No Need for an IDF Press Release

The State of Israel is a State without morals. Israel is a State of occupiers and executioners. The Israeli army (IDF) transformed Israel into a State of terrorists, criminals, drug runners, perverts and psychopaths. The mental rehabilitation organizations in Israel are full of IDF soldiers who seek treatment. The invented image of Israel as the moral State created by the subdued nation who came from Europe has changed.

A pool of Blood in the Al-Jaabari home south of Hebron, (Pic Credit: Colonel Yehuda Fuchs)
Blood Pool in the Al-Jaabari home south of Hebron, (Pic Credit: Colonel Yehuda Fuchs)

The Israeli use of their historical past does not prevent the Europeans from expressing freely their points of view about Israel. The new European generation believes that Israel is a State of occupation which threats the stability of other countries. On Nov.2, 2003, The Guardian of London wrote that, in a survey conducted for the European Commission, 60 percent of Europeans regard Israel as a threat to the world stability. The result of this survey caused a huge reaction in Israel, which in response (as always) hurled accusations about “an increase in Anti-Semitism” in Europe. Finally, the Europeans consistently regard the US, the strongest ally of the Israeli State, as the biggest threat to world stability, according to an article in the Financial Times of July 1, 2007.

The barbaric activities of IDF soldiers in the Palestinians cities changed the international public opinion, not only in Europe itself, but all over the world. The mask of pseudo-morality which the Jewish State wears, has failed. The IDF spokesperson, the Israeli military censorship, and the Zionist lobby around the world do not have enough power to control the international media and the Internet. The world has changed. The new communication technology provides the people with all the information they need: no need for IDF press releases, no need for IDF military Press office at Beit Agoron, no need to bribe foreign journalists and offer them hotels and connection facilities in the West of Jerusalem to mislead the world public. Today, the people can read, see and reach the truth without the interference and the disturbance of the IDF and their bribed journalists.

All journalists who have ever worked in the middle of the conflict in the cities in the West Bank and Gaza know what kind of barbaric activities the IDF soldier commit in these Palestinian cities, and what kind of lies the IDF spokesperson routinely spreads in their press releases. The press releases of the IDF spokesperson are always ready in his office: they are ready-made templates where they just needs to change some words, the date, and the latest IDF crime is justified ! All the journalists know what I mean, even the journalists who write the version of the IDF spokesperson know how much he (or she) lies, and that I am telling the truth.

The IDF is always shown in their press releases as “merciful”, “sympathetic” … as soldiers who are the “poor and defenseless victims of Palestinian terrorists”. The IDF soldiers shoot and kill children, old men and women … in their houses, and the IDF spokesperson says that the IDF soldiers “were in danger because the terrorists attacked them”. It is always like that, the lies are always the same.

The question is: what is the IDF were doing in the house of the terrorists? Why do they kill unarmed women, old men and children instead of the family? With the phrase “normal activities”, the IDF describes when their soldiers break into Palestinian homes, at midnight, at 3AM or at any other time they want, to arrest somebody or to do a sadistic “search”, destroying the house in question and shooting some members of the family in front of the children, the father, the mother, the brother … or anybody else they face, it does not matter.

Yehuda Fuchs stealing a building
Colonel Yehuda Fuchs is seen here “inaugurating” a building stolen by the settlers
from the family of Fayez al-Jaabari of Hebron with help of falsified documents. Like
everything the IDF does, what he does is to support theft, lies and murder.

The Al-Jabari Execution In Hebron
Let us look at the “innocent, normal” activities of Brigade Colonel Yehuda Fuchs’ troops in the early morning of Wednesday, June 6, 2007. In the house of Yehya Al-Jabari from Hebron. Colonel Fuchs sent his paratroopers to the house of Yehya Al-Jabari who lived in the B’er Haram Al-Ram area of Hebron. Fuchs sent his troops to arrest a boy of age 17 (“a terrorist and wanted person” in IDF diction), the son of the family. At 3AM, over 50 Israeli soldiers with trained dogs invaded the house of Yehya, a Palestinian citizen aged 80 years. They knocked at the door, Mr. Yehya Al-Jabari opened the door, the IDF troops shoot him to death at the door and broke into the house, and then began shooting at his family from one room to another. Five unarmed civilian were injured during this (“innocent activity” in IDF diction). His wife Fatima, (unarmed) of age 65, was shot in the head and in numerous parts of her body, her skull was broken, she is in critical condition until this moment.

Kamil, of age 24, and his brother Radi, age 36, (both unarmed), the sons of Yehya, were shot inside the house too. The women and the small children were dragged by the IDF soldiers into a room. The children vomited and urinated in their cloths because of the trauma caused by the “innocent activities” of the IDF soldiers, and because of the the pools of blood in the house. The soldiers did not leave the house until the survivors of the massacre signed a paper stating that they would turn in their 17-year old son themselves.

There was no need for a press release by the IDF, as everybody knows that they are liars. Also, there is no need for press releases about future crimes committed by the IDF. Everybody knows what the IDF is, and what the press speaker of the IDF is: liars trying to cover up crimes against humanity.

Here is a video of the event, made by a Hebronite journalist and published in Al-Jazeerah. The pool of blood at the start of this article is a frame from this video.

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