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  ..: Palestinians Condemn Kidnapping of Austrian Tourists :..
March 18, 2008
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Great anger was expressed in the Palestinian media after hearing the deplorable news about the capture of two Austrian tourists by some criminals who call themselves "al-Qaida group in Tunisia", and connecting this criminal action with the murder and crimes against the civilians in Gaza by the Israeli military.

The Palestinians condemn the kidnapping of the Austrian Tourists Wolfgang Ebner and his wife Andrea Kloiber, and they denounce the criminal actions of the so-called "al-Qaida group in Tunisia", they strongly dispute any connection between what happen to Palestinians under the occupation, and the criminal capture of the innocent Austrian tourists in Tunisia.

Press release about the kidnapping of Wolfgang Ebner and Andrea Kloiber by the Chief of Judges of the Palestinian Authority and Chairman of High Council of Islamic Law for Palestine, Sheikh Dr. Taisir Rajab Al-Tamimi, here (.PDF, Arabic).

More...We Palestinians believe that we fight for peace and justice, and to end the Israeli occupation in our own homeland. The Palestinian strongly denounce the misuse of our name, our suffering under the Israeli crimes, our conflict as an excuse for commission of crimes or to violate the security of innocent people and nations around the world who have nothing to do with our problems.Our fight is clear, it is for peace and to build our independent state in our homeland, Palestine.

Wolfgang Ebner and Andrea Kloiber (Pic: AFP)
Wolfgang Ebner and Andrea Kloiber (Pic Credit: AFP)
Some political analysts evaluated the capture of the Austrian tourists and connected this crime with the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza. It appears that the spy agencies of certain countries are using this crime in order to cover up the Israeli crimes and damage the Palestinian reputation.Since Al-Aqsa Intifada broke out in Palestine, the Israeli intelligence services have several times paid certain Palestinians thousands of Shekels and provided them with weapons in order that they should declare themselves as a cell of Al-Qaida in the territories and in Gaza.This was the plan of the Israeli intelligence, so that they could cover their crimes and legitimize their continued illegal occupation of Palestine.The Chief of Judges of the Palestinian Authority and Chairman of High Council of Islamic Law for Palestine, Sheikh Dr. Taisir Rajab Al-Tamimi, condemned strongly kidnapping the Austrian tourists Mr. Wolfgang Ebner, 51, and his wife Andrea Kloiber, 43, in Tunisia.Dr. Al-Tamimi declared the official position of the Palestinian nation, the PA and the Islamic authorities about the kidnapping the innocent Austrian Tourists in a press release issued on 12 March 2008.

I received a copy of the press release of Dr. Al-Tamimi, in which he condemned kidnapping the Austrian Tourists. He said that the tourists are our guests since they arrived our countries. It is forbidden to endanger their security, their safety and their lives.

Dr. Al-Tamimi stated that Austria is a neutral state which is not involved in wars against other countries, nations or religions.

Dr. Al-Tamimi sent an appeal to the kidnappers of the Austrian tourists. He said: "From the Al-Aqsa Mosque, from the State of peace and the land of the Prophets and civilizations, and under the name of Islam and the human moral of Islam, I appeal for the release of the Austrian tourists and I consider that capturing them is endangering the safety of people and disparaging their rights, which our prophet Muhammad recommended us to fulfill.

Dr. Al-Tamimi clarified that the Islamic faith and religion forbids aggression and scaring innocent people, whether they are "children, young, old, women or men", and that they are considered and protected in their rights, blood, property, money, freedom, and women, as these are their basic rights during war and hostilities between different countries.

Dr. Al-Tamimi emphasized in his appeal that such actions like the kidnapping of these Austrian tourists could cause  damage on Islam and it's human principles, and give an excuse to the enemies to attack Muslims and Islam everywhere.

He ended his appeal seeking the help of Islamic scholars and of everybody who has influence or contact with the kidnappers of these Austrian tourists, to intercede in favor of the release the tourists immediately and without any conditions.

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