The Final Solution for Gaza – Congratulations to Europe and USA !

Israel was established on stolen Palestinian land under the pretext of freeing Jews from death and persecution, and over 60 years later, Israel continues it’s financial and emotional extortion of the world because of the Holocaust, but what Israel does today, every day, is every bit as immoral, unsightly and filthy as the Holocaust, whose dark memory follows Europe to this day.

The deaths from hunger, sickness, and severe cold, the deaths from each of the Israel Air Force massacres, the deaths from shelling and destruction, under the unending closures, boys who bleed to death on the streets, women, elderly and sick persons dying at the illegal checkpoints, the continued terrorism of the IDF soldiers, the never ending lies of the media, the thefts of food and crops, the destruction of all kinds of property, of water, the sowing of water deposits with radioactive garbage from Dimona, the inhuman darkness and callousness of the whole Israeli society, creating a paralyzed and sick generation with deep tensions and the urge for revenge inside, and forcing the nearby Arab countries to take part in this genocide by way of economic threats against their populations, it all combined is far, far more criminal than anything the Nazi regime ever did. Truly, the former victims and their accomplices have not only surpassed their former tormentors in moral abjectness, they have even made those crimes and worse into a way of life, and abject cruelty into the national sport of their so-called “Jewish nation”.

One week after George W. Bush’s meetings with Mahmud Abbas and Ehud Olmert Israel ordered all border crossings into Gaza closed as it continued its deadly attacks on more than 1.5 million Palestinians who are now denied food, water, electricity and medical supplies. 50 Palestinian were killed by the air force, over 400 injured, half of them are children, sprawled in the open air, under severe cold, in the Palestinian concentration camp which has become the Gaza Strip. The life of one million and a half persons stopped in Gaza. The hospitals and the refrigerators of the morgues were stopped since the fascist State of Israel stopped the electricity in Gaza.

Yesterday a Palestinian from Gaza wrote me clarifying the situation in Gaza and seeking humanitarian help. They wrote that on Saturday, 80 military tanks entered the Jabalya refugee camp in the north of Gaza and began destroying Palestinian homes. Gaza’s power plant reported on Sunday that it has fuel for only two more days of operations. The people of Gaza – 80% of them refugees – stand amidst a military occupation, constant attacks and a humanitarian crisis. On Sunday, the electricity was cut, and the city fell into deep-black under heavy shelling from the Israeli military, the life of the sick people in the hospitals is now in great danger.

The signs of the planned Israeli crimes were clear since Hamas won Gaza, or since Dahlan, PA, the Arab leaders, USA, and Israel put in place the first stage of their criminal conspiracy and helped Hamas to win Gaza, or at least to think that they won Gaza, in order to remove this camp from the map of Palestine. In July 2007 I wrote about this American-Israeli-PA conspiracy in regarding Gaza. Today the situation in Gaza is a clear confirmation of what I wrote in mid-2007.

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, your continued efforts in support of your eternal victims have created a situation so horribly criminal that even the most extreme Nazis would have blushed in shame had they lived to see it. Your continued and unerring shrieks of “the existence of Israel must be made safe” have made genocide, ethnic cleansing, religious bigotry, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, war crimes, theft, terrorism and many other horrible crimes not only legal, but socially acceptable and even mandatory !

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, because after more than 60 years of covering up, justifying, financing, aiding, abetting, facilitating and even celebrating all manner of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the European and American Jews who illegally occupy Palestine, you have finally uncovered your true face, for against all your protestations of innocence and dismay, genocide is very much a part of your culture and very acceptable as long as it is perpetrated by Jews against those who you classify as racially inferior in order to make theft of resources easier.

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, you are both accomplices in causing the death of 67 patients who died at the Israeli border checkjpoints and the Rafah crossing to the Gaza concentration camp, while waiting to access necessary health services.

May the stench of genocide which emanates from Palestine never leave you.

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  • Harry

    As an American–not by choice, but rather forced by birth–I can tell you the average American cares, yet at the same time doesn’t care. For years I have been trying to figure out why more Americans are becoming sociopaths–or why they learn the new language, in which they constantly “bah” like sheep.

    There are few Americans who genuinely care while others care for a moment but later become “tangled up” in the web of their consumerism and self-interests whereby they “casually” forget about the suffering and pain that American policies have caused for billions of people. The overall purpose of my reply to your enlightening blog: while some Americans–including myself–feel shame, guilt, and anger over the extermination of the Palestinian people, the majority of Americans do not care.

    For decades a brilliant strategy of deception has ravaged the minds of Americans. Through processes such as reification, Americans–especially from a young age–accept what they are told: capitalism is the only way to exist, America is the “world’s police”, how “the rest of the world envies Americans”, etc. Some older Americans feel outraged by American foreign policy, but they too became engulfed in reification and thus they too “bought the bullshit” America, as a whole, has been fed.

    America and Europe have failed the Palestinian people, America and Europe have failed the essential lesson of history: learn from one’s mistakes. The only hope for the Palestinian people rests with anybody but the government of America and the European Union.
    As idiotic as it sounds, I enjoyed your blog. I claim idiocy because one shouldn’t enjoy what was mentioned above. Perhaps my vocabulary is too limited to produce a proper word, or perhaps I am so enraged and “pissed off” that my ability to think is constrained. Keep writing, for those who are to blame need to be recorded in the annals of history.

  • lochness

    Harry is right of course, but not all of us are “reified”. Some of us have been educating ourselves. Spurred on by the nightmare of lies that was the CIA/Mossad attack on the World Trade Centers, we have been forced to wake up to the fact that the Zionists have been controlling this country since at least 1913.

    Inspired by the likes of Ron Paul, who would cease the criminal support of Israel and remove American troops from the Middle East IMMEDIATELY, we have become aware of the plight of the Palestinians. We would like to help, but how? A convoy of food and humanitarian supplies is being readied right now:

    Gush Shalom Convoy information and addresses

    Eschaton Foundation
    515 Broadway,
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

    But will it reach the desperate souls imprisoned in Gaza? I wish that it would, but I think it shall not.
    Unfortunately, America is not controlled by the people any more. It is controlled by Zionist reptiles. If Gaza is Israel’s Warsaw Ghetto, then America is Israel’s Belgian Congo. Our elections are rigged. Our media is a propaganda machine worse than anything Goebbels could have dreamed up. Our wealth and resources, which Americans got through hard work, has been stolen from us by the Zionist Financiers. Our money is worthless, our government is a totalitarian nightmare, and those of us who are awake are reeling from the enormity of it all- what shall be done?

    Resistance starts with the mind, and the ways of resistance are discovered thereafter. We shall find both the means to resist the Zionist world government, and also the means to help the Palestinians. Don’t give up hope- there are many of us who support Palestine.

  • Mik

    I really don’t know what to say, but must say something!
    I am ashamed at what humanity, under government and religion, has become. Deception, lying, and selfishness reign.
    Like america of today, Germany of the 1930’s and 40’s was vastly Christiandom. Where did organized denominationalism stand during the Hitler era. Squarely behind the “fuhrer”.
    Arguabley, no other segment today is more behind the Bush global agenda then our tax exempt pulpits. The sheep following the wrong shepherd are clamoring for protection from the “enemy”.
    They are not being told, “God is not pro-Jew, He is pro-justice; He is not pro-Palistinian, he is pro-peace; He is not a racist and never was.
    I do not want to be of the number of the arrogant american religious. I am sorry for what is happening and will use any influence I have for presenting in the halls of christiandom a perspective in the likeness of the true shepherd, as they are escorting me to the door. May peace begin. Mik

  • Though I live in America, I do not consider myself American any longer. This government does not represent me, or my wishes. There are more than a few of us over here resisting this fascism, but our struggle is seemingly as impossible as that of the Palestinians. Our government is as much occupied by psychopaths as Palestine is. A lot of us are dying here in America too under the boot of fascism, and it’s only going to get worse in the years to come. America has the worlds highest incarceration rate, and some 6 people die every day because of police encounters (both traffic stops and in jails and prisons).

    One problem here is that our voting system is completely corrupted. Politicians answer to big money, not the people, knowing that those who vote don’t really count. A lot of the big money comes from the Israel lobby, and that I think is the real reason for the ongoing atrocity.

  • Fiver

    You display your ignorance of world history for all to see Mik. Christianity has absolutely nothing to do NAZI Germany nor the vile remnant of the US today. Both nations became threats to the world following the collapse of Christianity, as each one adopted the Zionist creation of Socialism, and its Darwinian Humanist religion of Dialectical Materialism.

    I offer following two points as objects of my argument:
    1. The undeniable fact that Darwinian Humanism, Socialism, and Communism replaced Christianity as the primary national ideology of Russia, Germany, and the United States of America just prior to horrific events that each one has commited upon humanity.

    2. I also offer the ignorance diplayed within your post, which is obviously the result of object number one.

  • Anna

    Who would have really understood what was the diabolical means to an end. I was one who read your article in July, 2007. I wrote Israel and told them what a crime the gate at Rafah was. I told them about the heat and the bugs and the lack of shelter for those waiting there. I wanted to start a “Candle” campaign here in U.S. I wrote a song to establish the cause. No one listens.
    Never did I think that on the playing board of the politicians and leaders was an underhanded piece that would sell Hamas-Gaza. Horrendous. Hamas will sit back and watch. Israel will perform is performing the genocide and I suppose America will perform attacking Iran for Israel.
    Everyone wins…………….but God sees the innocent.
    He abhors the wickedness of man….an end will come.
    The Satanists kill and burn our children as a sacrifice
    in America in mid-April, usually the 19th. It is a high holy day to satan. Our Gov’t has sponsered a couple of the sacrifices. I have just finished writing “Wickedness in High Places” to tell and to warn and to see that these deeds are brought into the light. All their wickedness they planned in the dark is being exposed.
    I am so deeply sorry for you Kawther and the precious people of Palestine – Many days of sorrow are ahead of us all.

  • charlie

    What amazes, no, bewilders me is the spirit of the Palestinian people in such trying circumstances. This oppression has gone on long enough. Enough already!

  • Mik

    Fiver, I apreciate your response and agree with the factors of Darwinistic humanism, socialism etc. But tell me, what is going on in the churches which are on every other corner throughout america? Also please respond to where the church was in Germany during and leading up to wwll. My take was that they had a two church system (denominationalism), and Catholicism and protestentism were supported by the government through mandatory tax of the people–a dangerous collaberation, and a strong segment of the population were affiliated socially with “church”.
    Also, does not the church system here today have a link with the U.S.government by its tax exempt status causing a form of monetary security whereby keeping the church very tactful in its’ criticism of governmental policy? Or do these things not play a role in your thinking? I am curious for your response! thank you, Mik

  • chris

    What now concerns me is that any excuse will be used to worsen the plight of the Gaza people. The wests media is so complicit in this that it IS comparable to a war crime. They proclaim that Israel has backed down and opened the border crossings….backed down from a legitimate resistance…..but highlights Israel’s “humanitarian” concerns. What rot.

  • May God help the people of Palestine, continually demonised as “terrorists” here in the uk, true home of the Rothschild beast that controls both the US and the piratical state that calls itself Israel.

    There’s little we can do as individuals Kawther, but I’ll be adding a link to my website tomorrow in the hope of spreading your message to at least a few others.

    As for the role religion plays in war, what part of “thou shalt not kill” don’t our preachers understand? Every church is truly the synagogue of satan, with “christianity” having been successfully undermined by the blasphemy of Cyrus Scofield with his Judaic lies.

  • phD

    Thank you for keeping the information out there. As a US citizen, I am appalled at US policy since I *really* learned about it after leaving university in the 80s. All the letter writing, protesting and soap-box speeches have only labeled me anti-semitic. A great way to shut a person up or tarnish their reputation.

    The spirit of the Palestinian people amazes me. Keep up the good work Kawther, voices like yours need to be heard.

  • Robert Killian

    If the Japanese had not surrendered in WW2, They would have lost many more cities. The Palistinians refuse to surrender and will therefore continue to lose more land and life for their refusal.
    If you collectively elect terrorists to lead you, You cannot be surprised to be collectively punished for your arrogance/ignorance.
    When the Islamist fundamentalists in Palistine accept the fact that Allah their invisible friend cannot save their brainwashed people and accept surrender, Then the world will help them to live peaceful lives.
    I think Israel is being too soft on the Palistinian people, If they were to just go in and beat the Islam out of them and force a surrender, This conflict would dissolve into history.

  • Mike

    Why so bitter towards the people of Europe and the USA? Don’t you know we don’t control our own destinies; we’ve been long since conquered from within.

    We’re occupied too, you know.

    The only difference is, we have not suffered as much physically under the occupation, and so we haven’t bothered to resist it.

    A bit pathetic perhaps, but there you go.

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