IDF Drugs and Sex party at Dr. Tayseer’s House

Tall Stories, which discredit to human sense, it’s part of our daily life under the occupation during what was called “Peace Time” ! Mr. Tayseer Zahdeh is an Obstetrician, his high house which stand in Jabal Al Rahmeh / Tal Romeidah Street, overlooks the heart of Hebron, the city center of Bab Al Zawyeh. The First floor has a big garden planted with flowers, lemon and grape trees. The first floor is engaged by his bothers family. The second floor is a private Maternity hospital of Dr. Tayseer, who lives in the third floor. The fourth floor belongs to his sister, who is married and permits her brother to expand his hospital.

A bucket of 'Army Mix', a mixture of urine and feces, left rotting by the IDF soldiers.

Dr. Tayseer was nearly ready to live in the fourth floor and develop his private hospital in 1998 when the IDF soldiers occupied the rooftop of his house. Everything was turned upside down, the main entrance of his house started stinking, the flower pots were full of IDF oddments, food rests and feces, the IDF soldiers irrigated the flowers with their urine.

Plastic bags filled with IDF feces were hanging on the branches of the lemon trees and the grapevine, distorting the trees beauty and replacing the scent of the lemon and orange trees with its own disgusting stench. The houses white walls acquired a yellow color. The IDF soldiers were collecting their urine and feces in a big bucket and spreading it from the fourth floor down the walls, also covering his brothers family clothes hanged outside to dry. Hundreds of bottles filled with urine were spread all over the previously beautiful garden, sand and filth covered the stairs.

The room of Dr. Tayseer’s children was filled with a disgusting stench. When the soldiers on the roof spread their mix of rotting urine and feces on the walls of the house, it would seep into the houses rooms through the windows.

One evening, the soldiers were groaning with strange voices, they had left their military post on the rooftop and sat on the floor at the stairs corner. Dr. Tayseer became curious to look at what they were doing. He opened a small window to look at them. He saw the soldiers injecting each other, probably with Heroin, and enjoying themselves sexually. He called the ‘TIPH’ International Observers to come and film but they ignored his request. The morning after, he found used syringes which had been used for injecting themselves with Heroin,left behind by the IDF soldiers. Dr. Tayseer Zahdeh showed me the syringes, explaining that the grey color meant they had been issued by the IDF.

The TIPH also saw these syringes, but the IDF spokesperson said these were Dr. Tayseer’s syringes. He tried to change the facts but forgot the special gray color of IDF issue syringes which are not used by the public medical sector, let alone a Palestinian doctor. In fact, the army issue medical gear is not allowed to be used by health services, public or private, outside of the army.

The IDF soldiers harassed Dr. Tayseer and his family several times, he fell into coma and was hospitalized when the IDF soldiers beat and suffocated him seriously as a result of trying to fix the T.V wire on the rooftop, which had been cut by the IDF soldiers. The IDF soldiers made a lot of damage on Dr. Tayseer Zahdeh’s property, they stole the satellite receiver antenna for foreign programs, they used his gas heating machine, they broke his solar water heaters, cut the wire for hanging clothes, and prohibited his wife from further using her own rooftop.

The broken solar collectors on Dr. Zahdeh's roof. In the background the washing room, and a bag of collected army garbage. In the foreground the cut TV wires, for which Dr. Zahdeh was beaten into coma by the soldiers. Another view of a broken solar collector on Dr. Zahdeh's roof.

When the IDF soldiers beat Dr. Tayseer Zahdeh and he was hospitalized in coma, I questioned the IDF spokesperson Dinor Mizrahi about the incident. He denied the IDF attack, he claimed that Dr. Tayseer became epileptic when he was talking with the IDF soldiers on the rooftop of his house. I was astonished of the IDF spokesperson response. I asked him how many doctors with epilepsy were granted a permit in Israel by the health ministy to practice as obstetricians or to make surgical operations, like Dr. Tayseer Zahdeh. The IDF’s Mizrahi understood what I meant, he didn’t respond.

This story is from the “peace time, before the start of the second Intifada. After the Intifada started, the situation became even worse for Dr. Tayseer and his family. The house has been declared a “military zone”, the Zahdeh family are tenants in their house, a heavy machine gun emplacement is now on the roof, snipers shoot from this roof, journalists and relief organizations are forbidden from coming to the area, the Zahdeh’s are forbidden from complaining about this situation, even from using their own telephone.

Dr. Tayseer’s Clinic has been closed down, he does not treat patients any more.

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