Insults against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Muslims

Two days ago the Freedom Party (FPOE), a political party which is against foreigners, immigrants and refugees in Austria, launched a sweeping attack against Islam and Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

Susanne Winter / FPOESusanne Winter, a member of the Freedom Party from the Austrian city of Graz, the capital of the federal province of Steiermark (Styria), accused the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during a meeting of her party of being a child abuser. She based her accusations on her marriage with “a child of 6 years of age”. She was referring to Aisha bint Abi Bakr Al Sadiq (God gave him approval). Winter said that his marriage with this child is considered under the Austrian system as sexual abuse against children. Winter also said that when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) write the Koran he was suffering attacks of epilepsy.

Winter added to her accusations against Muslims and said that “a widespread culture of sexual abuse” exists among the men of the Muslim society.

Her declarations caused widespread anger and condemnations from all parts of Austria society: Muslims, all other Austrian political parties, priests, the church, and even from member of her own party. The governor of Steiermark apologized to the Muslim community; the office of the prosecutor in Graz initiated investigations against Winter for Incitement, according to paragraph 283 of ther Austrian penal code. The head of the FPOE fraction in the city council of Graz renounced her position in protest against the declarations of Winter.

Islam is an official religion in Austria since 1906, and the Muslim community traditionally enjoys good relations with the government and with all sectors of society; cordialities are exchanged with government officials during religious occasions, and representants from the Muslim community are invited to take part in official occasions. Austria is a quite country, and in fact the condemnations coming from the other parts of society were far stronger than the reactions from various representatives from Muslim communities in the country, who unanimously called for moderation.

16 comments to Insults against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Muslims

  • (I left the following comment at DerStandard –
    H.C. Strache und S. Winter haben heute den Islam auf scheusslichste Weise beschimpft. Woher haben Strache und Winter die Information, aufgrund derer sie diese Behauptungen aufstellen ? Vom Studium der Religionswissenschaften in Wien oder an einer anderen Uni dürfte es jedenfalls nicht sein.

    Zeigen Strache und Winter ihre Liebe für Österreich indem sie die Islamischen Gemeinden in Österreich und auf der ganzen Welt so beschimpfen ? Ich hoffe jedenfalls, dass diese nicht notwendigen Beschimpfungen keine Extremisten gegen Österreich auf den Plan rufen, denn als Gast in Österreich habe ich gelernt, die friedliche Kultur des Miteinanders hier zu schätzen.

    Ich Wünsche mir Frieden für alle die hier leben, und manchmal auch mehr gegenseitigen Respekt.

  • Muhamed never called himself a prophet and never prophesied anything but anyway, we should respect everyone and if they shoose to believe in anything its their problem. free will.

  • Roy Smith

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful of you,but I’m very suspicious of “female” Muslims,especially as shown on mainstream media news programs,like CNN or Fox News. Here’s my problem.We have a cabal trying to combine ALL religions & faiths into one big compromise that isn’t true to any faith presently practiced by the world.Islam to me is a Patriarchal dominated faith.So when I see Fox News interviewing a “Muslim” woman,I think that this is an act of deception on the part of Fox News having perhaps a pagan Wiccan witch impersonating a “Muslim.” I think that to truly know & understand Islam,one needs to talk to a man,especially the News media & stop feeding a western fantasy of equality between the sexes,because that is how its done in the Muslim & Arab countries where the men dominate.

  • Stu

    SHEEPLE it is time to wake up. The problem is a global one and there is only one. The global banking elite(semite and non-semite) are the problem. They either control it or have infiltrated it. This country or that country, this religion or that religion is only a symptom of a much larger problem. There are many branches in Thoreau’s tree of evil but only one trunk. Take away a branch and another one grows back. Take down the trunk and the branches come down also.
    Action + opposite Action = ZERO Action. We have got to figure out how to take the trunk down before we wear ourselves out.

  • mgtser

    @Guest on 15 Jan 2008 at 06:20:24
    what fact?
    please list down

    and noooo dont use dubious links but accurate history if you can
    dont just talk about things you dont know

  • Adriaan

    Those who want ot kill because their beliefs are challenged or feel gravely insulted/angry by obvious flaws being pointed out by others questioning their beliefs, should get psychiatric help as they have dangerous and disordered minds that need urgent attention. (these “angers” are the result of delusionary teaching causing a mind state of self contempt).

    There is a creative force but religion has got it wrong – all of them. Faith in religion as we know it = delusion and those who believe literally in such obvious frauds as Christian/judea/muslim religions are insecure and should seek help to re-establish their esteem. In this way we can free our socities of these outdated falsehoods known as religion.

  • Poppy

    Adriaan nailed it! Well said.

  • skymage

    Speaking as a wiccan witch I think I can say with some certainty that NO wiccan witch who is true to her faith would ever pretend to be a muslim woman on fox news, no matter how much they paid them.

    However when you realize these muslim women were raised this way, brainwashed from the moment of their birth, and the laws of Sharia allow a man the right to beat his wife, she’s considered half a person under this law, etc, I’m sure Fox news could find a perfectly brainwashed person under threat of a beating to say that Islam is good for women. And yes mohammed was a pedaphile, a murderer and who knows what else.

  • Motu

    If anybody is deprived of something, that anybody is willing to go to any extent to get its share which are deprived to him/her/it.

    Kawther Salam can do well to respond back to such blogs/posts by justifying the claim of the writer. In this case, it would serve better to the community if Kawther Salaam can support the claim of Sussanen Winter or rebuke it in totality with justification from the Quranic scirptures on what is the true fact.

    If left unanswered, it may develop into a different subject altogether. What is required now is to refute such claims if they are untrue. If kept silent, people will think they are true and will accept the claim of Sussane Winter.

    Any attack on religion is baseless, no one should make tall claims or attempt to explain in bits and pieces unless they belong to the clergy of Islam or Christianity.

  • leslie armstrong

    I knew you would delete my post, because you are not interested in any real dialog. You just want to spout your hatred and if anyone produces a logical challenge based on truth, you delete it because you can’t handle it.

    Thanks for proving what we already knew.

    (edit by admin)
    Leslie: Your other post was not deleted because “I am not interested in dialog”, but because it was uncouth and offensive, and because your insults against religion – any religion – definitely run afoul of the local laws. You have been banned, and your IP has been submitted to RBL, and the same goes for all the other people who posted offensive comments here. If you don’t like this, go post where you are tolerated, or better yet, make your own blog.

  • Ron

    99.999% of those who throw out accusations about Muhammad
    marrying Aisha at 6 or 9, whatever, are too ignorant to realize
    that story is based on an oral tradition written 300 years after
    Muhammad’s death. They are too ignorant to know this and generally
    too lazy to investigate the story for themselves. It’s far easier to
    stir up racial fears of the dark-skinned invader than to do a little
    homework. No one knows the truth behind that story.
    Easier to accuse Muhammad of being a child abuser than look
    at America, England & Israel’s crimes of slaughtering hundreds of
    thousands of Iraqi & Palestinian children over the past 25 years.

    Oh wait, time to kill Iranian children. And perhaps Syrian & Lebanese
    as well.

  • Arabian Knight

    False or not false, religion or no religion, its up to you, its always man’s free will which should be sponsored worldwide BUT
    – respect others and their will.
    – never attack, insult or bite in the back of others.
    – love your neighbors but lock ya door
    – treat others the way you like to be treated

    Being religious or not religious is not my trouble, but be a man with morals.

    Mohammed died 1400+ years, why on earth you discuss his personality NOW?
    Mohammed is not alive so to debate him, it’s shame big time to bite in a back of dead man, isn’t it?

    What world need, is MORALS, we do became cheaper then animals in the jungle, they treats one another way better then man, they kill to eat/live, we kill to be rich, which is shame on humanity!

    Talking about violence, why we have to force others to be violence?
    Someone loves his leader, why on earth you need to run his anger by insulting his leader ?
    Is it wrong to love your religion?
    Is it wrong to love your country ?
    Is it wrong to be conservative ?
    Is it wrong to be a man with morals ?
    woman with scarf or not, it should be her business not mine, why that should make me angry!
    A couple, he beat her or she beat him, it’s not my business unless someone call me for help, but if they are happy with that, let it be.

    STOP BEING NOSEY Y’ALL, live your life, your way and let others be their own, is it hard ?

    Hell or Heaven, it’s not my business which you choose, I just care for myself, and it’s not like you judge me or vice versa.

    How many years will it take us and how many victims we shall pay so to be truly humans?

    Susanne Winter, everyone love parrot’s look, but I never like its attribute.

  • Ron Coppernoll

    Adriaan who says religion is out dated?You? I dont think it is.But i do think their is only one God.The creator god.He that is.And I also believe that the people that are the problem in this world are atheist’s and Satanists and humanist.Some of them claim to be Christians in the public eye but are Satanist’s and Atheist’s out of it.The Humanist’s are generally Libtards that want to be perv’s without having to feel guilty about it.

  • Ron Coppernoll

    When my aunt was 14 she married a guy a lot older than her.I think he was 30.It was exceptable in America at the time.My uncle was not a pediphile.It became immoral when the morally superior libtarded communists started destroying the American culture and the family.Then they started promoting homosexuality in our grade schools.And they act morally superior.The poor lost souls are the true pedophiles and pervs.I see the only way to stop them is a whole lot od dead people.Like 2/3 of the planets population

  • Gary

    Seems like this woman has got all her facts completely wrong!!!. I think in this day and again she should be asahmed of herself to make such grossly wrong accusations about the last Messenger of God , Mohammad.

    please check this site if you want to know about the real Islam.

    ps read and join the caravan…..


  • butterfly

    The same is going on in my country, The Netherlands.
    There’s a lot of noise about the person of Geert Wilders, especially now his movie about the Islam – and the Muslims – is broadcasted on the Dutch television, in March.
    The purpose is obvious. Wilders’ aim is to incite as much people as possible against Muslims, “showing” that they are extremists, agressive, animal-like and terrorists.
    His political party is called the “Party for the Freedom”, but freedom for who? At least not for the 1.5 million Muslims (about 8 % of the Dutch population).
    If he want to accuse a religion, he can better do that with the Jewish one; if you see what’s haoppening in Israel since they stole the Palestinian country from its inhabitantsm, in May 1948 – and the six million Palestinians killed in the massacres caused by those Jewish zionists, then you can say that this religion seems alike that what Wilders is trying to say with his movie. (He had better go to Israel and filming the IDF soldiers when in action, bombing houses of civilians, shooting little childeren… and so on).
    The movie on which Wilders is working, must depict his opinion that the Koran is a fascistic book that even in present times incites to violence. He already send the opening images to the newpaper. There the cover of the Koran is to see, with the text added: “warning, this book contains shocking images”. After this opening images the book is opened and pictures appear of a decapitation in Iraq, a stoning in Iran and an execution in Saudi Arabia. “Who finds this shocking must not be angry on me, but on the people who have done these things”, said Wilders.
    But who dares to attack the Jews or their religion? In the Netherlands live only 30,000 Jews – and about 1.5 million Muslims.
    Why not attacking the zionist Jews who are violating in Israel all the human rights that exist, as they did in the past (also according to the Bible).
    Why attacking the Muslims? I myself am not a Muslim, but I see the lies that are told and shown otherwise, to raise anger against them among the population.
    But in Netherland at the other hand, the State Secretary of Social Affairs (Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb) is a Muslim himself, supporting the old people as well as the Muslims – so there are also good elements in my country.

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