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Charity Raids Coordinated by the US and Financed by the EU

Following the interchanging of the roles of coordination between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli occupation raided the Palestinian charities of Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah and Jenin in the West Bank cities, closing, vandalizing, [1]looting, destroying, and transferring their respective properties to the Israeli military central command Gadi Shamni, and the Palestinian Authority lead by the appointed Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who is lead by the American criminals Lt. Gen. William Fraser and Lt. General Keith Dayton, implemented several raids and attacks on Palestinian charities and orphanage in Hebron and its district Taffouh, Beit Ummar, Beit Ula and other cities.

The continuous illegal raids by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority are coordinated by the US air force criminal Lt. Gen. William Fraser and Lt. General Keith Dayton, the US coordinator for the genocide against Palestinians. Both lead the Palestinian authority security groups according to some of the accords of the Annapolis summit. The accords are based on targeting the Palestinian opposition parties and their charitable organizations, like the orphanages, medical centers, kindergartens, and confiscating and freezing their banks accounts in order to strengthen President Mahmoud Abbas and protecting the Israeli security. The European Union is financing this plan with the funds which they transfer for the PA security system.

[2]According to the agreements which the US Generals Dayton and Fraser are implementing in Palestine, they have to build a Palestinian “complementary military system” which leads the Palestinian security forces to serve the security of Israel. In order to implement this plan, the Israeli military must exchange their role with the Palestinian authority to “develop” the situation. The roleĀ  of the Israeli military is to arrest the political opponents of the PA and to close their charities.

In Berlin, on June 24, 2008, the European Union committed $240 million for rehabilitating the organizations which Israeli occupation destroyed, and strengthening the Palestinian security forces, and to build a Jail for the PA opposition in replacement for the jail which the Israeli occupation razed to the ground during their March 15th 2006 invasion of Jericho. The United States committed $60 million to training and assisting the security forces of the PA to arrest and to destroy the charities of the opposition parties, to protect the Israelis during their murderous raids, and to arrest anybody resisting against the occupation.

[3]On the morning of July 29, 2008, Israeli soldiers raided Nablus in the north of the West Bank and under the Palestinian authority control, a raid which happened under the coordination of the American General Keith Dayton. The criminal Israeli soldiers invaded the city under heavy shooting of bombs toward the Palestinian houses. The soldiers burnt the biggest shopping center for furniture in the city, and arrested 18 Palestinians.

During this illegal invasion, the Palestinian authority forces who were trained by the US marines, and who are paid with money from the European Union, were not able to protect civilians or to stop the invasion, they all disappeared.

The Israeli invasion of the city of Nablus was not the first one during July; The Israeli soldiers invaded the city several times during the previous months, looted and closed a primary school for girls, a kindergarten, a medical center, a sports club, various charities for orphanages. And they transferred the property of all these organizations to the Israeli military central Command Gadi Shamni.

[4]Earlier, the Israeli occupation did the same in Hebron area H1under the PA control: (In 1997 the Hebron Protocol (part of Oslo II), signed by the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority divided Hebron into two areas: H2 under Israeli military control and H1 under Palestinian control “civilian and security authority”.

On 26 of February, the Israeli military issued six military orders of closure and eviction for two orphanages and three schools and other facilities of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron. The Israeli military looted the orphanage charities, a medical center, two schools, shopping center, cloth shops, a kindergarten, other sport charities, and they transferred their property to the war criminal of the Israeli IDF central command, Gadi Shamni. The Ministry of Education of the Palestinian Authority refused to give licenses to the headmasters of orphanage schools for the years 2008-2009. The orphanage schools had been operating under the control of the PA since 1995 without difficulties or problems. The PA Ministry of Education always gave the necessary licenses to these school, except this year.

On August 6, 2008, the Israeli occupation raided the orphanage care charity of Beit Ummar, a village north of Hebron. They destroyed the equipment of the organization and they arrested five workers of this organization.

[5]Following the exchange of roles in these raids between the PA and the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Authority raided the Orphans Care charity in Beit Ummar on Thursday night, August 14th, 2008.The PA arrested two employees of the orphanage charity, destroyed and closed the organization.

According to the Palestinian eyewitness sources, who described the Palestinian Authority raid to Beit Ummar charity, they said that the raid was carried out in a barbaric, savage and inhuman way, even more disgusting than the Israeli occupation raids. Over 45 PA thugs invaded the charity, spraying teargas, pointing their guns at the face of the workers. The Palestinian soldiers confiscated all the files and the computer of the school; they beat the workers with electric rods when they asked them to show the written order authorizing the raid. They further destroyed the kitchen and the chairs.

On August 6, 2008, the Palestinian Authority raided and closed four charities and two printing houses in the city of Hebron after the Israeli occupation raided and closed the biggest orphanage in Hebron.

[6]In Gaza, the Hamas radical and extremist government has raided and closed some other Palestinian organizations within the security plan followed by the death of five militant members of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas had finally reopened the closed organization after confiscating some material and investigating the owners of these organizations, and they released most of the prisoners.

The continuous raid, invasions, arrests and closures by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority under the full support of the European Union have the clear purpose of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against all Palestinians, they are crimes against humanity and grave violations of the International laws and the Geneva conventions.

The continuous financial support by the EU to the PA military is clearly support for illegal operations against civilian charities, and these moneys are clearly financing activities which sum up to genocide against the Palestinian people. The EU financial support for training gangs of thugs and death squads should bring more tragic results, like the previous one in Gaza. The continuous support of EU never will strengthen the weak body of PA. The only thing that will strengthen the PA will be to put an end to the Israeli occupation.