The Life of three Widows in Hebron

The occupational redeployment did not change the Palestinians tragic life in Hebron. All what happened during what so called “Peace Time”, Hebron divided into area H1 under the Palestinian control and area H2 under control of the Israeli authorities. This division was agreed upon at the “Taba Agreement” by the so called “Palestinian Authority”.

Anyone who did not live in Hebron will not be able to understand the tragic division and it’s reflection on Hebronite people.

A soldier who should be manning the checkpoint sleeping on the stair of the widows. Is this behavior reckless irresponsibility and dereliction of duty, or is it just that his life was never in any real danger by the Palestinians ? The same soldier, seen from above. He did not react when I passed by his side, he was probably drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Nawal, Najwa and Siham, three widows, live with their 11 children in a house on Al-Shuhada Street in Hebron. Their house lies on the border, the façade is under Israeli occupation, the back is under the Palestinians control. The entrance to the house is a military post. On the rooftop, the Israeli army has placed a military watch point to look over Palestinian Hebron. Three women trapped in the middle, constantly surrounded by Israeli soldiers, carry on their difficult lives in a perverse situation.

IDF Checkpoint opposed the widows house at the entrance of Al-Shuhada street.

Nawal said that the IDF soldiers mixed their urine and feces with the families drinking water on the rooftop, her child Nawaff of nine years old was infected with typhoid and hospitalized. We discovered that the IDF soldiers contaminated our water with urine and feces, she said. That’s not human behavior, the IDF soldiers complicate our life, this all what redeployment from Hebron has brought us is the military post which was placed 200 meters from of our house, now transferred through redeployment to our rooftop.

I carried the three widows story through the Film “Detained” which was produced by two Israeli Jewish women.

An IDF soldier checking the underwear of one of the widows, Najwa.

Another old woman of 63 years age, Mr. Ahmad Jaber’s wife, was infected with typhoid during the year 1998 in the “Peace time”, after the IDF soldiers stationed on the rooftop of the familys house. They mixed their feces with olive and cheese stored on the roof top room. They also urinated in the family’s water tank. The family was then denied the right to use the rooftop of their house or to check the situation on the roof where their private food reserves were stored.

The IDF soldiers urinated in Abu Esheh’s water tanks in Tal Romeida in 1997. The family discovered this since it happened and asked for medical tests. The result of the examinations confirmed the incriminated events.

An IDF sniper in action. This is in the house where the three widows and their children live. The owner of this building was shot by a sniper stationed on the rooftop. These IDFs are sniping into the Palestinian Area from the entrance of the DCO office, in front of the three widows building.

This was the real peace the Palestinians lived in Hebron under the authority of Colonel Ygal Sharons.

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