Google Pushed Palestine into the Sea

Is Google condoning or inciting to genocide against my country ?

The current provider of my website does not offer any kind of statistics. As an alternative and until I find something better, I am using Google Analytics to keep an overview. Today I noticed something that makes Google appear in a very negative light: In short, Palestine has disappeared from their maps and has been replaced by water. I don’t know how this error appeared in Google, I also don’t know if it i is an error or something done on purpose, but I find that this issue is very serious. Denying the the whole Palestinian nation the right to be on the map can only be a gross error if one believes Google’s slogan of “Do no Evil”, but given Google’s influence and presence on the Internet, this error can lead to the public believing that Palestine and its population of over 4 million does not exist, and that they have no right to existence. Here are some screenshots and the explanation of my issue.

This is the Middle East (“West Asia”) according to Google Analytics. Notice that there were some readers from “Palestinian Territory” as Google calls the West Bank and Gaza.

When I click on “Palestinian Territory” in the previous image, I get this blank image with
the colour of the mediterranean sea. Palestine has ceased to exist for Google. The clicks
actually came from Ramallah, but city does not exist anymore for Google.

This is Israel according to Google. Notice how the “Palestinian Territory” has the same colour of the Mediterranean.
Gaza is not delimited towards the sea. Neither Gaza nor the West Bank are clickable, as are the neighboring countries.To be pushed into the water and depicted as two big ponds is incredibly insulting for my nation, which still number over 4 million people living in these territories. Neither I nor the other millions Palestinians living in diaspora and in Palestine have dissappeared. We still exist, we are Palestinians, despite the fact that we are often forced to live outside of our homeland and that many of us carry other passports. We did not chose this, but this it was imposed on us by a coward “international community” which has no problem whatsoever with apartheid and genocide, as long as it is being perpetrated by Jews in the name of Zionism, and by too many persons or organizations who, like Google, at best don’t care.Is there any purpose why Google would suppress Palestine in their maps ?Is Google serving any interests in their apparent suppression of a whole nation which is currently imprisoned in two giant concentration camps, slated for extermination ?Is there a relationship between Google, and Israel and various zionist organizations who are promoting and justifying the ongoing genocide against Palestine ? What purpose would such a relationship have if it existed ?I request from Google that they
* include the Palestinian territory and all its cities, with their Arab names, romanized or not, in all current maps and other relevant products published by them, such as “Google Analytics”.
* include, as a demonstration of good will, recent high-resolution images of all the West Bank and Gaza in their “Google Earth” and “Google Maps” products, which will help interested groups to ascertain the real extent of the ongoing destruction and thievery by the illegal settlers and the IDF in my country, as the current available image data for Palestine is downgraded. Neither Israel nor the half million illegal Jewish settlers in my country have legitimate security interests in either the West Bank or Gaza, allegations to the contrary from their side are moot.
* use the so-called “Green Line” (armistice line of 1967) to depict the legal and accepted border to Israel.
* include the real, Arab, names of all cities and villages in Palestine in their mapping products. Wherever illegal Jewish settlements are designated, to designate such places as “illegal”, what they are, under international law as well as under the fickle and racist laws of Israel.I have looked at the American law concerning genocide. Given Google’s predominant position in the internet search market and its resulting influence on public opinion worldwide, the continued suppression of Palestine from Google’s maps could be interpreted as an incitement to, or at least condoning of, genocide. This is sanctioned in the American Penal Code under USC 18, Chapter 50A, and is also a criminal offense in many other countries where Google operates.I expect responsible persons from Google to offer a satisfactory explanation for this very grave issue, and I would appreciate that Google take in consideration the prompt resolution of the problems addressed here, without allowing undue influences which are of no benefit to anybody involved.Please write or call Google about this, they have contact information on this page. I repeat it here for your convenience. My Email address is kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] Google Inc.
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Mountain View, CA 94043
phone: +1 (650) 253-0000
fax: +1 (650) 253-0001

2 comments to Google Pushed Palestine into the Sea

  • Lamia

    Thank you very much for posting this – I will look it up when I get home from work experience (lunch break, lol).
    I’ve been reading various pages of your blog and what I’ve heard appalls me! I am also Palestinian and have faced a lot of racist abuse (especially going through Tel Aviv Airport) as a result of travelling to see my family (I live in the Philippines). My heart goes out to you.
    Lamia x

  • Ahmed

    Hello Kawthar I thought this may be of some interest to you,

    Google has there own agenda and if you didn’t already know both the founders are of Jewish origin. If im not mistaken they opening a middle east office based in Israel.

    In my opinion the Google guys are sticking by their “Do no evil” Slogan and have seriously powered the net in many ways, but as for the map thing Im not sure why its like that on analytics.

    You might want to look up Google adsense and see if its of any worth to you and your blog, and keep up the great work love it.


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