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  ..: Complaints to the Israeli Police :..

Here are some of my official complaints to the israeli Police regarding the misconduct and abuses commited against me by IDF soldiers and the illegal jewish settlers in Hebron. All the complaints refer to episodes which happened during my work. Filing each complaint means waiting for a whole day behind closed doors and outside of the police station for the officers to accept it.

None of the complaints I presented resulted in any action by the police. There was either no response at all, a response that the prepetrators could "not be identified", or the file would be closed without action. The israeli police implements the military law of the occupying IDF and has no regard for Palestinian civil laws.

Police officers who would investigate criminal complaints against settlers would normally be thrown out and transferred elsewhere. As an example, the police Colonel Ish "Bono" Jemini was transferred from Hebron to Herzliya by demand of the settlers, because he dared to investigate law violations commited by settlers. Another officer, police investigator Omri Ben Meir, was transferred from the investigation unit in Hebron to a position without any influence, also because he was investigating crimes commited by settlers. Eventually he found his way to an internal investigation unit of the police at Giva'at Shaul.

Yet another officer, Colonel Efraim Arditi, a police commander in Hebron, was in good terms with the settlers until he dared to arrest Moshe Levinger, an extremist settler who would not make a deposition with the police and then issue a press release characterizing the settlers as a criminal gang. Because of this he was also transferred from Hebron to Jerusalem due to intervention of the settlers.

The documents will be posted below, each one with a short explanation.

The Israeli Police Investigation Unit in Hebron

A short background story about what goes on at the Israeli police station in Hebron: The Israeli Police Investigation Unit in Hebron consisted of four Policemen for 200.000 Palestinians in Hebron.

Shlomo Ifrati: Head of the Police Investigation Unit in Hebron. He used to work for the Police Unit at Beit Shemesh.

Ytzhak Rakhamem: the boss of officer Shlomo Ifrati. He was a police investigator in Hebron 13 years ago. He usually closed the investigations of the complaints presented by Palestinians against the settlers without acting on them. I was one of these Palestinians who saw all her complaints shut down without further investigation.

"V": an Israeli Police Investigator who was charged by an Israeli Judge after putting drugs in the pocket of an innocent victim during his work for the Beit Shemesh Unit. He was thrown out from his work at Beit Shemesh for the same reason. 70 complaints against him called the attention of the Makhash unit at Givat Shaul (an internal inverstigation unit of the Israeli Justice Ministry). He found work with the Hebron Police Unit as an investigator.

"Z": arrived in Hebron from the Beit Shemesh Unit, is a Police investigator. His work ideology can be resumed in the phrase "All Arabs are sons of dogs". He said this in front of his boss, Shlomo Ifrati.

"I": is a 48 year old Policeman, he arrived at the Hebron Police earning 14,000 Shekel monthly. He is an investigator in name, but his real duty is making tea and coffee and sitting in front of the computer.

Another police officer, "A", changes his money with a black market money dealer, an Israeli criminal who was accused and tried for forgery and had a past at the Nakhoz Yorshalaym Jail. The criminal person is member of an extremist religious movement and brother of the Policeman A.R. who works in the Hebron Police Unit ("A" is the boss of "A.R."). The policeman A.R. sends the other people in his unit to exchange money with his brother before they travel abroad (this is illegal according to Israeli law). So policeman A.R. who was attending a course to become an officer, was effectively acting in the role of a middleman between his criminal brother and the other policemen in his unit, with the full knowledge of his boss, officer A.

How the Hebron Investigation Unit works: The settlers are choose as the investigators.

The investigators usually change the statistics regarding the Palestinians complaints against the settlers. When Palestinians file a complaint against a Jewish settler, the Investigation Unit transfers them to the public police to take the complaint. According to this, the Palestinian complaints which are taken by the public police will not be registered in the list of the complaints against the settlers, which is based only on the list of complaints which are investigated by the four policemen of the Investigation Unit. That means that the statistics of complaints registered against settlers which are made by the Palestinians is not correct. In this way, instead of registering 400 complaints the final result will be between 150-200 complaints. This is illegal behavior according to the military law itself.

The Police Unit which investigates the complaints against the settlers is not honest and is involved in hiding the facts of Palestinians complaints. Because of this, some of the Police investigators who were investigating settlers issues in the correct way were thrown out of their unit in Hebron to other units, or they left by themselves. Some of these officers were the police investigator Umri ben Maear, Jakob Cohen, Meriam Dwrays, Ronit Levi ...

The following link directly to .jpg scans of some police confirmations I received aftyer presenting a complaint at the police station. Most are in Arabic or Hebrew, written on official Israeli forms. None of these complaints were ever followed up by any investigation.

Police 01  
Police 02  
Police 03  
Police 04  
Police 05  
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Police 07  
Police 08  
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Police 26
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Police 29
Police R1  
Police R2  Police R3  Police R4    
SexualH1  SexualH2  SexualH3   (Medical) Reports regarding sexual harassment by the IDF.