this problem. If he follows in the Pres.Jimmy Carter tradition we may be able to start anew as bygone neighbors. But, the influence of Israel all but guarantees continued bloodshed and treachery. Please pray for Peace.

  • AmericanPatriot

    Good, kill as many American soldiers as you possibly can. It is your country, and your freedom you are defending. American soldiers are invaders and have no right to be there. The sooner America is defeated around the world, the better off America itself will be. Our remaining soldiers will be brought home to do the job they are intended to do, which is to defend our own border, not violate and then defend the borders of others.

    That said, the war against Iraq is also a war against America. Each and every member of the U.S, military who has volunteered to serve the criminal George W. Bush and his criminal administration destroys nations like Iraq, for no good reason, while bankrupting and destroying America economically, morally, and politically.

    The entire world is victim to this class warfare, and that includes most Americans.

  • This is Amerika’s Indian Policy, in the New World.

    Same, exactly same strategies with American Indians in the 19th century.

    It is a country of baby souls. They will learn why not to abuse soon…

  • I have no right to blame who sell time with their families by cheap money, American solders who volunteered in Iraq’s war have valued money more than their own life, But the Iraqi solders who should defend their country and people should be ashamed of standing useless against these American crimes.

    Excuse me, every uniformed-foreigner in Iraq should be treated as target and shall be recommended to leave Iraq ASAP.

  • escapefromobamastan

    We should have heeded our founding fathers warnings against foreign entanglements and to NOT favor one nation over another.

  • Alas…what do you expect from the Great Shaitan of America?

    Good behavior?

    Come on now.

    La ilaha ilala.

  • Fred

    Should there ever be justice in America all the mass murdering, international terrorist war criminals in your “government” and “military” and “courts” and “cia” etc will be hanging from trees.


  • There is divine Justice in the universe-all the destructive evil americans do in great smug arrogance will return to them as the Hells they must live themselves-in order to know the truth-but the evil never see the truth-they shun it because it interferes with what they cherish most-their false pride. The US is occupying the Middle East-as their new america-when the old one is destroyed by Yellowstone super volcano-hence the genocide. Americans will be reborn to the very Hells they pridefully created in the Middle East, but their victims will be reborn to Heaven. War is the antichrist AKA ‘Banks’-all americans worship money as their god. Banks start and win every war-Those who support and fight wars worship the antichrist and will have no souls-instead they become infested with demons from hell that equal the crimes they commit against god-we are all god. We are all one. The antichrist(Mossad) promotes the worst sin-iniquity-but eventually divine justice rules. Evil destroys itself when the evil it did returns and destroys the evil doer.

  • I don’t want to live in America anymore. I am surrounded by potential mass murderers and potential war criminals. I have been selected for government psychological warfare testing/experimentation, also known as “gang stalking”. The fluoridated robotic zombies around me don’t care about anything that is going on. These American war criminals who were in Iraq, could be the guys in the car next to me at the stop light, or the people down at the local McDonalds, the ones who laughed while they shot and killed unarmed Iraqi civilians. I saw the pictures and read the stories about the atrocities that US war criminals have committed in Iraq. There are a million more desensitized robots around me who would gladly commit the same crimes. America has become a fascist empire, and unlike the nazi’s in WWII, Americans have gotten away with their war crimes.

  • This is so disgusting. I’m so ashamed of being an American. I don’t want to live here anymore.

  • John Taylor

    This is part of the fog of war. This war is all about peak oil and helping Israel to eliminate another perceived enemy. In short it is about the immorality of the US government and a corrupt and controlling military industrial complex who see soldiers as an expendable resource.
    The US economy has, since the second world war, been militarized to the point that war and production of military hardware is a mainstay of the US economy. The US economy depends and benefits from perpetual conflict. The banking elite finds the profits derived from financing wars too compelling to ignore.
    No soldier can be expected to fight in a war and not bear the mental scars from combat. This is even moreso in a conflict where the war is not in defence of counrty but only to serve a corrupt and immoral political agenda. Nobody can condone the behavior of the US troops in this situation but it is not unexpected, given the insanity of war.
    With the appointment of Obama’s new Chief of Staff, it is very clear that Israel is still very much at the reigns of US foreign policy. Don’t expect the wars to go away under Obama. He will be faced with an economy going down for the count. When he assumes power and realizes just how terrible things really are with no way out, he will be a desperate man. Desperate men do desperate things particularly with a cabinet staffed with radicals. Expect a war with Iran to be right around the corner. This will make the current economic problems pale by comparison.
    My heart goes out to men and women in uniform. I recently attended a ceremony dedicated to the soldiers in Iraq. Unlike in Washington the feeling of patriotism and blind allegience to upholding the constitution was heartfelt and overwhelming. These soldiers are sacrificing their lives for what they truly believe is a worthy cause. If I were 30 yrs. younger I too would be just as naive. This dichotomy is what makes me so sick. Seeing young people so full of hope and patriotism putting their lives in harms way to serve a very sick and perverted corporate/political agenda. Any soldier who suddenly realizes the truth behind this war, given the personal sacrifices they have made, is bound to act out in some very unhealthy ways.
    As the corporate profits of oil companies and service companies balloon the streets of American will be littered with forgotten veterans who will carry the burden of Iraq with them for the rest of their dysfunctional lives.

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t post any comments on your web site. I would like you to take a look at Serbian Police do to Bosniaks in Sanjak. Take a look at photos of torture at Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

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