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Airlines Suspend Flights To Israel

حفيد الرئيس الفلسطيني – المجردم – يملك طائرات بدون طيار مثل طيارات حماس؟؟؟
الرئيس الفلسطيني بحث في القاهرة كيفية الإنقضاض على حماس واستثمار دماء الشهداء لصالح إستكمال المفاوضات
نتنياهو بفضح السلطة الوطنية ويقول أنها على علم واضطلاع مسبق بما يرتكبه من جرائم فيها, وأنه يرغب بتسليم القطاع إلى عباس

2009_03_06 082FAA places 24-hour ban on US flights to Israel; many European airlines also suspend flights; sirens sound in south and central Israel, West Bank

The FAA issued a notice on Tuesday suspending all US flights to and from Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport “for a period of up to 24 hours.”

The notice came following Tuesday’s rocket attack on Yehud, a town just a few miles from Ben-Gurion airport.

Delta Airlines issued a separate statement announcing they are suspending all their flights indefinitely.

Several European airlines have also suspended their flights to and from Israel. KLM cancelled its Amsterdam-Tel Aviv flight on Tuesday, Lufthansa – which includes Germanwings, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Air – suspended all flights for the next 36 hours, and Air France suspended flights indefinitely

Gaza An Open Wound and Band-Aid Won't Help

Ban ki-moonToo many civilians, including too many children are paying the price for the latest escalation of violence in Gaza, deplored the UN Secretary-General as he urged all sides to end the fighting.

Mr Ban Ki-moon made the remarks to the press in Cairo on Monday, on the second leg of his Middle East tour.

The Secretary-General said he was in the North African country to solicit Egypt’s diplomatic efforts to help secure a cease-fire.

He is expected to meet later with Egypt’s President and foreign minister as well as the US Secretary of State.

“The first: the violence must stop, it must stop now. All sides must provide the necessary space to aid the victims, assist the wounded and extend relief to trapped civilians. These immediate steps should open the door to a more prominent cease-fire. Second, we cannot claim victory by simply returning matters to where they stood before the latest terrible bloodshed.”

Going back to the status quo won’t solve the problem or the bloodshed, the Secretary-General noted.

Gaza is an open wound and a “band-aid” won’t help, he added.

Meanwhile, the UN Refugee Works Agency, UNRWA, said the number of people seeking refuge in their shelters has exceeded 100,000.

The agency said the “huge wave of accelerated displacement” was a result of the Israeli ground offensive. Sophie Outhwaite, United Nations Radio.

Zionist Criminals Commit More Massacres in the Gaza Strip

crime against-1_edited-1Israeli war criminals IOF commit more massacres in the Gaza Strip, 506 Killed including 131 Children and 64 Women as the Civilian Casualties Continue to Rise. Human Rights Organizations Deplore the Failure of International Community to Protect Civilians. 

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued its attacks on the Gaza Strip. Attacks on homes and other civilian targets continued to claim more civilian lives.

Al-Mezan for Human Rights has issued a press release about the situation in the Shejai’ya neighborhood and Gaza Strip. According to Al-Mezan, the situation in the Shejai’ya neighborhood became clearer, investigations indicate that the IOF bombarded the neighborhood heavily around dawn on 20 July 2014, firing at houses and fleeing civilians.

Al Mezan verified that 56 dead bodies for people from this neighborhood were received at hospitals; all civilians except on combatant. Seventeen of the victims were children, two medics, and one journalist. Forty people were killed while inside their houses and the rest on the streets as they tried to fled the bombing. many people are still under the rubble of houses that were bombarded by the IOF.

crime1Al-Mezan stressed that the direct IOF attacks on the Palestinian houses while their residents there in has raised the number of people who were killed. There were families who lost ten, five and six persons.

The Iskafi family lost six members of their family when IOF attacked their house after the humanitarian ceasefire entered into force. The attack on the Abu Jame family claimed 26 lives; including 19 children and five women. Anotehr attack on an apartment in Gaza City killed eleven people; including seven children and three women. A third attack on the Ziyada family house killed seven.

As IOF’s ground invasion expanded tens of thousands more people have fled the areas under attack and are lacking basic needs. The situation for the general civilian population has grown even more difficult, with blackouts lasting 20 hours at best and problems with access to water and healthcare. Continue reading: Zionist Criminals Commit More Massacres in the Gaza Strip

Pictures of Neo-Nazi Crimes Supported By the US

2012178On the 13th day of the israeli Neo-Nazi aggression against the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed a massacre in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City. At least 87 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured and reached the hospitals. It is expected that this number will increase sharply once rescue teams reach the neighborhood.

The Israeli army has perpetrated the massaace of Al- Shujaiyya after the killing of a number of the IOF soldiers and officers during clashes with Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. Under the International laws, committing massacres because of retaliatory motive is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

Later, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minster of the criminal “state” of israel has admitted without shame that the IOF ethnic cleansed and strongly shelled al-Shujaiyya in order to evacuate the dead and wounded Israeli soldiers from the “elite” brigade of Golani.

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZAThe Ministry of Health said that at least 87 Palestinians were killed, while more than 350 were injured during an Israeli ground invasion in Shuja’iyya neighborhood. It said that many casualties are still buried under the rubbles of houses that were bombed and destroyed as armored tanks indiscriminately targeted residents’ homes.

The fatalities in Shuja’iyya included 17 children, 14 women and four elderly, whereas the wounded, estimated at a total of 210, included 62 children, 32 women and 15 elderly, according to the ministry.

According A-Mezan for human rights in Gaza. The IOF ground invasion was expanded in the three neighborhoods in the east of Gaza city; especially in the Sheja’ya, Sha’af and Tuffah neighborhoods. IOF aerial and artillery attacks on houses also continued in various places across the Gaza Strip. Tens of thousands of people fled the areas under attack and housands were trapped in these neighborhoods.

al-shujaThe IOF attacked the ambulances when they tried to reach victims. At least one medic was killed. Despite the efforts by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to coordinate ambulance access, dozens of people were still under the rubble or on streets while IOF stalled allowing ambulances to reach them until ICRC secured a humanitarian truce for two hours, ending at 3:30PM.

Most disturbing have been the reports of direct attacks from the attacking troops on houses and on civilians who were fleeing their houses. Media reports provided footage of civilians’ dead bodies scattered on streets; suggesting that they were walking out of the Shujaiyya neighborhood.

At least 62,000 people have sought refuge in UNRWA shelters; however, tens of thousands have taken shelter in government schools and in houses of relatives and friends. The situation for the population at large is exacerbated by the very long blackouts, which reaches 20 hours per day at best. Continue reading: Pictures of Neo-Nazi Crimes Supported By the US

Israeli War-Criminals Shell A Hospital in Gaza

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2014-07-16 06:32:37Z |  | Basman Alashi, the facility’s director of Al-Wafa hospital in al-Shejaiya district told the media that the Israeli tanks are shelling the hospital, whose 14 patients include some who are paralyzed or in a coma, and several people have been hurt.

He said: “Israeli tanks are shelling the hospital, they have hit several of the floors, and several nurses have been injured.”

He added: “On Thursday night, “he was contacting other hospitals in Gaza to try to arrange ambulances to transport the 14 patients elsewhere after Al-Wafa came under renewed Israeli fire, But the ambulances are all in use, there is heavy shelling in many places, and each patient has to be taken individually and carried because they cannot move.”

5,000 tons of US explosives fired at Gaza

During the 10-day of the Israeli assault on Gaza, the army has fired over and dropped 5,000 tons of explosive ordnance from the US donations which was sent to Israel for killing the Palestinians at the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

gaza-2Ashraf Al-Qidra, the spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health said: “The israeli army has used poisonous white gas in northern Gaza Strip at Al-shoke and Rafah.” He confirmed that the dozens of Palestinians were treated in the hospital due to the inhalation of toxic gas.

The deputy director of the police explosives unit told Maan reporter that the Israeli army has used GBU shells fired by F15, F16, and F18 fighter jets, while MK48 bombs have been used by Israeli army boats. He explained that MK84 bombs, which are usually used in wide-range wars, weigh 1,000 kg, are three meters in length, and have a damage radius of 300 square meters.

He added that the israeli artillery units deployed east of Gaza launch highly explosive shells at people’s homes, mainly targeting Rafah and Khan Younis, but also targeting other border areas.

On Thursday, the 10th day of the Israeli war, the army launched a ground operation in Gaza after they killed earlier ten Palestinians including three children from the same family.

See How Israeli War Criminals Massacre Children On Gaza Beach

Screen shot _edited-1Israel war criminals have continued their bloody aggression on the children of the besieged Gaza on the ninth day.

The Israeli naval boats monitored four children having fun like butterflies on the beach of Gaza in front of a Hotel assesses a number of journalists. The naval decided to kill them for making fun.

The children were helping their father to provide the juice to the reporters when the naval boats shelled the beach. The naval have targeted the children with the full intention to kill them without mercy.

The children were identified as Ahed Atef Bakir, 10, Zakaria Ahed Bakir, 10, Mohammad Ramiz Bakir, 11 and Ismail Mahmoud Bakir, 9. The father was injured seriously and transferred to the hospital of

On the ninth day of the Israeli war on the besieged Gaza, 23 Palestinians were killed and dozens injured bringing the death toll to 222.

According to medical statistic, 222 Palestinians were killed and more than 1670 others were injured among them infants, dozens of children, women and elderly, since the beginning of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, which started on July 8 2014.

Ayelet Shaked, a member of the jewish home party at the knesset, demanded on Monday July 14 2014 that all the Palestinian mothers should be killed like their children and their blood shall be on all their head. She added: “They are all enemy combatants and nothing fair more than to kill them otherwise they will bring more snakes here.”

MassacreGaza Jyly-6

Pictures: Zionist Criminals Attack on Humanitarian Crews

humanitaruan-1Since the start of the on-going Israeli military operation codenamed, Protective Edge, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have targeted hundreds of civilian objects in the Gaza Strip. In addition to directly attacking homes – frequently with inhabitants inside them – the IOF has directed attacks on municipality crews, including the Costal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU) crews, and health facilities and health workers. Three individuals were killed in these attacks while one sustained critical injuries; two service vehicles were damaged. Moreover, several water and sanitation networks have been damaged in IOF attacks, along with five hospitals, Red Crescent ambulance centers and an ambulance damaged in an attack in which four ambulance crewmembers were injured. These attacks weaken the ability of these facilities to operate and the workers to deliver services that are considered essential for the survival and wellbeing of the civilian population. The attacks are unlawful under international law.

1910At approximately 9:25 pm on Wednesday, 9 July 2014, Israeli aircraft attacked an agricultural field near the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) emergency center in Jabaliya in the North Gaza district. As a result, the director of the emergency center, Yousif Abdel Hammed, and paramedics, Ramadan Hosou, Merwan Hamouda, and Iyad Basyouni, sustained moderate injuries. They were referred to the Al Quds Hospital. The emergency center’s building also sustained severe physical damage,while three ambulances were also damaged. The PRCS was forced to transfer its field and administrative work to the Al Awda Hospital in Tal Az-Za’tar in Jabalia.

At approximately 2:25 am on Friday, 11 July 2014, Israeli aircraft fired four missiles targeting the fifth and sixth floors of the Al Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital in Al Sheja’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza City. This hospital is the only one in Gaza that is specialized in providing care for people with severe and complex impairments and for people in comas. As a result of the attack, the two floors were severely damaged, and no casualties or injuries were reported.

According to information gathered by Al Mezan, at approximately 4:42am on Saturday, 12 July 2014, an IOF warplane fired one missile at the building of the Mebarat Palestine for the Disabled in Beit Lahiya town in the North Gaza district. This NGO provides care for people with severe and complex impairments . As a result, two women with disability were killed:

Continue reading: Pictures: Zionist Criminals Attack on Humanitarian Crews

Houses Destroyed Over the Heads of Residents in Gaza

هل عباس رئيساً لشعب فلسطين أم أنه مستشرق ضعيف أم سفيرا لإسرائيل في فلسطين؟؟

albatshHouses Destroyed over the Heads of Residents and Evacuation Orders in North Gaza – Al Mezan: 167 killed, including 34 children and 27 women, over 1001 injured; including 227 children and 183 women, and 869 houses destroyed, including 187 completely by day 7.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) military attacks on the Gaza Strip intensified its attacks on houses and other civilian objects on the seventh day of its ‘Operation Protective Edge’. IOF’s airstrikes targeted houses and destroyed them on the heads of their residents without any warning. in a vicious crime, the IOF attacked the house of Al Batsh family in Gaza City, killing 17 people including 3 women and 3 children. Al Mezan condemns these crimes, which seems to aim to serve as deterrence to persons allegedly affiliated by Palestinian armed resistance groups by annihilating their families and destroying their houses. Moreover, the IOF dropped leaflets ordering most the residents of the North Gaza district to evacuate. People living in 18 neighborhoods also received pre-recorded phone calls directing them to evacuate to Jablia town. By 3pm today, about 6,500 people moved to schools opened as shelters by the United Nations.

gaza childAs of 1pm today, Sunday 13 July 2014, the number of Palestinian casualties resulted from IOF attacks, and verified by the Al Mezan, has risen to 167; including 34 children and 27 women. According to Al Mezan’s initial investigations 126 (i.e. 75.4%) of the victims are civilians. The rest are known to be affiliated with Palestinian factions, but in most of the cases there is no information that suggests they were taking active part in any hostilities. Most of them were killed in attacks on civilian targets. Moreover, at least 1,001 other people were injured during the same period; of whom at least 227 were children and 183 women. 869 houses were destroyed or damaged during this period; of which 187 were destroyed completely as the IOF directly and deliberately attacked 207 of them. IOF attacks also damaged or destroyed 21 schools, 30 mosques, an ambulance centre, 13 NGO offices, 20 fishing boats and a hospital. Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the IOF’s attacks on civilians and civilian objects and calls on international community to act swiftly to stop them.

According to the initial investigations by the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, IOF warplanes fired two missiles at the house of Majid Subhi Al Batsh, 50, in the At Tuffah neighborhood east of Gaza City. The attack destroyed the house completely, along with two adjacent houses that belong to Majid’s three brothers, No’man and Alaa’ and Issam.

Continue reading: Houses Destroyed Over the Heads of Residents in Gaza

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