The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: Letters to IDF Commanders :..

The following are transcripts, scans and comments of or about various letters and faxes sent to IDF Commanders and government authorities of Israel.

A complete (and growing) collection of my correspondence with the IDF is in my gallery, here.

 Letter 1
   Letter to Colonel Ygal Sharon concerning Military Order #7575-1997

 Letter 2
   Letter to deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh

 Letter 3
Letter to Colonel Ygal Sharon concerning the expansion of the military camp on Mount Manouh

 Letter 4
   Letter to Commander Noam Tivon protesting after having been attacked by an IDF Soldier

 Letter 5

 Letter 6
   Letter to Colonel Noam Tivon regarding Harassment by the IDF in front of Beit Hadassah

 Letter 7
   Complaint to General Itzhak Eitan about Harassment by the IDF

 Letter 8
   Letter from the CPJ to General Yaacov Orr, intervening on Kawther's behalf to regain her working permit

Letter 9
   IFJ Alert - Kawther denied renewal of Travel Permit within Israel and the Occupied Territories

 Letter 10
   Memo to General Yalon Protesting Insults and Harassment by settlers and the IDF

 Letter 11
   Fax from Mr. Rick Polhamus to the Israeli Embassy in Washington re. Travel Permit for Kawther

 Letter 12
   Fax from American citizens to Israeli Generals re.
Travel Permit for Kawther

Letter 13
   Response from the Israeli Embassy in Washington to Mr. Polhamus

Letter 14
   Protest letter to different officers re. behavior of the Police Spokesperson Ofir Sivan

Letter 15
   Letter to Colonel Tivon asking for the release of musician Amir Basel Abu Omar 

Letter 16
   Letter to Moshe Vogel protesting restrictions on journalistic work

 Letter 17
   Response from the office of the Prime Minister to a protest letter

 Letter 18
Letter from MK Nawaf Masalha to the Health Ministry re. expired Milk Powder

 Letter 19
   Response from the office of Minister Sarid to a complaint letter from Kawther

 Letter 19-1
   Another complaint to the office of Minister Sarid

 Letter 20
   Boilerplate answer to a complaint against collective punishment

 Letter 21
   FAX from the IFJ to Colonel Amnon Cohen

 Letter 22
   Letter from Rick Polhamus / CPT to the Austrian Government

 Letter 23
   Correspondence between Al-Ittihad Newspaper and the Israeli Government, where Kawther is called impudent.

 Letter 24
   Letter of complaint to Peter Lerner, the spokesperson of Col. Naggar, against insults and false accusations proffered by him.
   This is a follow-up to the previous document.