Al-Nakba Commemoration: Minister Hassuna in Vienna

Ambassador Elwazer and Minister Hassuna On 15 May 2007, the Palestinian Minster of Economy and communications of the Palestinian emergency government, Kamal Hassuna, and the political economical advisor of the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, Dr. Jawad Naji, discussed the economical situation in the Palestinian cities during their visit to Vienna. The discussion was held at the Palestinian Embassy under the sponsorship of the Palestinian Ambassador in Vienna, Dr. Zuheir Elwazer, and with attendance of Arab Ambassadors and some local Palestinians and journalists. The activity was also held as a memorial of 60 years of Al-Nakba, the “Catastrophe”.

Dr. Alwazer opened the discussion with a minute of silence in honor of the Palestinian martyrs. He explained the history of the Palestinian Nakba, and introduced the official Palestinian delegation to the audience.

Attendance - Arab Ambassadors in first rowMinister Hassuna described Al-Nakba as the most tragic and dangerous event in the Palestinian history. He accused the State of Israel of breaking the 1993 agreement of Oslo, and of adopting a dilatory and evasive policy in the implementation of International treaties and of hindering the decisions of the UN Security Council regarding Palestine, the end of the illegal occupation and the Right of Return. Hassuna stated that Israel is not taking seriously the sanction “ratification” or making a real peace. Economy and communications minister Kamal Hassuna described the economical situation in Palestine. He said that since the start of the second Intifada in September 2000, the Palestinian economy has experienced severe structural shocks and adjustments and he clarified the reason of his previous tour in the Gulf and other Arab countries. He said that he made his tour in order to invite businessmen to a conference of Palestinian investment which will hold in Bethlehem between May 21-22, 2008.

Dr. Jawad Naji Minister Hassuna, who spoke about the reasons for his tour in the Gulf countries, forgot to talk about the purpose of his visit to Vienna and about the economical agreements which he signed with the United Nations organization UNIDO. Nobody knows which are the results of his visits to Vienna, and in what way his visit will improve the dire situation of all Palestinians.

Dr. Jawad Naji (left), who joined the minister during his tour, had visited Vienna once before in order to finish the necessary preparations for signing this agreement. Dr. Naji explained the problems which face the Palestinian economy and the plans of his ministry plan for solving these problems. Both ministers, Hassuna and Naji, answered the questions of various journalists with the usual official jargon.

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