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AACC Hosts Presidents, Princes and Political Figures

copyThe Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) will host a number of important European and Arab personalities in Vienna, among them presidents and princes, on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary. The 7th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum and Exhibition, which will be held on Thursday May 22nd 2014 at the Festival Hall of the Municipality of Vienna (Festsaal im Wiener Rathaus).

The association bears the name: “Österreichisch – Arabische HHandelskammer” and has its seat in Vienna, it’s activities extend throughout Austria. The association plays an important role in strengthening the relations between Austria and Arab countries.

The activity will held in cooperation with the Arab-Austrian Economic Forum and Exhibition. It is organized by H.E. Minister Adnan Kassar, President of the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the Council of Arab Ambassadors to Austria. It will be held under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Heinz Fischer, President of Austria, who will attend the opening of the Forum, and it is sponsored by Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor and Governor of Vienna.

The 7th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum & Exhibition offers a unique platform in Austria for knowledge exchange, networking and deepening of Austro-Arab relations in economy, trade, culture and diplomacy.

In the Exhibition area: display of companies, enterprises and international institutions together with the diplomatic representations of Arab countries in Austria, allowing for special opportunities to meet with the business community and establish personal contact to potential future business partners in the Austro-Arab context.

The 7th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum will introduce high-level speakers, experts and senior representatives to present and discuss topics with focus on “Essential Infrastructure”: Energy – Water – Transport – Construction & “Food & Agro Industry” from the Austrian, Arab and international perspective.

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The Secret Behind King Abdullah's Visit to Vienna

DSC_7495_edited-1His Majesty King Abdullah II Jordan arrived last 8 April 2014 to Vienna. A week after Mr. Shimon Peres three-days visit to Austria. His Majesty was accompanied by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, his representative and personal envoy and chief advisor for religious and cultural affairs, Dr. Fayez Tarawneh, the head of the Royal court in Jordan, Mr. Nasser Judeh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Imad Fakhoury, the Director of the King’s Office.

At quarter past 12, President Dr. Heinz Fischer received his guest King Abdullah at the Hofburg yard. After the national anthem, a ceremony was held in which President Fischer and His Majesty reviewed the Austrian guard of honour together.

The Austrian presidential office did not release information about the king’s visit and the nature of the talks held with him. A short press release was issued by the Austrian presidential office, only mentioning that both President Fischer and King Abdullah II had held a work session. No press conference was held following the meeting at the presidential palace either.

DSC_7419_edited-1Political sources made connections between the current visit of the Jordanian visit to Austria and the visit of israeli “President” Shimon Peres last week. The sources believe that the israeli president informed the President Fischer about new israeli perspectives concerning the so-called “peace negotiations” with the PA as well as the final status of the holy Islamic sites in occupied East Jerusalem, which are until now under the authority of the the Ministry of Islamic holy sites in Jordan.

The political sources predicted that President Fischer would talk King Abdullah II about the situation in Syria and the danger of the presence of Islamic terrorist groups at borders which threaten israel and Jordan as well as the whole region.

It is worth mentioning that a political crisis erupted recently between Jordan and israel in the wake of the cowardly murder of a Jordanian judge in the magistrate’s court in Amman, Mr. Raed Zeiter, 38, who was murdered in cold blood by israeli soldiers at the Allenby Bridge.
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50 to 60 Percent Agreement On Iran’s Nuclear Deal But Finalization in May

DSC_7575Vienna International Center – Kawther Salam – Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief said in a joint statement with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during a press conference held today afternoon at the Vienna International Center that the nuclear talks between Iran and the six world power countries were “standing in the way of a comprehensive agreement and we are trying as hard as we can to drive the process forward.”

She said that `’a lot of intensive work will be required to overcome the differences ahead.”  Ashton suggested some progress was made and the negotiators are now looking to the next round on May 13 2014. She said: “We will now move to the next phase in the negotiations in

Ashton and Zarifi stated that the negotiators will meet again on May 13 2014, two months before July 20 2014, the deadline for finalizing the accord. She said that “a lot of intensive work will be required to overcome the differences ahead.”  

DSC_7705Iran and six world powers namely the USA, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany started a new round of nuclear negotiation on Tuesday April 8 in Vienna, aiming to reach a draft of a final agreement.

The power countries want Iran to scale back its uranium enrichment activity to deny it any capability to quickly produce an atomic bomb, if it decided on such a course. Iran says its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and wants them to lift sanctions.

Iran’s foreign minister Zarifi spoke in Farsi while reading his statement despite there was no translation during the press conference, he said that his country and six world powers are reached “50 to 60 percent agreement” on the shape of a nuclear deal meant to crimp any potential Iranian attempt to build nuclear arms in exchange for an end to crippling economic sanctions.

Vier-Augen-Gespräch mit Jordaniens König Abdullah II.

أربع مواضيع تناولها العاهل الآردني مع نظيره النمساوي خلال الزيارة الخاطفة ل فيينا
الملك عبد الله الثاني في زيارة عمل من عمان إلى الفاتيكان – للنمسا – ومن ثم إلى روسيا

DSC_7370_edited-108.04.2014 – Thema des Meinungsaustausches in der Präsidentschaftskanzlei: die Lage in Nahost und in Syrien – besonders die dramatische Situation der syrischen Flüchtlinge – sowie die aktuelle Entwicklung in der Ukraine

Der jordanische König Abdullah II. hat am Dienstag zu Mittag in Wien mit Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer ein Vieraugengespräch geführt.

Später stießen auch der jordanische Außenminister Nasser Jawdeh sowie Kanzleramtsminister Josef Ostermayer zu dem Gespräch. Thema der Gespräche waren die Lage in Nahost und in Syrien sowie die vielen Flüchtlinge.

Abdullah II. bin al-Hussein war zuvor mit militärischen Ehren durch Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer im Inneren Burghof empfangen worden.

Dem Vieraugen-Termin und den Gesprächen mit Jawdeh und Ostermayer folgte ein Mittagessen, bevor der König am Nachmittag nach Moskau weiterreiste, wo er laut Präsidentschaftskanzlei auch Präsident Wladimir Putin treffen wollte. Deshalb hätten Heinz Fischer und der jordanische König auch über die Lage in der Ukraine gesprochen.

Thema des Vieraugengesprächs sei besonders die aktuelle Situation in Syrien gewesen, mit ihren Auswirkungen auf die Region wie etwa dem Flüchtlingsproblem, mit dem Jordanien zu kämpfen habe. Nach Jordanien sind rund 590.000 Menschen geflüchtet. Heinz Fischer berichtete König Abdullah auch von seinem Treffen mit Israels Staatspräsident Shimon Peres Ende März in Wien.

Ein drittes Thema der Gespräche waren die mögliche Intensivierung der bilateralen Beziehungen zwischen Amman und Wien in Bezug auf Kultur, Tourismus und Wirtschaft.

Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer und seine Frau Margit Fischer hatten im November 2008 Jordanien einen Staatsbesuch abgestattet. Im April des selben Jahres hatten sich König Abdullah und seine Frau Rania zu einem Arbeitsbesuch in Wien aufgehalten.
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Two Foreign UN Workers Were Killed At Galkayo Airport

Yury Fedotov jpgTwo foreign UN workers were shot dead at Galkayo airport in Puntland, Somalia. They were one Briton and one French working for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) based in Kenya but had regular visit to Somalia.

A soldier serving as the security guard at Galkayo main Airport shot and killed the two men as they entered the airport and landed from their plane from Nairobi, Kenya today around 11:40 am (local time), according to Colonel Ali Yusuf who is head of the security of the Galkayo Airport.

The Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Yury Fedotov condemned the murder of the two UN consultants.

He said: “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the killing of two of my colleagues in a cruel and senseless attack. I hope the relevant authorities in Somalia will undertake every effort to ensure that their killers are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice. I would also like to offer my most profound condolences to the family, loved ones, friends and colleagues of these two individuals, who were so committed and dedicated to UNODC’s work.”

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, said there could be no justification for what he called “a callous attack.”

العاهل الأردني الملك عبد الله يزور النمسا بعد أسبوع من زيارة رئيس الدولة العبرية شمعون بيرس

تكتم حول طبيعة اللقاءات وما سيدور فيها

DSC_7487في بيان صحفي مقتضب أعلن قبل أيام مكتب رئيس الجمهورية النمساوية دكتور هاينز فيشر, عن زيارة خاطفة يقوم بها العاهل الأردني الملك عبد الثاني للنمسا اليوم الثلائاء, وذلك بعد أسبوع من زيارة رئيس دولة الإحتلال الإسرائيلي شمعون بيرس للجمهورية, والتي إستمرت ثلاثة أيام ما بين 30 آذار وحتى الأول من نيسان الجاري

وفي تمام الساعة الثانية عشرة والربع ظهرا, جرت اليوم مراسم إستقبال رئاسي ملكي للعاهل الأردني في ساحة “هوف بورج”, إستقبل خلالها رئيس الجمهورية النمساوية د. “فيشر” جلالة الملك الأردني, واستعرضا سويا حرس الشرف بعد أن عزف السلام الوطني

ورافق الملك في زيارته كل ممثله ومستشاره الخاص الأمير غازي بن محمد, المستشار الملكي للشؤون الدينية, رئيس الديوان الملكي الهاشمي دولة د. فايز الطراونة, ومعالي وزير الخارجية ناصر جودة, ومدير مكتب جلالته عماد فاخوري

وسمح لصحفيي القصر الرئاسي النمساوي بتصوير مراسم الإستقبال في ساحة “هوف بورج”, وفي قاعة الإستقبال  “ماريا تريزا” وكذلك في صالة العمل الرسمي قبل بدأها بين الطرفين

وهذه هي المرة الأولى التي لا يعلن فيها عن عقد مؤتمر صحفي في القصر الرئاسي بعد إنتهاء جلسة العمل الرسمية بين الرؤساء, كما يجري الحال خلال زيارات الرؤساء والملوك ولقاءاتهم مع رئيس الدولة

ولم يفصح البيان الرئاسي, عن ماهية المحادثات مع العاهل الأردني وطبيعة اللقاءات التي سيجريها مع المسؤولين النمساويين

إلا أن مصادرا سياسية قد ربطت بين زيارة العاهل الأردني الحالية وزيارة الرئيس الإسرائيلي “شمعون بيرس” التي كان قد طرح خلالها وجهات نظر إسرائيل المتعلقة بما يسمى ب “عملية السلام” مع الفلسطينين والصراع في سوريا

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This is called: John Kerry

photocWritten by: Chelli Stanley. an American citizen – It’s reality check time, time to spin the spin back at you. What is there to believe about the fact that you, the United States government, fund both parties at the negotiation table?  The Israelis get (cough) 17 million a day of tax$.  The funding of the Palestinian corrupt paid off “leaders” (like Abbas whose term ran out in 2009, if you’ll recall), is very reminiscent of colonial era policies, if you’ll recall..

The United States government funds both parties at the negotiating table.  And they just can’t make peace, just like this government just can’t stop all the drugs from flooding in like we drowned a long time ago, and just like this government just couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden – and threw his body into the sea immediately upon seeing him, if you’ll recall, and like this government just can’t end the War of Terror, and just like, and just like, and just like, so many things it can’t roll off your tongue fast enough in these times,
so reality check John Kerry,
stop bullshitting
The joke’s on you.
Reality check!  The United States has no legal basis for existence, it is a corrupt system based on thievery and murder.  Indigenous people of this Land did not disappear, and their histories did not vanish.  Look at that in the face.  See that the United States government has waged endless war in the presence of all the Indigenous people who are here.
Look that in the face.
Reality check! Because the bullshit gotta go

Rashida Mahran: Cultural Advisor to President Arafat

 في أعقاب المكالمات الهاتفية التي أجرتها معنا السيدة أمل أنور سعيد, ابنة المرحومة د. رشيدة مهران من زوجها الراحل نقيب الصحفيين السابق السيد أنور سعيد, المقيمة في الإسكندرية بجمهورية مصر العربية, وما دار فيها من حديث هادىء اتسم بالوضوح والشفافية والتعبير عن الرأي, نجد لزاما علينا نشر اقوالها في حلقات جديدة, ننقل خلالها حيثيات ما روته عن والدتها المرحومة د. مهران, وذلك عملا بحرية نشر الرأي والرأي الآخر. البقية في الحلقات التالية
الحلقة الثامنةالحلقة التاسعةالحلقة العاشرةالحلقة الحادية عشرةالحلقة الثانية عشرةالحلقة الثالثة عشرةالحلقة الرابعة عشرة والأخيرة

edited-1 copy_edited-1In reaction to my past writing about the late Dr. Rashida Mahran, cultural advisor to late president Arafat, I recently received clarifying information which from Ms. Amal Anwar Saeed, her daughter, who lives in Egypt. This article is an update to my past writings about Dr. Rashida Mahran.

Ms. Saeed stated that the PA transferred two months’ pension after the death of her mother. Saeed also said that her mother had suffered many troubles in recent years and before her death due to the constant delays on part of the PA in the payment of her pension.

Ms. Saeed also denied that her mother Dr. Mahran had worked for any intelligence services, saying instead that her mother had been an academic and a professor.

According to Saeed, she finished her studies at University of Alexandria in Egypt, where she got a master’s degree and a doctorate, and later worked as a professor at the same university.

According to her, the University of Alexandria allowed her mother to work at the PA with the late President Yasser Arafat, where she she received a position as a cultural advisor to Arafat.

Ms. Saeed stated that her mother “held sacred” the late Palestinian President Arafat and that she “loved and worshiped him like a God”. According to Saeed, her mother wrote a book titled “Abu Ammar the Unbreakable, or a bu Ammar is Difficult Figure” (Arabic: أبو عمار الرقم الصعب).

pics1_edited-12She added that her mother had already worked very hard for the sake of Palestine and the Palestinians before her meeting with Arafat. Her articles in support of the Palestinian cause were published in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas and in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, which is published through the Middle East.

Ms. Saeed also stated that she and all her brothers loved President Arafat and they had been “like a family”. Ms. Saeed considers the late President Arafat as more than a father, and according to her, to this day she reads the Al-Fatihah prayer from the Holy Quran in memory of the late the President Arafat before going to sleep.

Ms. Saeed kindly sent me a family picture of her mother, herself, brother and sons with the late President Arafat. This historic photo is published here as it shows a rare glimpse into the private life of the President and the team who worked with him. I wish to thank Ms. Saeed and her family for their kindness and for allowing that this private information becomes published. Click here to continue reading the story.

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