A War Criminal From Gaza to Hebron

Some days ago I called some Palestinians to ask about the name of the Israeli military commanders who issued the military orders for raiding, destroying, vandalizing, ransacking, and shutting down three radio stations in the city of Hebron last week, and 40 more shops in Hebron this week.

One of the people who I asked was Abu Al-Nur, a well known friend of the Israeli occupation officers in Hebron who heads one of the most powerful organizations in the city. Abu Al-Nur claimed that he did not know the names of his friends, the people who he meet regularly, once or twice each week. Abu Al-Nur told me to call the major of Hebron, as he was supposedly the only one who would be able to identify the Israeli commanders.

I asked a PA “DCL” officer who has an Israeli counterpart at the Israeli “DCL” military office in Jabal Manouh in Hebron. The officer claimed that the Israelis never introduce themselves with their full names to the Palestinian counterparts, only being known by their first names. I called Abu Zuheir, the major of Hebron, while he was in Turkey on a business trip. He told me that the first name of the new Israeli military commander was Udi, and that the first name of the Israeli military governor from the DCL is Aviv. He claimed to not know the second name of both of them, and I believed the major.

I asked somebody one of the International observers in Hebron. He told me that “Alex Rosenberg” was the name of the Israeli military commander in Hebron. The name which this observer gave me was not true. “Alex Rosenberg” is a wrong name. The correct name is Lt. Col. “Alex Rozensweig” (or Rosenzveig), a former DCL military officer in 2006 in the city of Hebron, who also headed, or heads, a spying unit which compiles lists of people to be murdered.

The fact that the Palestinian officials were not able to identify their Israeli “counterparts” by name reflects the deteriorated level of the relations between the PA and the Israelis, it shows the malice and disdain of the Israeli officials towards their Palestinian counterparts, and it is a sign of worry on side of the Israelis of legal consequences of their actions.

Who is the Israeli brigade commander in Hebron who the Palestinians are not able to identify?

Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, or “Udi ben Moha” is the new Israeli brigade commander for Hebron. Ben Muha is a war criminal with a long history of committing crimes against humanity. He contributed to the ethnic cleansing of the north of Gaza and along the Palestinian-Egyptian border, and he implemented other measures which correspond to the definition of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Geneva conventions.

Ben Muha is responsible for many murders of Palestinians and the reckless destruction of their property. He commanded the death squad IDF “Shimshon” Unit in Gaza under another IDF war criminal, Col. Avi Levy. He headed the IDF death squad unit “Sagi” at the Gaza-Egypt border in 2007 under the IDF war criminal head of the Southern Command, Major General Yoav Galant.

Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, razed and damaged thousands dunums of Palestinian agriculture land. He also illegally confiscated thousands more of dunums of agricultural land. Ben Muha razed to the ground hundreds of Palestinian houses in Gaza, he murdered hundreds of Palestinian civilians and arrested hundreds more.

On 28 January 2004, Ben Muha or personnel under his command razed the agricultural area of Al-Zaytun in Gaza. During this event he or personnel under his command murdered 11 Palestinians among, them Sami Badawi, a child of 13 years, and injured 35 Palestinian civilian.

Some victims of 28 January 2004 of the war criminal Lt. Col. Udi Ben Moha:

According to Dr. Muawiya Hussein, head of emergency services at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, all the Palestinians who were killed on 28 January 2004 were civilians. The victims of this incident are

  • Sameh Totah, age 17, a mechanic in a car repair shop, killed when he fled from the shooting
  • Akram Abu Ajami, killed, age 19
  • Musa Dalul, 33, was killed, and his brother Kamal Dalul, 34, was wounded in legs and arms
  • Uthman Jundia, killed, age 19
  • Iiad Mahmoud al-Ra’e, killed, age 19
  • Musa Suliman Dalul, killed, age 30
  • Ahmad Ali abu Rkab, killed age 20
  • Ayman Hamdan Al-Dahduh, killed , age 42
  • Tariq Al-Susi, killed, age 12
  • Hasan Ali Rizka, killed, age 17
  • Abed Al-Naser Abu Shoka, killed, age 42

On 11 February 2004 Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha or personnel under his command murdered 11 Palestinians, among them two children, and injured over 73 civilians. The people killed during this incident were:

  • Bashir Abu Urmane, age 14
  • Ibrahim Zurob, age 15
  • Muhammad Al-Hayek, age 25
  • Muhammad Abu Urmaneh, age 22
  • Muhammad Al-Hamaide, age 22
  • Zahran Al-Tantawi, age 19
  • Muhammad Aiash Al-Ajle, age 34
  • Haitham Abed, age 28
  • Hani Abu Skhele, age 25
  • Ismael Abu Al-Ata, age 22
  • Ashraf Faruk Hasanen, age 23

Some names of other Palestinians who were murdered in Gaza during February 2004 by the death squads of the Shimshon Brigade under the command of Udi Ben Moha:

  • Abed Al-Hamid Khattab, 21, was killed on 27.02.2004
  • Ashraf Zakot, 25, was killed on 26.02.2004
  • Abed Al-Salam Abu Musa, 32, was killed on 26.02.2004
  • Ayman Swehel, 25, was killed on 26.02.2004
  • Usama Josef Al-Mgazi, 33, was killed on 21. 02. 2004
  • Rifat Al-Shaer, 32, was killed on 18.02.2004
  • Muen Nafez Abu Sharkh, 18, was killed on 17.02.2004
  • Jamal Muhammad Al-Afifi, 45, was killed on 16.02.2004
  • Muhammad Al-Shiekh, 14, was killed on 16.02.2004

On July 14 2004 Colonel Udi ben Muha lead the destruction operation against Palestinians in the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of Gaza. He or personnel under his command uprooted 2000 dunums of agricultural land, 95% of which were fields of fruits. Also destroyed were three artesian wells,  a workshop belonging to Ziad Muhammad Hasuna, and three houses belonging to Muhammad Zanin Shawish, Ahmad Hasan abu Kalub, and Rizk Zanin and their families.

Another 17 Palestinian house were “confiscated” by Udi Ben Muha, these were the houses belonging to Sadi Zanin, Omer Kafarne, Mustafa Thabet, Atef Zanin, Ahmad Al-Ashkar, Naser Al-Zanin, Ranadan, Taiser and Maher Al-Basubi, Nahed and Saed Shabat, Subhi Naser, Asad Salah, Fakhri and Kahlil Al-Masri, Amin Abu Udeh, and Rushdi Al-Zanin.

15 Palestinians were murdered by him or personnel under his command during this operation commanded by Ben Muha operation, and 90 more Palestinians were injured, among them 54 child. The murdered people were:

  • Rasem Kahlil Udwan, age 29
  • Ateiah Muhammad Al-Ajrami, age 19
  • Hamzeh Nahed Hbush, age 15
  • Musen Al-Ajrami, age 19
  • Ismael Ahmad Nabhan, age 26
  • Ishaq Maen Abu Talib, age 15
  • Muhammad Def Allah, age 21
  • Ihab Abed Al-Karim Shatat, age 9
  • Adnan Mansur, age 19
  • Nahed abu Udeh, age 44
  • Zaher Abu Hardid, age 33
  • Naser Abu Hardid, age 39
  • Naem Kafarneh, age 40
  • Musa Zanin, age 52
  • Jamil Abed Rabuh Hamad, age 45
  • Hamed Ahmad Udeh, age 28

The events described here and the names of murdered people are not complete. These are only a small part of the crimes and victims of Udi ben Muha who came to my homeland, the city of Hebron.

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  • babylon

    They can kill who they want if u don t agree u are anti-semite welcome to the zionist new world order

  • It’s not a New World Order…it is an Old World Order…
    When haven’t just about every country killed whomever they wanted when the government is behind the trigger?

  • Kawther Salam – A War Criminal From Gaza to Hebron…

    Left, war criminal Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, middle, Southern Command Major General and war criminal Yoav Galant, and right, Givaty Brigadier General and war criminal Imad Faras, a druze.
    Some days ago I called some Palestinians to ask about the name of t…

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