Israeli Death Squad in Islamic Woman Dress in Ramallah

On 20 May 2008, eight Israelis from the death squad unit “Al-Mistarvim”, the Israeli murderers who wear Arab clothes, invaded the Sheikh Zayed Palestinian Hospital in Ramallah and kidnapped the Palestinian security man Arafat Nofal.

The PA security man was on duty guarding the hospital when the Israeli death squads wearing Hijab approached him, pulled out a pistol and forced him to go with them. Other eight armed members of the same death squad unit in Palestinian civilian dress surrounded Arafat Nofal, pointing their guns at him. They drove Nofal to unknown place outside of Ramallah.

The deplorable news of the kidnapping of Mr. Nofal by the Israeli death squad appeared nowhere in the Palestinian newspapers. The question is, why does the PA not expose this scandal, the kidnapping of a member of their own security. Does the shameful silence of the PA and of all media under their control mean that they are not even able to protect themselves and those who work for them ? And, if they don’t even protect themselves, it is not far away to think that they do not have the ability (or the will) to protect the Palestinian civilians from Israeli terrorists. The minimal claim to legitimacy of a government, any government, is their ability to protect the civilian population in the territories under their control, what the PA under Abbas obviously lacks. And this one incident clearly puts on display their total lack of any claim to legitimacy whatsoever.

But there is more. Last April the PA captured some members of an Israeli death squad in Ramallah, but they handed them over to the Israeli-Palestinian coordinating office, the DCO. They claimed that the Mistaravim had lost their way were and that they found themselves in Ramallah by accident, where they were detained by citizens of Ramallah. The fact is that the Mistaravim were underway in Ramallah to murder somebody. If a purported “government” which does not protect its citizens from terrorists has no legitimacy, what does one say about a group which supports terrorists against the own population?

7 comments to Israeli Death Squad in Islamic Woman Dress in Ramallah

  • This is just one more reason why the days of the current “Vichy” government in Palestine are limited.

    The Palestine Review

  • Rabbit

    The problem with the PA NOT handing over those scumbag Mistaravim is that if they had not, no doubt the Israeli thugs would have launched an attack with armor and helicopter gunships in retaliation against the long suffering Palestinian people. Not that I am defending the PA under Abbas and even before they are Israel’s Bitch.

  • michael

    Unfortunately another world war will occur for the world to look past what it sees in the western media and actually address the cause of that war. Thank you Kawther for helping us to see what is really happening.

  • Roman

    Hello to everyone!
    I am European and to me the idea of Zionizm is a very noble one!
    The Jews, I think, knew very well what was going to await them while emigrating to Palestine…
    I admire their courage!
    At last now you guys have to deal with what to do with them!
    Good luck !

    Greetings from South America!


  • Live by violence and hatred, then you suffer it also. The only escape from a cycle of violence is a higher, smarter form of mind (beat them at that, and economically), an awareness of how we’re all sentient connected. There is no one interpretation ONLY of God/universality; ALL are included. When we mature enough to recognize that, we become (part of) it.

  • Anthony

    Someday Israel will be no more and the tyrants that live there will be dust that others will tread upon.

  • Myt

    There are high-class hoes who know how to get rich men to marry them. Then there are those in between – the call girls, the escorts, etc. Then there are the street-walking, drugged out cheap hoes. Mr. Abbas is one of the cheap, street-walking hoes. His pimp in Tel Aviv does not have to show him any respect whatsoever, is allowed to beat him up in the street and he’d better not so much as say “ouch.” On the other hand, the Israeli pimp demands nothing short of extreme loyalty and ass-kissing from him. Abbas is fifth column for his pimp. Israel gets to do whatever they damn well please as long as Abbas is in place and getting a small allowance from his Tel Aviv pimp.

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