A Warning to Israel

Blockading one and a half a million Palestinians in the concentration camp which the Gaza Strip has become, declaring these innocent civilians as a “hostile entity” and the Gaza Strip a “hostile territory” is a war crime, a clear measure of genocide and a violation of the International humanitarian laws, the Geneva Convention, all of which could bring the persons in the Israeli government who signed this decision to court for crimes against humanity. The collective punishment of the inhabitants of Gaza for not corresponding to the political wishes of Israel is a grave crime against humanity, expressly forbidden by international law.

Blockading one and a half a million people in the small concentration camp which the Gaza Strip has become, and declaring this concentration camp as hostile territory is, in effect, the declaration of the will to exterminate one and a half million persons, it is the conversion of Gaza into an extermination camp.

The continuous violations of the International laws, Geneva conventions, is a clear case for the Israeli membership in the UN to be rescinded, and it is a clear violation of the conditional acceptance of Israel as a member in the UN.

Tzipi Livni is culpable of crimes against humanity as she has arranged the cooperation of other countries to commit the genocide of Palestinians, but she is not alone: the whole cabinet of Ehud Olmert are criminals who must be prosecuted for their genocidal measures against Palestinians.

I appeal to the international community to prepare arrest warrants against Livni, Olmert, as well as against the rest of the Olmert cabinet, against the military commanders who implement this misguided decision, and against the Rabbis of Israel who have continuously incited to genocide against Palestinians on religious grounds, for crimes against humanity.

The continued acceptance of Israel within the community of nations is no longer possible, as this country is a grave threat not only to Palestinians, but to all countries and all nations on earth due to its criminal energy.

I appeal to the international community to take steps to expel Israel from all international organizations, to break off diplomatic, cultural, scientific, military and commercial relations with Israel. No sound reason exists for any country, for any people on earth, to maintain relations with a nation whose only defining characteristic is not Judaism, but crime in all its forms.

A Warning to the Palestinian Authority

Militant Hamas and Fatah must immediately stop all activities against the nation.

Do NOT attend the summit organized by President Bush in the USA. Bush is against Palestinians, as were all previous American Presidents. The place where you are being invited to is the same place from where Arafat ran away as from a jail. This sham summit only serves the interests of Israel, it is against the interests of Palestinians. By going there you are committing treason against all Palestinians, and you will be accomplices in the genocide against Palestinians which Israel and the USA are implementing.

The money which will be provided to you in exchange for your compliance with the genocidal wishes of Israel and for rights which are not your to decide about, will put you at risk of lengthy jail sentences. There is no statute of limitations on crimes against humanity, and the Jews will not protect you from prosecution when you stop being useful to them. Your treason will not be forgotten if you go.

In the same way, I appeal to the representatives of all other Arab countries to not go to this sham conference. It has the only purpose of organizing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

7 comments to A Warning to Israel

  • As long as the owners/creators of Israel also own every other country on the planet except for 5 Israel will be able to carry on doing what ever she wants to anyone she wants.

  • Freedom Rings

    What five countries are not owned by the masters of the universe? Tell me and I will gladly move to one of them?

  • Robert

    North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, and Libya (but it appears they are now greedy and are moving towards free trading/globalist). But I actually have either Eastern Europe or South America in mind.

    The world is so terribly screwed.

    Just for the record, I am an American and what Israel and the US are doing is disgusting and crimes against the human race.

  • Stu

    All countries are controlled by the elite. One of the bloodline families is from China (the Li family). There is nowhere to go. The only way to maybe defeat them is for the sheeple to unite and rise up against them. Since there is so much division among the sheeple, the chances of that happening are less than zero. There is no “Israel”, “Jews”, “Palestinians”, these are only made up names. The leadership of the “Jews”, “Palestinians”, Arabs, the West, the East, etc are the same people. The “Palestinians” are mostly Arab, the “Jews” are mostly Khazars(the rank and file) and the leaders of both are Edomite and Danite (descendants of Esau and Dan). The sheeple are the ones being killed and not the leaders, so for them it is a win win situation.

  • charles buchanan

    to all it does concern:

    the will to break the american spirit will most likely be portrayed in a perfect day 2 scenario where two or three major middle schools or high schools are attackes as in the BESLAN RUSSIA incident,
    americans prize their children and the education of same above all,so this is what the dedicated suicide bombers would most likely do to demoralize us against the war.
    I think it will do just the opposite. it is because we take pride in our children and our freedom that we would choose to fight back the fiercest. when this attack occurs it will consolidate our option to win the surge war,and negate the constant left wing media drumming of cut and run!

    this event is not far off and will be more intense than the virginia tech massacre because the parents and first responders will be caught in it also,much like 911
    chemicals and/or biologicals may be used in the second phase.
    but this is only the first wave…ther next will be radiological dispersal evices in major cities possibly underground or on the tops of major buildings or high rises,as well as at ports or river connectors. this will cause much economic chaos and panic in the streets as a sidelight.

    these scenarios would probably be carried out before the november primaries.

    VERITAS LUX MEA,in his service

  • Jacob (Israel) did NOT name the land by his name!
    Zionists forces Jews to battle and they will end up a fuel for a great war, so we shouldn’t be sad for them tho.

    Fateh and Hamas are fighting for the lead, they both need to grow up and know their target and their people’s need.

    Nice article as usual and I hope they understand and get back to their minds.

  • a jew

    why are you against the summit?

    i’ll tell you why:

    because you want war.

    who cares about your stupid warnings.

    your demands are so incredibly stupid — they are the real atrocities here.

    get a life.

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