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September, 2003

Here is a collection of links to interesting sites. Most of them have used my articles in the past, all of them are interesting in their own right.

A Current list of sites linking here
Gush Shalom first published my original Diary while I was still living in Palestine. They posted my Diary in English in the original, then translated it to Hebrew.

The Christian Peacemakers Team in Hebron have been invaluable friends and supporters both before and after I departed from Palestine.

Jeff Rense has published or linked to my articles at different times in the past. He has an excellent news site.

Dutchpal translated this article to Dutch and added some comments. He has translated several of my articles, as well as all of my original writings posted at Gush Shalom, to Dutch.

Earth Change News copied and posted my article about Mazen Dana. They ask for money to view it.

FlashRadar linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

The Power Hour linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

"The War on Terror", a personal website in England, linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

David Sadler, a candidate to the American Congress for the Republicans, linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

Serendipity, a political website in Liechtenstein, linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

Citizens for Legitimate Government linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

ThomasMc linked to my article about Mazen Dana.

Nuovi Mondi Media from Italy posted a translation to Italian of my article about Mazen Dana to their website.

The March for Justice site linked to
my article about Mazen Dana.

Indymedia has
ocassionally linked to my articles or commented on them.

Ceiberweiber - an Austrian Webzine for Women - Interviewed me shortly after my arrival in Vienna and posted the Interview in German.

MEP Hannes Swoboda has invited me to several political activities here in Vienna.

Human Rights Watch awarded me the Lillian Hellman Price for the year 2003. Electronic Intifada posted a short commentary about this.

Meredith Tax from Womens World has been a strong supporter since my arrival in Vienna.

"Down with Murder Inc." is a private website. It uses the article about Mazen Dana's murder.

"Noitiki Antistasis" is a political website from Greece. They have linked to my main page.

Assorted Mentions

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Political Sciences Degree Thesis of Kristian Helland-Hansen / University of Oslo (RTF document)
Earth Rainbow Network - Empire of Darkness Series #12
Article by Ilanna Mandel
Nomination at Asia Weblog Awards 2003
Guevara Home
Heaven on Earth Project
Article at Telepolis (German)
Human Rights Watch Hellman-Hammett Grants 2003
International Freedom of Expression Exchange (HRW)
International Journalists Network
Indymedia Netherlands
Indymedia UK
Insitu Thratre at Cambridge University - A play based on my work
Maghreb Online Netherlands
March for Justice
Mention in forum (german)
Nuovo Mondi Media Italy
Oil Empire
Argentinian Islam Organization (spanish)
Austrian Palestinian Community (German)
Palestine Monitor
Mujeres e Islam (spanish)
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Jews Against Racism and Zionism
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Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense
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University of Toronto / Women in Judaism: Contemporary Writings
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