The Politics of an Israeli Bag Lady

In the videos below, you will see and hear, from the mouth of one of the illegal Jewish colonists in the West Bank, what amounts to the political views of all these individuals, of most Jews in Israel, and of a strong majority of the Jews worldwide. The old woman who speaks in these videos is Miriam Levinger, she is the wife of criminal, terrorist and murderer Moshe Levinger, one of the ideological pillars of the occupation of Palestine.

Moshe and Miriam Levinger arrived as squatters in Hebron in 1976, they are founders of the Kach terror movement, both are involved in continued harassment, thefts, murders and many other crimes against local Palestinians. Miriam Levinger is one of these deranged criminals protected by the terrorist regime of Israel who forced me to flee my homeland. I suffered continued harassment, incitements and physical aggression from here and her partners in crime while in Hebron.

What is obvious from these videos is that Miriam Levinger has mental problems, This she has in common with all the illegal Jewish colonists in the West Bank. Her age and her apparent health condition hinder her to act out her more violent instincts. Just before I was obliged to leave Hebron she attacked a crew of journalists. I was also beaten up in that incident and filed a criminal complaint which had no effect, as always.

UPDATE: The videos were apparently censored by Google. They have been uploaded to another site.

Crime and terrorism also run in the family among the jewish colonists in Palestine, and Miriam Levinger is said to have a total of 13 sons and daughters. One of these daughters is involved in a leading role in the theft and occupation of the building belonging to Fayez Al-Jaabari in Hebron (see here and here).

“Smile for the birdie” (1:33)The fact that she and the other settlers have mental problems is of no consequence. To the contrary, Miriam Levinger and her partners in crime can and should be considered as the real government of Israel. If you are an American, the bag lady in these clips is your queen, Queen Miriam of America.
I will explain this. The soldiers you see in these videos are stationed in Hebron and other Palestinian towns to protect Miriam and the other mental cases who consider murder, theft, vandalism, terrorism, … as their religious and moral duty. Notice how the soldiers are respectful towards her and come looking at any sign she might find too much opposition (or ridicule) from the persons behind the camera.

“Nasrallah and Bin Laden want to wipe out the krishtian world” (2:11)For the benefit of Miriam Levinger and the other insane criminals like her, thousands of soldiers are mobilized, billions of tax dollars are sucked away from the USA, Americans are sent into senseless wars against muslims anywhere, ethnic cleansing has become the de-facto national sport of Israel just as football is the national sport of other nations.Miriam and her partners are represented in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, by a majority coalition of extremist parties whose representatives are elected into their seats depending on how consistently they advocate the continued genocide against Palestinians.For the benefit of Miriam and her deranged friends, hundreds of zionist organizations raise tax-exempt funds throughout the USA and manipulate all American politics to the decided disadvantage of Americans; for the benefit of your queen Miriam, a whole religious sect comprising perhaps thousands of extremist rabbis subsidized by a Jewish millionaire from Uzbekistan buys, coerces and otherwise obtains political and religious influence in many countries all over the world, because they know that if they stopped doing this, Miriam and her friends and buddies and relatives would end up institutionalized, what normally happens to people like her for good reasons, and that they, those who support them, Israel and everything they do would deservedly end up as the laughingstock of the world.

What these individuals fear more than anything is that normal people everywhere discover and understand how mentally sick they are, and treat them accordingly.

“I’m talking about b-o-o-o-mbs !” (11:22)One must question the sanity of those who support and finance people like Miriam Levinger and their activities, of the leaders of Israel, and of the leaders of all countries and institutions who support these obvious insane individuals.Why would anybody in their right mind want to waste their time, resources, money and good name in the insane activities of these insane people ? Would it not be better for the world to institutionalize these individuals, both the Jewish colonists and those who support them ?

22 comments to The Politics of an Israeli Bag Lady

  • The insanity angle is something new to me. After 60 years of continuous counter-insurgency, insanity would be normal. An Israeli friend of mine said that Jews do control media, finance, and the government of the U.S. Of course, none of these terms can be defined. But when an Israeli verifies the anti-semitic line….

  • David

    Hate and and only hate it makes their world go around

  • David

    The insanity of Israel is wrapped in hate and a belief that they are superior to the rest of the world.
    they will come to find that the world does not have the same outlook

    Her god turned his back on the Jews because they became like her full of hate .forbade them to own a country
    The only jews are those that are of the orthodox stream
    the rest are zionists that are bent on hate
    She has grown into a bitter old lady her remaining days on earth will be full of torment as she grapples with the demons in her mind, put there by a lifetime of hating.
    everything but her precious religion is to be looked down on like it was dirty.

  • Rabbit

    What a nasty creature!!!

  • Joe Blow

    Another tequila sunrise for you? Yes,the Jews do control the media and the banks and we are following all of you at the moment. Keep peaking over your shoulders, because we are everywhere!!

  • Nicky

    It’s hardly suprising that people don’t like the so called Jews when they behave like this woman does. Palestine was mentioned in the book of Genesis, i believe, more than once!
    What a disgusting woman! Jews, Muslims, etc. It’s all alot of nonsense. We are all the same. Don’t be divided by religion or anything else.

  • susan

    These people are consumed with hate and evil. According to the book of John, they are the antichrist. It is clearly stated in the book of john anyone who does not belive Jesus came to this earth in the flesh is the antichrist. Of course they are all mental ,evil will drive a person there. Zionism and those who follow it are of satan. That Christians have allowed this evil to consume our worldis pathetic.

  • Nathaniel

    This lady has become what she hates, a hateful nazi beotch. The world is not out to get you, get over it.

  • Jen Chen

    The truth is that reincarnation is suposed to be the path humans have to becoming a more loving craetive being-the path of evolution. When human beings do the opposite-each incarnation they regress rather than evolve-becoming more insanely evil and destructive, there comes a point in reincarnation where all good is gone in that person. Then these people do not reincarnate any more-it would serve no purpose. [Edited] They all fear death. The people of the middle East are the only people on Earth who have evolved. When they die they go directly to Heaven-they do not fear death-they are creative and loving beings and will become immortal in Heaven.

  • Sara Cohen

    i’m jewish, and this lady brings shame to the jewish religion and faith.

    what a nasty cunt.

  • What a sad state of affairs the world is in today.

  • J G

    Greetings: I am very sympathetic to your views. However, and i only watched the last video in the “lineup”, she doesn’t seem particularly insane, but, rather, well brainwashed. She has her fundamentalist ideology pretty well internalized. There are far too many like her all over the planet — the true believers.

    I would like to suggest the following: the “divide and conquer” agenda of the NWO/illuminati is really the root of the problem, not the misguided individuals themselves. The NWO types are intent on having complete discord among as many factions on the planet as possible; they promote and support this factionalism. The more fear, confusion and discord, the easier for them to control all of us peasants, while they murder, rape and pillage the planet and the population. While this lady is “dangerous”, those who promote this behavior, everywhere on the planet, are your real and constant enemy. They are selfish, heartless, psychopaths, and fully intend to own and control everything and everyone.

    Unquestionably there are, ultimately, “Jews” in the NWO; nevertheless the majority is not. But at their level of evil, religion is irrelevant. Their true “god” is hypermaterialism and “cluelessness.

    I pray for all of us, of all “religions” and views, that somehow the NWO “gets what it deserves”.

  • Gary

    I fail to see any sanity at all in the entire Middle East. I believe God has cursed them all.

  • the spirit

    she is a zionist not a jew
    the zionist hijacked judaism
    rabbis and real JEWS understand & fiercely defend this fact
    that woman has probably never p/up a TORAH in her entire existance
    I am indiginuos native hawaiian & refuse to believe that my REAL JEWISH brothers think like this for the ZIONIST …

  • george

    I feel sorry for Mrs.Levinger.So much Poison sowed in the Holy Land.The smallest spark of anger can burn down a mountain,and Israel is on fire…Peace upon her and all troubled souls lost in suffering.May they know and receive Compassion.

  • susan

    From the bible: 1John 4: 1-6

    Dear friends do not belive every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This ius how you can recognize the spirit of God. Every spirit thaqt acknowledges that Jesus HAS COME IN THE FLESH is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and is even now in the world.

    People have been waiting for a singular person to come as antichrist we have been wrong. Jewish Zionist took advantage of this they are the antichrist. All that evil makes people, such as this lady, a psychopath.

  • Belinda

    King James version of the Christian Bible, Revelation chapter 2, verse 9 states, ‘I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.’
    Also chapter 3, verse 9 ‘Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Sabbateans, Donmeh/Doenmeh and Frankists make an interesting internet search in relation to above.

    Maybe some of those in Israel/Palestine are in fact reincarnated Nazis as their attitudes and practices don’t seem to differ much and heading for a sticky end in the near future no doubt.

  • Apollo

    Jew, Muslim, Christian, if ONE of you is insane, you’re ALL insane! You are reading from the same script! The Jewish hag was right. Christianity DID rip-off and twist the Jewish scriptures. So did “Mohammed.” So did the Zionists. Think, McFly: Where did the “Jews” get them? Informed adults (and even some children) know that the “Bible” story of the flood and Noah’s ark was “borrowed” (ripped-off) from the Sumerians. World religion, so-called, is Sumerian. In fact, world (global) “civilization” is Sumerian. Who taught civilization to the “Sumerians”? The script is an old one.

    You, Jew, Christian or Muslim, belong to the same club. A monotheistic “Abrahamic” dooms-day cult. Here’s how the story ends. It’s in the script. (You did read the book, didn’t you?). World War Whatever is triggered in the Middle East, ostensibly between the “Muslims” and the “Jews” (with the encouragement of their “Christian” enablers); nuclear war reduces planet earth to a smoldering ruin.

    The “winners” pick up the pieces. (See World Wars 1 and 2). If it turns out that the “Jewish” messiah, or the “Muslim” messiah, or the Christian “Jesus” is running the show, well, okay, my bad, I was wrong. (Don’t be so smug. If Abraham’s your daddy, you only have a 1-in-3 chance of being right.) If nobody shows up, we’ve been HAD people!

    Wake tfu! Abrahamic monotheism and the unholy trinity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a “Sumerian” Jedi mind-trick. Slavers ruled the world back in the day, and slavers rule the world today. Jews and Christians and Muslims are not “insane.” That would be too easy. They’re not “crazy,” they’re spineless! They have surrendered their minds and free-wills! They are misanthropes, at war with the human race! And every Jew, Christian and Muslim on the planet, nominal, liberal or fundamentalist, is to blame, as direct accomplices, or feckless enablers.

    For the record, I forgive you. But, first you have to ask.

  • Chelli Stanley

    Ariel Sharon called Miriam and Moshe Levinger “heroes of our generation.” She is a very powerful woman who should be looked upon as a symbol of American colonialism and Israeli nationalism. It seems to me, at least, that she writes American foreign policy herself.
    She is the “mother” of the Israeli settlers in Gaza and the West Bank; she herself has started four settlements in Hebron.
    She talked to me a few times in Hebron, and each time I felt that she out of her mind, each time she was screaming, preaching racist and religious hatred. I have seen her daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law Baruch Marzel, and been stoned by her grandchildren. Each of these people is exceeding violent and arrogant.
    She will not accept the most obvious of truths, that Arabs have always lived in Palestine, whether they were Muslim, Christian, or Jew.
    Rather, Miriam who is New York City born, makes up stories in her head about Americans like herself having something to do with strange old stories about the traveller Abraham, who bought a burial place from the quite generous people of the land to bury his wife. This is literally the story she uses to say that the land “belongs only to the Jews!” and the claim she uses to say that there should be no Arabs in Hebron.
    Her husband is a murderer. Her son-in-law is a murderer. These are undisputed facts, but the money pours to her and all those many many like her nonetheless.
    She is the fool of Hebron. While she parades about in the streets, so confident, calm people sit in their homes and raise families, tend to their fruit, their olives and sheep, and lean on the history which long has grown them on that land.

  • Mohamad

    First,the Middle east conflict has nothing to do with religions
    And we must distinguish between Judaism & Zionism and for everybody’s surprise, the Zionists are number one enemy
    to the Jews because most of them are either communists or
    atheists but they had to do their dirty work around the world
    in order to create anti-semitism and go out to fight it but this is how they make a living otherwise they have to find another way to survive.The Zionists make alliance with the Christian
    Right groups who are antisemitics just to serve their agenda.
    They’re the only groups who’re pushing for wars around the world but they never serve in it…and that what’s creating antisemitism around the world.

  • a jew

    Lol, these people are absolutely stupid. I don’t support Israel at all, these people are mad and this is the reason why.

    This woman and others like her are a disgrace to my religion! she is crazy, it would be funny if she wasn’t actually real! ūüôĀ

  • a jew

    she needs to be locked up!!

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