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The Blood of Palestine Is On The Hands Of The Bribe-Takers

child of gaza-1The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers: by Anthony Lawson – Published on Jul 30, 2014

This is one of the hardest-hitting videos I have made because Israel is surpassing itself with its demented behaviour towards the people it stole a country from.
The blood of the thousands of Palestinians who have been killed by the so-called “israel defence forces” Israeli War Criminal Dorces (IWCF) since the beginning of the siege of Gaza, stains the hands of each and every politician who has done nothing to censure Israel for this cruel and illegal act of virtual imprisonment, or who has taken any kind of bribe to bolster his or her election-campaign coffers, in return for turning their backs on the quite obvious fact that Apartheid Israel has never had any intention other than to genocide the Palestinian people.

All we have to do, now, is work out how to do what I suggest should be done to end the carnage.
Please spread the video as far and as wide as you can; knowledge is the only way we can beat the bastards.

The blood of the thousands of Palestinians who have been killed by the so-called “israel defence forces” (IWCF) since the beginning of the siege of Gaza, stains the hands of each and every politician who has done nothing to censure Israel for this cruel and illegal act of virtual imprisonment, or who has taken any kind of bribe to bolster his or her election-campaign coffers, in return for turning their backs on the quite obvious fact that Apartheid Israel has never had any intention other than to genocide the Palestinian people.

Bribe –bribery definition: Black’s Law Dictionary
Gideon Levy article:

Although Levy often comes out strongly against Israel’s actions, so much so that he now has to have a bodyguard, he is dead wrong to try to blame HAMAS for anything. Israel started everything, by having themselves plonked down in Arab territory.

Goldstone Report

Ayelet Shaked: Called for the killing of Palestinian women in a Facebook post, quoting these words: which were written by one of Benyamin Netanyahu’s speechwriters, the late Uri Elitzur.

She has since denied that her post was racist or offensive, by pointing out that she was quoting from an article by the late Uri Elitzur, which was written 12 years ago.
But her denial simply doesn’t hold water, because in her Facebook introduction to it she wrote: “It is as relevant today as it was at the time.”


Look At The Video That Does Not Appear On The CNN

The video below shows how the Israeli war criminal forces (IWCF) committed a premeditated massacre at the Shejai’ya neighborhood in the north of Gaza Strip and how the criminal air-forces and artillery bombed a gathering of Palestinian citizens, ambulance crews, photographers and journalists who went to evacuate a number of wounded and murdered Palestinians JUST five minutes before the (IWCF) massacred them.

Despite the gathering of medical crews and Journalist as the video shows, the israeli artillery bombed the place with more than six shells led to the death and injury of everyone was in the place. Off course this video will never appear at the CNN and US media owned by zionists and American senators.

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Video and Pictures of Massacring Children At UNRWA School in Gaza

school mass-1UNRWA strongly condemned the deadliest Israeli strike targeted Wednesday an UNRWA-run school being used as a refuge for internally-displaced Palestinians in Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli war criminals forces (IWCF) shells hit two classrooms where dozens of Palestinians were sheltering. At least 19 children were massacred and their bodies fragmented into small pieces and blown all over the place from the intensity of the explosions.

The (IWCF) has committed several bloody massacres against the Palestinian children during 23 days of aggression and war crimes against the besieged Palestinian population in Gaza Strip. On July 16 2014, the Israeli naval boats massacred four children on the beach of Gaza. On July 28 2014, the (IWCF) massacred dozens of children while playing on the first day of Eid al-Fitr. On July 20 2014, the (IWCF) committed massacre in the Shejai’ya neighborhood, at least 131 were killed and injured.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, 1,361 Palestinians have been killed and more than 7700 injured since Israel’s Protective Edge offensive in the Gaza Strip began on July 8.

5298Following the latest massacre at the school, UNRWA Commissioner-General Mr. Pierre Krähenbühl has issued a statement in which he strongly condemned the massacre and denied the (IWCF) allegations.

In his statement he said: “Last night, children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a UN designated shelter in Gaza. Children killed in their sleep; this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced.”

He added: “We have visited the site and gathered evidence. We have analysed fragments, examined craters and other damage. Our initial assessment is that it was Israeli artillery that hit our school, in which 3,300 people had sought refuge. We believe there were at least three impacts. It is too early to give a confirmed official death toll. But we know that there were multiple civilian deaths and injuries including of women and children and the UNRWA guard who was trying to protect the site. These are people who were instructed to leave their homes by the Israeli army.”

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Devastating Earthquake Made in Israel, With US Explosives


My dear readers, may I ask you write to your governments and representatives in parliament about the scenes of devastation and destruction from the Gaza Strip by the merchants of war, genocide and ethnic cleansing, the occupation soldiers of the so-called “state” of israel, which your American and European governments support with tons of explosives and weapon of mass destruction so that israel can commit more war crimes and genocide and demolish more houses over the heads of Palestinian civilians while sleeping in their homes?

Under the rubble of the scenes of destruction, or the earthquake made by the zionist israeli war criminal forces (ZIWCF), the Shujaiyya and khan Younes, central Gaza Strip and Rafah, N (6)Palestinian rescue crews and paramedics pulled today, Saturday the bodies of 130 people under the rubble of homes completely leveled by Israeli shelling across Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 1000.

Among the bodies found twenty people from the Najjar family, one whole family extinguished. There are still hundreds missing, fallen, while the stench of decomposing bodies wafts from under the yet unexplored mounts of rubble.

Most of the bodies were recovered from under the rubble of civilian houses leveled as a result of the heavy Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling in As-Shaja‘iya and Al-Zeitoun neighborhoods, to the east of Gaza city, Beit Hanoun and Beir Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, and Khuza‘a to the east of Khan Younes.

My dear readers: your governments are involved in genocide and war crimes committed by the jewish state against us, in our homeland Palestine, for more than 66 years. It is your moral duty to stop the crimes in which your governments partake. To ask cause your governments to stop aiding and abetting the crimes of Israel is also in your own best interest, because the weapons and ammunitions which your government provides to the jewish criminals are more often than not provided for free while they are being paid for with your tax money: instead of using the taxes which you pay to improve the conditions of your life in your countries, your governments send that.

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Gaza's Children Burning In The Zionist Terrorism

في رسالة موجهة للسيسي – المطلوب أن تخلد أسماء المائة الف شهيد المزعومين وتقول الحقيقة للشعب المصري بدلا من المزايدة
رئيس وزراء الكيان الصهيوني ينعى الصحفية عزة سامي نائب رئيس تحرير الأهرام
ChildThe Israeli zionist “state” of terror has continued burning the Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip at the 17th day of what so-called the “operation Edge”, the 7th day of the Israeli war criminal forces (IWCF) ground incursion into the Gaza.

The Palestinian death toll since Israel launched the war in Gaza surpassed the 791, among them 110 of were killed during the (IWCF) aggression.

At approximately 2:50 pm today, Thursday 24 July 2014, the Israeli war criminal forces (IWCF) committed a new war crime in the Gaza Strip, directly attacking an UNRWA shelter for internally displaced people (IDPs), most of them elderly, women, and children. The (IWCF) fired six artillery shells at the Primary Coeducation School (A and D), which is located in the Qaa’ Al Beer neighborhood in the town of Beit Hanoun.

The shelter which the (IWCF) targeted today is operated by UNRWA and located in the town of Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip. It hosts about 300 IDPs from the north Gaza district.

injured in GazaThe criminal attack killed at least 17 and injured more than 200 of the displaced Palestinian civilians (IDPs). It is the fourth time in two days that Israeli forces have bombed the schools serving as shelters in the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to Al-Mezan for Human Rights in Gaza, UNRWA implements strict security measures that ensure that only civilians enter the premises of their shelters. They also provide the address and coordinates of the shelters to the Israeli war criminal forces (IWCF) in order to assure safety measure. The school raises the UN flag.

Mr. Adnan Abu Hasana, the spokesman for the UN’s Palestine refugee agency UNRWA in Gaza stated that the (IWCF) did not send warning message before they shelled the school which used as a shelter.

He added: “We asked the israeli forces coordination office to warn us before shelling because the school is located in a dangerous area. We told them to give us enough time to evacuate women, children, elderly and UNRWA team, but they shelled the school without warning.”

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No One Can Disarm The Resistance Of Gaza

Khaled MashaalKhaled Meshaal, Hamas political leader said Wednesday night at a press conference in Qatar that the Palestinian resistance won’t agree on any ceasefire proposal before lifting the blockade on Gaza and agreeing to the resistance terms. He added that Hamas has rejected today a ceasefire to end the 16-day offensive against Gaza and we will reject tomorrow unless israel ends its blockade of the Gaza strip.

He demanded the USA to change it policy. He said: “We call on USA to change its policy and the Nation would impose the change on them.”

Mashaal said: what is required now is the implementation of the demands of the resistance and then selecting the zero hour to calm down. He said: “We will not accept any initiative that does not lift the siege on our people and does not respect their heroic sacrifices”.

He addressed the Israeli leadership in his statement, he said: “How many israeli soldiers you want to return to their mothers in coffins in order to lift the siege on Gaza??”

He added: “Today Israel is worried about what happened at Ben Gurion Airport. Do you want a blockade in return for the blockade?

gaza war1Meshal stressed that Hamas will never agree to demilitarization as part of negotiations. He said: “They are talking about disarming the resistance of its weapons. No one can disarm the Palestinian Resistance.”

He added that the israeli settlers who occupied our land are armed and dangerous. They are
not civilians but they live on lands that are not theirs. They ONLY sabotage and kill the Palestinians civilians and in the Gaza and West Bank there are men like lions who do not accept the occupier and aggression.
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Airlines Suspend Flights To Israel

حفيد الرئيس الفلسطيني – المجردم – يملك طائرات بدون طيار مثل طيارات حماس؟؟؟
الرئيس الفلسطيني بحث في القاهرة كيفية الإنقضاض على حماس واستثمار دماء الشهداء لصالح إستكمال المفاوضات
نتنياهو بفضح السلطة الوطنية ويقول أنها على علم واضطلاع مسبق بما يرتكبه من جرائم فيها, وأنه يرغب بتسليم القطاع إلى عباس

2009_03_06 082FAA places 24-hour ban on US flights to Israel; many European airlines also suspend flights; sirens sound in south and central Israel, West Bank

The FAA issued a notice on Tuesday suspending all US flights to and from Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport “for a period of up to 24 hours.”

The notice came following Tuesday’s rocket attack on Yehud, a town just a few miles from Ben-Gurion airport.

Delta Airlines issued a separate statement announcing they are suspending all their flights indefinitely.

Several European airlines have also suspended their flights to and from Israel. KLM cancelled its Amsterdam-Tel Aviv flight on Tuesday, Lufthansa – which includes Germanwings, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Air – suspended all flights for the next 36 hours, and Air France suspended flights indefinitely

Gaza An Open Wound and Band-Aid Won't Help

Ban ki-moonToo many civilians, including too many children are paying the price for the latest escalation of violence in Gaza, deplored the UN Secretary-General as he urged all sides to end the fighting.

Mr Ban Ki-moon made the remarks to the press in Cairo on Monday, on the second leg of his Middle East tour.

The Secretary-General said he was in the North African country to solicit Egypt’s diplomatic efforts to help secure a cease-fire.

He is expected to meet later with Egypt’s President and foreign minister as well as the US Secretary of State.

“The first: the violence must stop, it must stop now. All sides must provide the necessary space to aid the victims, assist the wounded and extend relief to trapped civilians. These immediate steps should open the door to a more prominent cease-fire. Second, we cannot claim victory by simply returning matters to where they stood before the latest terrible bloodshed.”

Going back to the status quo won’t solve the problem or the bloodshed, the Secretary-General noted.

Gaza is an open wound and a “band-aid” won’t help, he added.

Meanwhile, the UN Refugee Works Agency, UNRWA, said the number of people seeking refuge in their shelters has exceeded 100,000.

The agency said the “huge wave of accelerated displacement” was a result of the Israeli ground offensive. Sophie Outhwaite, United Nations Radio.

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