Condoleezza, please just SHUT UP !

According to the media, last Wednesday the 17th, you “failed” in your meeting with President Abbas and his “negotiator” team in Ramallah, the treasonous puppets who are generally known as the “garbage of Oslo”. First of all, there is nothing to “negotiate” about, second, Abbas has neither a mandate nor the legitimacy to “negotiate” about anything. The situation is very clear: when a thief enters your house, you don’t negotiate, you kick the thief out, call the police, the thief goes to jail, issue finished. In this example, the thieves are the American and European Jews who interpret their religion in a way which is understood by many other Jews, and by a majority of Christians and Muslims, as a grave heresy. If for nothing else, the heresy of their interpretation of the Torah rests in that it causes suffering and engenders crime, and as much is stated in the precepts of the religion of your father. And you wonder about “difficulties” while everybody sees that you are supporting and inciting to crimes against humanity ?

Displaced Palestinians in 1948 during Al-Naqbah (Pic Credit: ?)

What you intend to do to my people and to my country is disgusting beyond belief to read, but the disgust I feel while witnessing your sleazy display of debauchery goes far beyond even what I feel about your criminal intentions. I feel insulted in my dignity as a woman by your obvious lack of respect for yourself. Have you no shame to come to my country and insolently threaten us with terrorism from “Al-Qaeda“, the American terror organization, and Iran (I have never seen an Iranian in my country), if the traitors who you pay and arm don’t sign away what does not belong to them ? Please stop your disgusting show and just shut up !

I tried to understand why anybody in his right mind would embark in a criminal enterprise as abjectly immoral as trying to engage Abbas (who has all the legitimacy of a sock puppet) and his gang of crooks in “negotiations” to sign away the fundamental rights of all Palestinians, and I read your biography with great interest. It is even more interesting when one reads that your father was a pastor for one of the currents of Christianity, Presbyterianism, which is accepted by many decent Americans as their religion. I read that the Presbyterian Church explicitly states in its precepts that the moral law is “summarily comprehended” in the 10 commandments handed down by the prophet Moses (peace and prayers be with him). After reading about you, and comparing what your parents apparently stood for with with your disgustingly criminal acts, it looks like you are heaping ignominy on the memory of your parents. Knowing that, would it not be prudent for you to shut up lest you expose yourself even more ?

According to your biography, life and your parents, probably good people, gave you every opportunity, in fact, you were privileged far beyond the dreams of most African-American women from your native Alabama, but that did not make a good woman out of you. Instead, you used your luck to turn away from your people and you sold yourself out to the very groups who still oppress black Americans, and for all your privilege and luck, today you are not more than the water-carrier for “friends” who are too cowardly to stand for their own crimes, and who see in you merely an expensive but disposable house-nigger who lends a face to their atrocious crimes against humanity. For these “friends“, who are raping your country and sucking it dry of resources, you go to my country and try to get your illegitimate puppets involved in crimes of such abject immorality that even they resist, and then it is said that you “had difficulties” ? Do your self a favour and shut up lest your special “friends” start laughing at your expense openly just like they snigger behind your back as they plan for your demise.

Unlike you, I come from a simple family, and I have never in any way exposed my parents memory to shame. My grandfather was a farmer who owned land near what is now Haifa. The squatters from Europe and the USA stole that land from him and kicked him and his family out from his property in 1948. My father owned land near what is now Ashqelon. The Jews stole it from him in 1967 and we were forced to flee to Hebron. I was forced to flee from Hebron in 2002 under death threats from the IDF. But, neither my grandfather nor my father ever “renounced” to an inch of what was stolen from them by force. All the might and force of the Jews did nothing to make them “renounce” anything. Neither have I “renounced” to my inalienable right to return nor given up my property to my criminal and terrorist neighbors.

Mahmoud Khayed Al-Kafafi (16) from Al-Bureij in Gaza was murdered last September 19 by one of Condis friends, who ran over him with a bulldozer.The story of my family is the same as that of millions of other Palestinians. Many of us still have the keys and the ownership documents of what was stolen from us, and nobody has the right to sign away our property and our rights. Doing so would be deeply immoral, it would dishonour the memory of our parents, and it would legitimize genocide everywhere. But you, a shameless wretch who dishonours the memory and the religion of her parents with her every breath, you arrive in my country with the strange “notion” that, just because you disrespect your parents memory and organize crimes against humanity on an industrial scale, a whole people should insult the memories of their fathers and grandfathers as well, and give in to criminals ? Wouldn’t it be prudent that you shut up lest people start thinking in earnest that you are totally crazy ?

You somehow want the Arab leaders to go to Annapolis because your “friends” decided that somebody, somehow, had to solve their “Palestinian problem” for them, but they don’t want to be seen committing genocide (they are seen doing it anyway). That is where you, their highly paid house-nigger, come in: organize a conference where thieves agree to split between themselves what belongs to other people, just like Sikes and Picot and lord Balfour and other psychopaths known from history. Since you are neither as smart nor as successful as your historic predecessors, you engage in the old “Al-Qaeda” scare show: “if we don’t solve the Palestinian problem, the whole place will be full of Al-Qaeda” you are cited by the media. There is no “Palestinian problem” for your information. The problem lies in the criminality of Israel and the traitors who support Israel in your country, Condoleezza, and that includes you.

Why would a woman who was professor of political sciences at a renowned American university threaten us with acts of terrorism carried out by an organization which is known to be controlled by organizations within the American government ? We all know who is in truth “Al-Qaeda“: the terrorists from the CIA, the Shin Bet, the Jordanian and Egyptian secret services, the foreign thugs working for Abbas and Erekat, and some Palestinian teens captured by the IDF, pumped full of drugs and outfitted with explosives. Everybody knows as much. So why don’t you just shut up, Condoleezza, before more people notice your ignorance and your contempt for even the laws of your own country, which are quite strict about terrorism ?

Condis friends waiting for Palestinians in the middle of nowhere to shoot at them (Pic Credit: Reuters) - they always say that they Putting all together, your special “friends” sent you on an errand to legitimize genocide in their name, an errand so immoral that even the most debased bootlickers in the region rejected your “offers” and threats, and because of this you “had difficulties” but somehow you still want everybody to come to Annapolis. You disregard international laws and treaties to which your country is signatory, you disregard 60+ UN resolutions about my country and the Israeli crimes there, you disregard every rest of human decency, you disregard the inalienable rights of all Palestinians and use terrorism and genocide and death squads (in addition to what the Israelis already do) to try to twist things in a way favourable to your special “friends”, you use your position in government to celebrate and aid and abet and finance and support genocide and terrorism and ethnic cleansing and grand theft, you have the shamelessness to mention the death of your classmate because of racist violence while you give full support to the most racist and criminal regime in the history of humanity, and then you want to tell me that it’s OK to be expelled from my home and have everything for what I worked stolen and destroyed by your “friends” . . .

But you somehow think that you deserve respect and admiration because you own an expensive red dress made by Oscar de la Renta, right ?

Condi, just SHUT UP. Take with you all the criminally deranged garbage from your country, the ones who are carrying out the genocide against us Palestinians, those American mental cases who indulge every day in crimes and atrocities everywhere in my country. Take with you the psychos from the FBI and other American criminal organizations who are torturing the many Palestinians unjustly interned in the Israeli Gulag, take with you your envoy for genocide against Palestinians, Keith Dayton, take the poodle and also take with you the corrupt and treasonous bootlickers who you call “excellent negotiation partners”, and then shove it, you filth, so that the world may never again hear from you !

32 comments to Condoleezza, please just SHUT UP !

  • Robert Hutwohl

    Condi Rice does not represent the thinking of most good Americans who despise the way the Palestinian people have been abused and mistreated. Rice is a puppet for the Bush=Cheney administration who has abused countless peoples around the world. These are crimes against humanity and these so-called leaders of the free-world who think they represent organic Americans (rather, they represent the inorganic. robotic Americans who are the walking dead) should be tried in a world court for their disrepect for human life. In the same way they have supported Israel’s attacks against innocent Palestinians, shame on George Bush and the U.S. Congress for giving him the funds and permission to go into Iraq and kill hundreds of thousands of civilian Iraquis, IMPERIALISTICALLY, ALL IN THE NAME OF “WE WANT YOUR OIL.”

  • Many Americans, like me have awoken from their daily, work aholic slumber, somewhere around the Nafta,Gatt, years, to realize , that our whole lives, we have been lied to! Our countries, leaders have set out to commit attrocities on our lives and livelihoods,the war domestically against Americans, sending manufacturing jobs overseas, out sourcecing white collar jobs,selling out our roads and highways to the highest bidders! American Families have lost heir homes to the silent war, agianst the middle class, who was once the backbone of the America. While the Elite and Government have made Billions. Through the blood sweat and tears of the American People. They have taken this wealth from us and used it to create a hugh War Machine , so they can use Religion and Israel, to rape, pillage and destroy everthing in their wake for Greed,Oil, and World control! Like me, many Americans are angry and ashamed of our corrupt government who have committed atrocities against this whole planet in the name of so called democracy! They are getting so blantent in their lies and actions even an idiot can recognize Treason against humanity and Plastine!

  • Mike

    I agree with Robert Hutwohl, most Americans don’t like this President and his cabinet, or this Congress: both of them have rate very low in many polls.

    It’s like the US gov’t has been taken over by greedy corporations who have no love for humanity, in their own country or any other. They only care about greed and power. We voted in a Democrat Congress and look at how much good that did! You probably saw the huge demonstrations here against this war on television and look how much good they did.

    So now I am going to vote for Ron Paul, a true Constitutionalist. Only Paul will work to clean up the corruption that infests our gov’t on so many levels. Only Paul will give this country a chance of becoming something to be proud of again. As you can see by the corrupt corporate media coverage Paul barely gets mentioned, even though he is shown to be hugely popular in EVERY internet poll taken no matter who holds it. If you look at who owns the media here and that is easy to understand. Free speech.. not from US media.

    If Paul doesn’t get elected it will probably be time to start thinking about where to move.

  • Ali Khaghani

    You know this state of perpetual seethe over the rhetoric and actions of such filthy sell-outs of humanity’s now sadly seems the only norm I’ve ever known. I only wish the pathetic sheep who’d mock liberty in America had a drop of your vigilance and defiance to show for. I am an Iranian-American and I can sincerely tell you today I’d happily give my life for freedom’s sake, but I can not find a handful of people here who even want to hear the truth today. This phenomena/paradox seems surreal to me, yet it’s tragically as real as can be. I don’t know where we heading but I sure hope I’m long dead and turned to fertilizer by the time we get there. I wish you and your family and people strength and all my prayers, know you still have friends here.

    Ali Khaghani

  • radwan

    awesome piece.

    lyrically masterful.

    keep it up!

    Radwan: Please abstain from using vulgar language next time.

  • Pooche

    You go Kawther!!!
    You just about explained it all.
    I wish people in the USA knew how bad these criminals really are. There has been so much brainwashing on the whole Palestinian issue that people do not know the facts.
    But rest assured, slowly, I know not as quickly as you would like, the word is getting around.
    I just pray the Palestinians can hang on until the Zionists and their henchmen in the whitehouse and congress are exposed for who they truly are. Monstrous criminals.

  • antisatan

    You can thank Condi for costing Amerikan taxpayers even more, by allowing the Israeli’s to take their “support payments” in euros, instead of US dollars, done in the spirit of “yom kipper”!
    What chatspah, as they would say!

  • Ashley Ellmaker

    Please let me know your email. I totally agree with your Condi article. A change is needed for the world.

  • Rabbit

    I also find Condy Sleezer to be harder to take than the genuinely more nasty and evil scum among the NeoCon-artists. She has sold out a lot more to be what she is. Condy Sleezer could have been someone to look up to by merely standing up for her fading principles once, even though it would have cost her job. She could have enjoyed a positive footnote in history. Instead she has chosen to be one of the main villains.

    A House Nigger, exactly what I always called the bitch too.

  • American Airman

    You are ignorant and uneducated. Not everything you say is false, but the other stupid things you say take credibility from your argument. Face facts, whether or not you like it, Israel is not going anywhere…deal with it. get over it. you’ll live a happier life. I’m not saying that a few people weren’t wronged…they were…but that doesnt change the facts. Israel is, and will be a country in the middle east. How many people have to die before you just SHUT UP (as you were so adept at saying) and deal with it.

  • Condy is exactly what the americans deserve……when americans take collective responsibility for their lives, then there leaders will reflect collective responsibility.

    Read more about universal law because this is what is missing from world governance.

    (Link edited)

  • I recently visited the Palestinian people in the West Bank region. No amount of internet reading and YouTube viewing can be compared to the impact of immersing oneself into the oppression and the inflicted suffering of the people there. In fact anywhere we travelled in Egypt and Jordan, even though these two nations have political treaties with Israel, the people themselves, as in Palestine, are in pain and in shock. They are stunned buy how many Western nations have turned their backs on the plight of the Arab people generally.

    After this visit, my third in as many decades, I cannot enjoy a nice day and be content in my usual activities unless I force-close my mind to what I have experienced.

    I don’t care whether it is Condoleezza or any of the other depraved members of the US administration. What the US is doing there, in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, cannot be described as anything short of evil.

    All this is happening seemingly because of Zionist control of the US, who in turn either seduces or threatens other nations to oblige its criminality and obscenity. However, any (especially Western) nation which cannot stand against this seduction or threat to be complicit in US crime, must look at itself to determine whether it has predisposed itself to such frailty and weakness.

    There is probably still a little time left to regain human dignity and righteousness, but certainly standing fast and not obliging these two barbaric and criminal states, US and Israel, is a pre-requisite to do so.

  • moxie

    Condoleeza has sold herself to the evil that prevails in this world today for the power and glory. She has no religion or spiritual virtues. I say this because she does not fear the consequences of her evil agenda: some call it “karma” others put it simply as “what goes around comes around” and still others “as you sow so shall you reap.”
    Also take a careful look into her eyes….

  • David

    Condi is a war criminal, having lied to incite war, among many in america. Both presidential elections of Bush were ‘fixed’ in Florida. Florida was the realm of Bush’s fat brother Jeb. If the fires of hell rage Jeb may yet become president. The Devil is ascendent in our sad new millenium. Many of us long for the days of the Cold War. In fact the ‘bad guys’ of Russia migrated to Washington via Jerusalem and now rule america. The american people are waking to discover they lost the Cold War. America is now the Evil Empire. I am sorry the Palestinians have had to suffer so much under Satan. I pray for peace and justice in the Middle East and especially in Palestine and Iraq. God be with Iran and Syria. If nuclear weapons are used in the coming warcrimes, God be with us all.

  • Great fun to see “the good jews” immediately posting comments begging ya to believe “not all amrikki suport jewish nazism” .

  • Larry Smith

    Dogma is the problem. Greed and ignorance is the evil doer, and religion is the tool. Though it has been since the beginning of time, religion should not be mixed with government and/or economics. Therefore, if you subscribe to any religion, and you impose your religious beliefs in the political arena (which is inevitable), then you are the problem.

  • Nobleone

    American Airman…

    Read the ‘real’ history of the middle east and of how Israel was created then reconsider your reply… There seems to be 2 kinds of history floating around… One that is taught/propagandised in the US and another that the rest of the world outside the US reads and learns about…

    Educate yourself before you judge…

    Cheers, Nobleone

  • Peter Wilson

    Well said.
    Peter, Australia.

  • Never has Ms. Rice denied specific reports that she telephone San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown on 10th September 2001, warning him not to fly the following day. She has, then, brough the same murderous and treasonous personality to Mideast issues, including the Palestinians’ plight. You should know more about the Bush Administration’s domestic civil rights abuses, which would provide a more complete background to their indifference to the suffering of those outside the U.S.A. It’s a bit off-topic in detail, but not in principle, as you’re invited to view my profile with its details about Government abuses, at

  • Proud when a local woman yelled at her in NYC

    Great article. Condi sucks,,,,,like the rest of the current administration, they lie to your face and expect us not to know it. They are the worst America has to offer.

    You might not know it, but during the time that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans she was shoe shopping in NYC.

    A local NYC woman knew what was going on – she screamed at Condi about her lack of concern and indifference to the disaster. Good for her.

    OF course the woman was removed from the store.

    The people of NYC HATE and PISS on Cheney/Bush/ all of these ignorant crooks.

    THe sad thing is they do it to us daily.

  • Hasanah

    Dear Kawther or can you disclose your e-mail address.
    I have written about all these things. I talk to friends.
    Now I have written a song and I want to demonstrate love in some way.
    Can you contact me. I authorize my e-mail address disclosure to Kawther Salam. I wish to go and talk to the churches in my area so that they may know. I would like to carry some more information to them about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza. The causes, and in what I call “Send the Light”: get candles and matches to you.

    Here is the song
    Love seems so far away when you need it
    And your heart doesn’t know what to do to feed it.
    Oh love..where are you, Oh love..come to me,
    Oh love..lead me home, where I want to be.
    Love takes some time to build if you want to
    And your life may need change and a hope to cling to
    Oh my hope, Oh love..I need you,
    Oh love..I can’t live when there’s none to find.
    Oh love..hold my hand, Oh me stand,
    Oh love..lead me home where I long to be
    Oh my guide, Oh love..rescue me,
    Oh love..light my world, be a home for me.

  • marie

    American Airman:

    I trust that thousands of Roman countrymen once said, “Face facts, whether or not you like it, Rome is not going anywhere…deal with it. get over it.”

    Rome lasted longer than the US and it is now fallen, gone, dead, never to be recovered in history.

    You believe like many Romans believed, I’m sure, in their incredible arrogance. They died with those beliefs, as you will, never knowing that their precious empire did in fact fall.

  • Powerful and mesmerising prose, most impressed.

    Nothing like a bit of passion to inspire a sleepless Brit at 02:00 am on a crispy Tuesday morning.

  • JBW

    Don’t feel too bad Kawther. Israel also runs over young AMERICAN girls with bulldozers as well. Not to mention strafes AMERICAN Navy ships A N D its goddamn lifeboats crammed with AMERICAN sailors. Masonic, secret-society assholes ABOUND in D.C, Tel Aviv, and the EU….ordinary people have always been raped and will always be raped by these monsters until God Himself intervenes, inshallah!

  • William Tucker

    A poem written and copyrighted in 2006 by me.
    Did you ever wonder how we.We being Americans as in you and me.Could ever teach others to be free.
    Free to torture,it’s a Presidents right.To disappear humans on C.I.A. flights.Don’t blame Bush,Cheney or Rice.We let them steal the election,not once,but twice.
    Fear is a tool they use like a saber.Fear of the Homos,Muslims & Labor.The Blacks & the Browns, but never the slavers.The shock & awe bombs or floods,wash your hands,still there is blood.
    Thousands of miles away,wars are fought & won.
    Video games prove,war can be fun.Push a button,flip a switch.Don’t hurry,no worry finish your lunch.
    Now back to the consoles,the killings not done.
    And who did we kill thousands of miles away?
    A question to be answered another day.
    My God,their ours.All dead results of friendly fire.
    Now increase the voltage on the torture wires.
    Peace to All. Bill

  • Amenraa

    Salam, I totally agree with your article, I however think you left one important word out that should have been said…Condolezza Shut the Fuck Up. I am African-American and disgusted and ashamed that this Homo Ignoramus has the nerve to think she represents humanity in general and women in particular. Franz Fanon was right we have become the wretched of the earth because of humanoids like Condolezza. Speaking of her parents one would think that it would have been better for humanity had her father worned a condom so that this wretched soul would have never been born.

  • R. Schulz

    Israel is the most expensive and useless colony on Earth. The truth is America is an Israli colony and Jews are its occupying troops. America needs freedom from Jew oppression and robbery just like Palestine does.

  • george_fr

    very bad text ; insults ….
    mr abbas , miss rice are trying to “help”
    as you i think nothing can no longer be made …it was holocaust .
    at least nazis were killing fastly and not taking/having pleasures ;[
    americans are no rich enought to continue support israelis , they just loosed silicon valley and hollywood . may be europe and petro-arabs will have good hand on this “land problem” 8]

  • Mother Tucker

    Great article Kawther… reading!

    Nice poem Bill.

    If we think the media has poisoned us with our TVs and newspapers, you might want to take that a step further to our history, science and religious books as well.

    Please check out the “Disclosure Project” video for starters.
    Take care all,

  • Leon

    Please know that a 70-year-old Black American agrees with you totally.

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