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We are Sick of the American-Israeli Interference

I am writing this article after I escaped from the criminal action of Israelis on November 1, 2008, who came to Vienna to watch and to harass me. I wonder if the mission of these criminals to terrorize me in exile was coordinated between the Israelis and the Palestinian “security” team, just like what is happening in Palestine now.

[1]We Palestinians are sick and tired of the Palestinian Authority, which is implementing the Israeli-American so-called “security plan” instead of the Israeli military, with a mission of terrorizing, chasing, arresting people, destroying the houses of civilians and boasting about their vile crimes in the streets. Everybody knows that these forces are useless cowards during the Israeli raids on Palestinian cities under their authorities. The Palestinian civil society is sick of the so-called “Hamas authority”, the radical Palestinian movement which distorts the face of Islam, and which has turned the holy mission of the Palestinian struggle into a struggle for their own pockets and unknown foreign agendas.

[2]We, all the Palestinians, are sick of both of you and of your continuous fights. The daily news about you bring us headache and causes us deaf- and blindness.
Don’t you shame of the bald, shameful lies you spread in the media each day? Don’t you shame of your psychopathic behavior against the innocent Palestinian civilians? Don’t you see that you are not a real authority, that you are but murderous thugs relying on the money from foreign countries? Didn’t you forget that you are still living under the occupation, like the rest of us? Didn’t you realize that your fulfilling criminal foreign agendas brings us shame everywhere? Did you realize that you give a bad name our holy struggle to end the occupation and the terrorism before the international communities? Don’t you realize that you sit on the throne of Israeli- [3]American prostitution politics? Haven’t you realized that you brought us disasters when you turned yourselves into the puppets of Israel, USA, Khaled Mishal, and other foreign countries and interests?

Do you think that anybody believes that the Palestinian-American-European forces or Mafia, the trained and paid thugs from Europe and other Arab countries, are implementing the law by terrorizing children, “confiscating” civil property, destroying houses, and arresting people for political reasons? Do you think that we are happy to see the Palestinian security forces turned to a branch of the Israeli police and military?
[4]We see you as a criminal mafia, as prostitutes who sold themselves to Israel and USA for a handful of (almost worthless) dollars, a prostitute without moral, values, or decency.  A prostitute who protects the criminal Israeli occupation. We see you as agents of Israeli-American occupation, as spies for the CIA and the Israeli intelligence.

What laws does Prime Minister Salam Fayyad implement in Palestine? Why did he never implement these laws when the Israeli terrorist and soldiers raid the Palestinian cities, murdering, arresting and kidnapping people supposedly under his authority? Were are your presidential laws against the real transgressors against the laws of humanity ? Shame on you, you gang of cowards and criminals! Hundreds, thousands, millions of shames!

I remind both Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and his mafia forces, as well President Mahmoud [5]Abbas, that they should not forget that they are still forced to ask the Israelis for travel permits each time they get out of their basements. They should not believe the big lie that they are a real government. It is important that the PA to be aware of the deteriorated economic situation in the USA and Europe, what will mean that these countries will reduce or suspend the suborns, politely called “economic aid”, used to finance the thugs and the mafia which have been trained to protect Israel. These criminals and perhaps you too will not find after that a piece of bread to eat. Your lives in luxury paired with your indecent activities in Palestine will not increase your supporters. When nobody pays your bills you will stop being useful to Israel. And when that happens, you will know the “friendship” of the Jews.

[6]Your presidential excellency is responsible for all the illegal arrests and torture of Palestinians for political reasons. You are responsible for the high percentage of unemployment in Palestine, and their massive poverty. You are guilty for all of what the Israeli government has stolen from our lands during the mismanaged negotiations carried out by an unqualified and incompetent team of “negotiators”. Your presidential excellency is responsible and guilty for all the Israeli murders and arrests, their kidnapping of Palestinians from the cities under your authorities, just like the criminal Israelis themselves are culpable of these crimes.

Your presidential excellency should evaluate the advantages of the useless meetings with the criminal Israeli government and stop running behind these criminals who have turned you into shameless puppets and gave you nothing of what they had stolen.

[7]I also remind the President-in-dreams, Ismael Haniyeh, and his unknown gangs of paid thugs and donkeys, that his so-called “presidency” over Gaza is illegal, and that he is guilty of the death and the murders of hundreds of the innocent Palestinians in Gaza, just like the Israeli are guilty of murders, terrorism and other crimes. You are responsible for the death of hundreds of sick Palestinians in the same way the Israeli criminals who imposed the siege on Gaza and denied many patients the basic rights of medical treatment. Your illusory presidency is responsible for the death of many poor people trying to bring in needed goods in the tunnels under the earth of Gaza. Your illusory presidency is responsible and guilty of torture of many prisoners detained illegally. Your illusory presidency is responsible for the famine and the poverty in Gaza just like the criminal Israeli regime.

[8]The excellencies from both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas should end immediately and without conditions the conflict and the division of our homeland Palestine, and they should end the interference of the foreigners. For what do you listen to criminals who are not even able to manage their own countries?