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  ..: The Politics of an Israeli Bag Lady :..
January 6, 2007
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In the videos below, you will see and hear, from the mouth of one of the illegal Jewish colonists in the West Bank, what amounts to the political views of all these individuals, of most Jews in Israel, and of a strong majority of the Jews worldwide. The old woman who speaks in these videos is Miriam Levinger, she is the wife of criminal, terrorist and murderer Moshe Levinger, one of the ideological pillars of the occupation of Palestine.

Moshe and Miriam Levinger arrived as squatters in Hebron in 1976, they are founders of the Kach terror movement, both are involved in continued harassment, thefts, murders and many other crimes against local Palestinians. Miriam Levinger is one of these deranged criminals protected by the terrorist regime of Israel who forced me to flee my homeland. I suffered continued harassment, incitements and physical aggression from here and her partners in crime while in Hebron.

What is obvious from these videos is that Miriam Levinger has mental problems, This she has in common with all the illegal Jewish colonists in the West Bank. Her age and her apparent health condition hinder her to act out her more violent instincts. Just before I was obliged to leave Hebron she attacked a crew of journalists. I was also beaten up in that incident and filed a criminal complaint which had no effect, as always.

Crime and terrorism also run in the family among the jewish colonists in Palestine, and Miriam Levinger is said to have a total of 13 sons and daughters. One of these daughters is involved in a leading role in the theft and occupation of the building belonging to Fayez Al-Jaabari in Hebron (see here and here).

“Smile for the birdie” (1:33)

The fact that she and the other settlers have mental problems is of no consequence. To the contrary, Miriam Levinger and her partners in crime can and should be considered as the real government of Israel. If you are an American, the bag lady in these clips is your queen, Queen Miriam of America. 

I will explain this. The soldiers you see in these videos are stationed in Hebron and other Palestinian towns to protect Miriam and the other mental cases who consider murder, theft, vandalism, terrorism, … as their religious and moral duty. Notice how the soldiers are respectful towards her and come looking at any sign she might find too much opposition (or ridicule) from the persons behind the camera.

“Nasrallah and Bin Laden want to wipe out the krishtian world” (2:11)

For the benefit of Miriam Levinger and the other insane criminals like her, thousands of soldiers are mobilized, billions of tax dollars are sucked away from the USA, Americans are sent into senseless wars against muslims anywhere, ethnic cleansing has become the de-facto national sport of Israel just as football is the national sport of other nations.

Miriam and her partners are represented in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, by a majority coalition of extremist parties whose representatives are elected into their seats depending on how consistently they advocate the continued genocide against Palestinians.

For the benefit of Miriam and her deranged friends, hundreds of zionist organizations raise tax-exempt funds throughout the USA and manipulate all American politics to the decided disadvantage of Americans; for the benefit of your queen Miriam, a whole religious sect comprising perhaps thousands of extremist rabbis subsidized by a Jewish millionaire from Uzbekistan buys, coerces and otherwise obtains political and religious influence in many countries all over the world, because they know that if they stopped doing this, Miriam and her friends and buddies and relatives would end up institutionalized, what normally happens to people like her for good reasons, and that they, those who support them, Israel and everything they do would deservedly end up as the laughingstock of the world.

What these individuals fear more than anything is that normal people everywhere discover and understand how mentally sick they are, and treat them accordingly.

“I’m talking about b-o-o-o-mbs !” (11:22)

One must question the sanity of those who support and finance people like Miriam Levinger and their activities, of the leaders of Israel, and of the leaders of all countries and institutions who support these obvious insane individuals.

Why would anybody in their right mind want to waste their time, resources, money and good name in the insane activities of these insane people ? Would it not be better for the world to institutionalize these individuals, both the Jewish colonists and those who support them ?

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