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  ..: The Final Solution for Gaza – Congratulations to Europe and USA ! :..
January 21, 2008
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at the illegal checkpoints, the continued terrorism of the IDF soldiers, the never ending lies of the media, the thefts of food and crops, the destruction of all kinds of property, of water, the sowing of water deposits with radioactive garbage from Dimona, the inhuman darkness and callousness of the whole Israeli society, creating a paralyzed and sick generation with deep tensions and the urge for revenge inside, and forcing the nearby Arab countries to take part in this genocide by way of economic threats against their populations, it all combined is far, far more criminal than anything the Nazi regime ever did. Truly, the former victims and their accomplices have not only surpassed their former tormentors in moral abjectness, they have even made those crimes and worse into a way of life, and abject cruelty into the national sport of their so-called "Jewish nation".

One week after George W. Bush's meetings with Mahmud Abbas and Ehud Olmert Israel ordered all border crossings into Gaza closed as it continued its deadly attacks on more than 1.5 million Palestinians who are now denied food, water, electricity and medical supplies. 50 Palestinian were killed by the air force, over 400 injured, half of them are children, sprawled in the open air, under severe cold, in the Palestinian concentration camp which has become the Gaza Strip. The life of one million and a half persons stopped in Gaza. The hospitals and the refrigerators of the morgues were stopped since the fascist State of Israel stopped the electricity in Gaza.

Yesterday a Palestinian from Gaza wrote me clarifying the situation in Gaza and seeking humanitarian help. They wrote that on Saturday, 80 military tanks entered the Jabalya refugee camp in the north of Gaza and began destroying Palestinian homes. Gaza's power plant reported on Sunday that it has fuel for only two more days of operations. The people of Gaza - 80% of them refugees - stand amidst a military occupation, constant attacks and a humanitarian crisis. On Sunday, the electricity was cut, and the city fell into deep-black under heavy shelling from the Israeli military, the life of the sick people in the hospitals is now in great danger.

The signs of the planned Israeli crimes were clear since Hamas won Gaza, or since Dahlan, PA, the Arab leaders, USA, and Israel put in place the first stage of their criminal conspiracy and helped Hamas to win Gaza, or at least to think that they won Gaza, in order to remove this camp from the map of Palestine. In July 2007 I wrote about this American-Israeli-PA conspiracy in regarding Gaza. Today the situation in Gaza is a clear confirmation of what I wrote in mid-2007.

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, your continued efforts in support of your eternal victims have created a situation so horribly criminal that even the most extreme Nazis would have blushed in shame had they lived to see it. Your continued and unerring shrieks of "the existence of Israel must be made safe" have made genocide, ethnic cleansing, religious bigotry, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, war crimes, theft, terrorism and many other horrible crimes not only legal, but socially acceptable and even mandatory !

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, because after more than 60 years of covering up, justifying, financing, aiding, abetting, facilitating and even celebrating all manner of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the European and American Jews who illegally occupy Palestine, you have finally uncovered your true face, for against all your protestations of innocence and dismay, genocide is very much a part of your culture and very acceptable as long as it is perpetrated by Jews against those who you classify as racially inferior in order to make theft of resources easier.

Congratulations to Europe and the USA, you are both accomplices in causing the death of 67 patients who died at the Israeli border checkpoints and the Rafah crossing to the Gaza concentration camp, while waiting to access necessary health services.

May the stench of genocide which emanates from Palestine never leave you.

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