The Annapolis Summit legitimized Genocide

Between the talk about peace of the Israeli government in front the world and inside the closed rooms in Annapolis and the real facts on the ground in the occupied territories, there is the same distance as between heaven and earth. The Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert, who lectured about peace in Annapolis is a war criminal who has converted Gaza into an extermination camp, and the occupied territories of the West Bank into closed and isolated ghettos and concentration camps.

On March 19, 2007, the Israeli Military Commander in Hebron, Yehuda Fuch, and the Israeli Police Chief, Col. Eli Zamir, helped and protected over 200 Illegal Jewish colonists from Kiryat Arba, led by the American criminal Moshe Levinger from “Kach” terror organization, to invade and ultimately steal a Palestinian building belong to Mr. Fayez Al-Rajabi from Hebron. The building was under construction and consists of four floors and stands in the middle of a Palestinian housing area in Hebron.

The colonists claimed that they had bought the house from his owner for US$ 700.000, a claim which they tried to base on falsified and fraudulent documents. The owner denied these allegations and sees the occupation of the building which belongs to his family as a clear case of ethnical cleansing supported by the Israeli military and police commanders of Hebron, and he appealed through the Hebron Committee for Rehabilitation to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop this illegal theft.

The Al-Rajabi House in Hebron

Colonel Fuchs gave his full support to this theft perpetrated by the illegal colonists, and he established a military watchtower at the entrance of the road to the Palestinian housing area where the building of Mr. Al-Rajabi is located, what constitutes an initial step of ethnical cleansing of the area, and his soldiers and the colonists are converting the daily life of the Palestinians who live in that neighbourhood into hell. The usual steps followed by the Israeli military to ethnically cleanse an area is to fence it off with walls and checkpoints, impede all traffic into and through the area for Palestinians, install sharpshooters and a massive military presence in the area, mistreat the Palestinians and assist the illegal colonists in continued acts of violence and terrorism against Palestinians.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2007, MK Otniel Schneller from the extremist party Kadima, a close associate of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his liaison to the colonist movement, visited the occupied Palestinian house in Hebron. MK Schneller said that the takeover of the Palestinian house was consistent with Kadima’s policy, and that the party viewed a Hebron settlement bloc as part of any future peace agreement.

MK Otniel Schneller with Kach terrorists Moshe Levinger and Orit Struk

On November 18, 2007, the Supreme Court of Israel rejected the occupation of the Palestinian house by the colonists as illegal, and stated that the documents which the colonists had presented to the court to substantiate their claim that they had bought the house, were falsified and fraudulent. Because of this, the court rejected a further petition by the colonists and the military and decided that the colonists should be ejected from the Palestinian house, and that the Israeli Defense Ministry, the Chief of the Staff, the military commander of Hebron, and the Israeli police should evacuate the colonist and give back the house to his real owner, Mr. Al-Rajabi. The court did neither open a criminal investigation nor take other steps to punish or jail the colonists who falsified these official documents.

Two weeks have passed since the Supreme Court decision, and the Palestinian house is still occupied by the illegal colonists. This is a violation of the decision of the Israeli Supreme court and the law by Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, the Police Chief Col. Eli Zamir, the Israeli Chief of the Staff Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, and the Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and it is an obstacle in the way of the peace process.

The intervention of MK Schneller in this issue as well as his presence in the stolen building is clear proof that ethnical cleansing and genocide are the official policy of the Government of Israel. That the Israeli military and police intervened in an attempt to legitimize a clear act of ethnical cleansing initiated by the illegal Jewish colonists in Hebron is a clear sign that Israel is NOT a state of law and that Israel does NOT comply with its obligations under international treaties, as this shows that institutions of the Israeli government, the Knesset, the religious authorities disregard laws enacted in Israel without fear of just punishment.

The activities of the colonists, the Israeli army and police in the West Bank and in Gaza constitute genocide, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and crimes of war according various international statutes and in the laws of many countries. The “policy” of the extremist party Kadima is a legitimization of genocide on the ground of racial and religious extremism. These and many other facts show that the government of Israel is not willing or is not capable to impose just laws in all the territories under its control.

According to international laws and precepts of law, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide can not be part of the legitimate policies of any government or party. So far the letter and the spirit of the many international treaties and laws about crimes against humanity, which derive from these international treaties, including, for example, Israel’s very own Law for Prevention and Punishment of Genocide of 1950.


* Some pictures of the occupation and theft of Mr. Al-Rajabi’s house can be seen here.

* Some documents related to the theft of the colonists are here.

6 comments to The Annapolis Summit legitimized Genocide

  • David

    Although grievous actions were taken on both sides of the middle east confrontation,it is hardly a worthy cause to bring them up when peace is coming.The American President will not go down in history as a war monger,no ,no his date with history will be that of an International Hero for accomplishing what no other person could do. HE will be the one who’s destiny is to solve the Arab and Israel conflict that has spanned some 60 years now. the 2 state solution is at hand. HE doesn’t care how its settled but it had better be settled or else it will be done by force.
    So it is time to forget the mal treatment and atrocities from both sides.Israel will have its Jewish state and The Arabs will have their Arab state with treaties signed from both sides of the equation.
    Any complainers and whiners will not only be marginalized they may even be deported to concentration camps for being instigators. Watch and learn what is coming I am positive I am not far off the mark on this. Allah(peace be upon him) Jehovah the Creator,Abraham’s descendants and every other religion will have rights to J’lem .As both the Arabs and Israeli can not solve the J’lem problems amongst themselves it will become an International place of worship .They are not dreams but will be reality watch it unfold for yourself. Those that can not get along with Humanity can no more expect to find a place any where on earth to live.Both Arabs and Israeli have had long enough to settle the matter by 2009 things will have moved fast, so be sure to pay attention to what will be unfolding
    Peace From Canada

  • David

    Pertaining to your poll whether Israel is a state of law, Of course the Answer is no As it is a religious state ,which of course has strong prejudices against those that live in the Religious state who are not of the same religion .it will be a hell on earth for them !
    The solution is to split the state of Israel in to halves with J’lem reserved as the International City or worship.
    Belonging to the U.N. a place where all religion will have a seat on the governing counsel of the City.
    Those unable to find humanity and peace in their hearts will be treated accordingly.MR Bush Is going to be hailed as the man who could do what no other could do.

  • chris

    I am appalled at the one sided coverage of the MSM of this “peace” conference. Even though activists, human rights groups and alternatve media cover the genocidal actions of Isreal, nothing gets mentioned of the brutality the Israel state displays. There is no “both sides” causing atrocities. Its a simple case of “resistance” against a brutal occupying force, (which is allowed under UN the “terrorist” should not apply) When the democratically elected govt. is refused participation in a “peace” conference and the unelected puppet takes centre stage, then any thinking person will know, that this is a farce. The fact that Israel gets unconditional support from the US makes the whole circus open for anyone (who has the ability) to see it as a enormous joke.

    While right wing govts dominate the world scene, the Palestinians are going to continually be the victims of a genocidal push by religious right wing jews….if there should be sanctions against any country in the ME, either because of their covert nuclear program or their non compliance to UN council resolutions , it should be Israel, Will it happen?…of course not.

  • I guess you missed out something!
    According to- “Land without nation to nation without land” (I am sure you know that well, for it was the words on occupying Palestine by the “poor’O’Jews”)

    So, the game of blindness played again and again, and the turn was upon Al-Jabri’s house to be thifted
    and the terrorists are who put the peace plans.

    Palestine is the Arab land!
    Israel is a jewish land!
    well, Helloooooo, many Jews are Arabs, while Arabs are from all religions, so where is the just or even peace in a Jewish ONLY land next to a land which also shall contains Jews (for being Arabs too)!

    Muslims, Christians and all Arabs need to learn that Bush and his administration are doing their best supporting Zionists the real terrorists.

  • Some of us are starting to pay attention.

  • alqaisi

    thank you
    i remember you (in the old city in hebron) long time…

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