A Word to the Israeli Intelligence System

Without further introduction, for what do you send me your death squads, you criminal morons? Exactly for what did you send me your fumbling, wannabe “agents” to follow me for hours like thieves, trying to provoke me, calling my friends? What do you want from a Journalist you have already kicked out of her country, you criminal terrorists? Are all the journalists you murdered in Palestine not enough, so that you now expand your terrorism into Europe? It would be easier if you kept these criminals at home instead of sending them to this quiet country, where decency exists and the law is respected.

Your fumblers call my colleagues in Palestine and my friends in Austria in the deep of the night, like bats, giving false names or none at all, hiding their phone numbers, asking stupid questions and telling inane lies to get answers. In Palestine your thugs pressure my colleagues with typical mafia methods: by denying work permits, ransacking their property or arresting and murdering them or their family members when they don’t “cooperate”. Here in Austria, you send people who think that they can get any kind of results by using the same criminal methods.

What did your super-agent “Diego”, the one who called my friend here in Austria,

Did this character think that identifying himself as “a jew” would make anybody tremble in awe? “Diego the super-agent” was scared to leave his phone number and his name. My friend told me that “Diego” came across as a petulant nincompoop who grew more angry the more it became clear to him that he was going nowhere with his bald lies, bad manners and arrogance.

All what you are doing, in Palestine or here, are crimes, and all what you are getting are lies and people who laugh about you behind your back. Of course your intimidation tactics get my acquaintances in Palestine to call me and ask questions on your behalf, but together we tell you lies and laugh about your stupidity behind your back. Is that what you like, you pitiful people?

You kicked me out of my homeland Hebron because the moral degenerates and terrorists from Kach and Jewish Underground, those who squat in the heart of my homeland Hebron don’t like my work as a journalist, and as a result I live in Austria as a refugee. I continue writing the truth, and what I write does not meet the taste of you criminals. So you send me death threats, try to hack my website several times, and since all of that does not make me shut up, you now send a team to intimidate, to harass me, and possibly to murder me. What results do you expect to get from committing such crimes?

In my homeland Palestine you called and threatened me constantly, you harassed me physically, psychologically, and sexually. You denied me the basic right to practice my work as a journalist. You stole my home, my ID, my work, my family, my friends; just like what you did to uncountable other Palestinians. Your crimes against me were so numerous and your threats came so often that I stopped fearing you, because all of your crimes against me blurred into one big picture of ridiculous insanity.

I still wonder why you are calling my friends in Palestine and Europe to ask about me. Why do you send your murderers to Austria to walk behind me? What dirty mission are your criminals planning here? Do you really think that you will get anything favorable at all by sending people to commit acts of state sponsored terrorism in a country where the law is respected? Do you really think that transferring your methods of state terrorism to Austria will bring you advantages? Do you think that murdering one of your victims, a journalist in good standing, will help make Israel look better? I think not. The image of Israel is already as bad as can be in many parts of the world, your so-called “state” is seen by increasingly more people as a bad joke and a disgrace to humanity. Sponsoring acts of international terrorism in a state of law will be a disaster for your failed “state” in every sense. One thing is clear: the incompetent people who you sent have been caught, but not captured, and Israel will be guilty for whatever happens to me from now. If the leaves of autumn fall on my head, Israel will be guilty.

Do yourself a favor and stop sending these cowards. For now your “super agents” have been exposed as laughing stock, but what will happen if next time around one of them is caught? It was enough to shout to have your “super-agents” run away like rabbits. I felt victorious to see you like that because that was your real face: coward, criminally insane petty thieves.

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Morddrohung aus Israel

9 comments to A Word to the Israeli Intelligence System

  • fred

    Sounds like the israel I know. Cowards and killers, the only lesson learnt by them from WW2 was how to be nazis.

  • Hank Wilson

    I firmly believe one is able to be ANTI-ZIONIST and yet not be anti-semitic. There IS a difference. Those Zionist thugs ruling Israel are a disgrace to the name, JEW. They are but murdering thugs attempting to out-Nazi the WWII Nazis.

  • Rabbit

    Dear Kawther

    As always I read your words with a sense of personal outrage, enhanced by the intimidation and threats and stalking via phone and internet I receive from Zionist scum for nothing more than comments on Youtube videos. I can barely imagine the sort of treatment to which you must have been and are being subjected, but it is no problem for me to believe every word you write about them. You are indeed a journalist in good standing and they are no more than what you say, and perhaps a good deal worse.

    We are not blind to their filthy ways, their vile nature or the grotesque cancerous, primitive and disgusting Talmudic religion which has grown into the tumor of Zionism. I am one of many who has had his eyes opened these past few years. I grew up as blinded and propagandised as anybody who grew up in a Zionist Christian church. I began to realise something was seriously wrong over the years as the reality of the Palestinian plight filtered past the mostly tightly controlled media. It took the internet to give me the tools to discover the full truth but I am far from the only one who can say this.

    They will lose, they are losing and they know it. Their desperation is to be seen in increasingly erratic actions on the international stage as they find themselves between a failing sugar daddy and an angry, far from gullible bear with more than ample experience of their slimy Zhid ways. Their desperation can be seen in the increasingly prominent and well spotlighted organised gangs for the corruption of internet web sites like Youtube and others; where their only tactics have been limited by circumstances to blocking and silencing as many critics as possible and the usual increasingly useless name calling.

    They are dying. They are the vilest most putrid part of humanity’s soul. as we enter a new age and before the new one can begin, I believe we must lose something ancient and ugly and revolting and wrong. I believe this dirty old cancerous growth which must be gone before the new age begins for real, is symbolically as well as physically represented by Zionism.

    Quite the opposite to those stupid, wicked and hypocritical maniac Christian fundamentalists. It is THEM and their bestial old cult of hatred and stupidity, where it is joined like an shriveled Siamese twin to its Jewish host which must be destroyed, largely by its own hand I predict, in order for the rest of humanity, to progress.

    Good luck dear lady and may your enemies and mine be cursed with confusion and sorrow. I pray for the storm which will break their hearts in fear.

    One last thing. Please do not equate these vile and disgusting pukes of humanity, with RABBITS, if you please! I think that everyone can picture Zionist Jew thugs skulking away like cockroaches with the light turned on, without insulting kinder creatures. The very image of the skulking Jew up to no good is as sharp and clear today in most people’s minds as it ever was. It would make more sense to speak of a rabbit running away like a Jew with his hand caught in the till.

  • MeatwadGetsIt

    “It was enough to shout to have your “super-agents” run away like rabbits. I felt victorious to see you like that because that was your real face: coward, criminally insane petty thieves.”

    Sums it up perfectly.

  • Katz Freedman

    Israel is a blot on the good name of Jews, worldwide. It’s tactics, aims and crimes embarrass me, personally, and enrage me.

    I am so sorry for your losses, due to the actions of criminals. These same operatives are destroying my country, the USA. They took over, if the truth were told, when they plotted the murder of JFK, in broad daylight. They have entrenched, and now own the media.

    They got away with murdering our President, under cameras. They got away with destroying our Towers, and attempting to pin the blame on Moslems.

    However, the time will come that those who did this will be held accountable. They have ruined the world, and the Jewish people.

    Israel was to be a “Light unto the World” but instead they are a bloody disaster of corruption, greed and hatred. It is no longer possible to have pride in my German Jewish heritage. They have shamed me, and there is no making me whole.

    We are all suffering under their oppression. We are all Palestinians.

  • ivo

    In harassing and attacking another person – and the more if it concerns a journalist – the Israeli soldiers show themselves not as the tough and sturdy ‘fighters for the Zionist case’ as they would like, but they show themselves like silly, little kids.

    Just as kids want to fight if they feel unsure in front of another person, because they think that if they can beat up, harass, bully or intimidate the other person, that they win (indeed they win: they gain in stupidity), because just like silly and spoiled kids they want to compensate their lack of mind and intelligence with their aggression and manners of intimidation – in the same way the Israeli soldiers behave themselves.

    They feel great if they are so ‘important’ that, under pathetic fake-names (like ‘super-agent’ Diego) and so-called secret behavior (giving fake phone numbers or no phone number at all) are send from Israel to another country like Austria, only to harass and bully another person who is the real hero – by daring to write the truth about a criminal ‘state’ such as Israel, and exposing their crimes and satanic mentality and behavior in public, and thus risking a lot of personal trouble.

    No, they consider themselves as the real heroes, when they – as a group of Zionist animals – attack and bully a woman in the streets of Vienna, a woman who only wants to do her journalistic work.
    But they don’t want to allow the truth to be known in public, and so they like to behave like little, stupid, angry, spoiled children – who have always got what they wanted from their mother – and therefore forcing other people to do what they want.

    How heroic is it, to attack a single woman, threaten her with death, calling themselves ‘super-agent’ and bullshit like that, hiding their phone numbers when they call her – scared as they are, to be recognized at their phone number.
    How heroic they feel when – by this kind of childish ‘secret-service’-like behavior (typical for little children or like mentally retarded people as known in psychiatry) – they think that they are a kind of James Bond, and thus blowing up their egos to huge proportions in defending the evil.
    But in real they are extremely cowardly when they have to deal with someone (or a situation) who they consider as (also mentally) stronger than themselves, in which they behave like angry little babies.

    It’s time that their mothers call these ‘hero-soldiers’ and ‘super agents’ back to home, for giving them fresh diapers and a bottle of warm sweet milk with a pacifier to suck on…

  • voss

    Hi Kawther,

    go on and keep all of us informed. I’ve been shocked while reading this and other articles you wrote here in your blog. You are a tough lady if i may call it that way 😉 I’m glad that i meet you, remember? Yesterday evening a Belvedere.

    Maybee we’ll meet again with the chance to talk a little more.

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  • Kawther Salam – A Word to the Israeli “Intelligence” System…

    By Kawther Salam
    Without further introduction, for what do you send me your death squads, you criminal morons? Exactly for what did you send me your fumbling, wannabe “agents” to follow me for hours like thieves, trying to provoke me, call…

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