The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: Published Articles :..

Here you will find some of the articles which have been published in Palestinian and Israeli media concerning harassment by the settlers and the Israeli government against me. There are also some interviews, news and articles published by others about me.

The collection of articles in my gallery is here.

 Boys with Toys - This article was published in the weekly Jerusalem Times in 1995.
 Jongens met Speeltjes - The article "Boys with Toys" translated to Dutch in 2003 by

 Throwing out a Police Commander - Article in Arabic from Al-Hayat Al-Jadedah in 1998, later also published in Yediot Ahronot, concerning    Police Colonel Ish "Bono" Yamini, who was thrown out by the settlers and the government, and by recommendation of Col. Ygal Sharon.

 Appeal to Israel - Pubished in the Irish Times on Feb. 13, 2002. It is an appeal to Daniel Seaman to renew Kawthers working permit.

 An interview with the french quarterly magazine Forum, published in French in August of 2002, can be found here.

 Here is an Interview for the Austrian magazine Ceiberweiber, given in 2002. It was posted in German.
 A local copy of this article can be found here in case the CeiberWeiber site goes down.

 Sex is Political. This article about Palestinian life under occupation. It was published in Hebrew in three different Israeli newspapers in 2001.

 Here is an article about me, published in Hebrew in the weekly magazine Anashim in December of 2001.

 Another article about me written by Joseph Algazy, published on May 3, 2001 in Ha'aretz.