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  ..: The Truth about the Hebron “Evacuations” :..
August 9, 2007
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While the international media around the world are spreading Israeli propaganda, the news of the evacuation order for two Jewish families from the Palestinian vegetable market shops in Hebron which were converted, constructed and occupied by Jewish settlers since six years ago with the help of military headquarters in the city, and while the news of several dozen ultra-Orthodox soldiers of the Nahal Haredi battalion who refused to participate in the evacuation occupied the front pages in international news, the Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian houses in the old city of Hebron. What the jews call “shelhevet neighborhood” in their fantasies is the stolen vegetable market. Some of them have been squatting in the stolen shops for years, and they call these dwellings “apartments” in order to give their crimes an appearance of respectability, to make those who don’t know Hebron that something is being taken from them. Shelhevet is the name of the infant daughter of one of the settlers, Itzhaq Paz. She died under unclear circumstances in March, 2001. There is a widely held suspicion that her father killed her under cover of a shootout because she was hydrocephalic. Her name has since then been misused by the settlers in order to give support to their demands for that part of Hebron.

Settlers breaking into shops in the vegetable market (April, 2000)

The Jewish settlers burnt the houses of Abed Al-Rahman Sammouh, Muhammad Al-Awiwi, and a building belonging to the Hebron Committee for Rehabilitation in the old city. The IDF soldiers stationed at the military posts nearby saw and identified the Jewish settlers setting the fire to this Palestinian property. The IDF soldiers did not stop this terrorist action but contacted the Israeli Police in the meantime. These IDF soldiers stationed at the entrance of Al-Shuhada Street instead stopped the Palestinian fire brigade and denied them the access to fulfil their duties to stop the fire.

The settlers exploring the destroyed vegetable market (2000)

And in the meantime the settlers broke into the Al-Aktab Islamic Mosque at the closed vegetable market, and placed anti-Arab-Palestinian stickers at the doors of the Palestinian shops in the old city. Another settler ran over 22-year old Palestinian Noaman Authman Al-Nather with his car, in an attempt to murder him. The victim was transferred at late time to the hospital after the IDF soldiers blocked the way through Al-Shuhada Street for the ambulance.

Moshe Levinger and other criminal settlers exploring the destroyed vegetable market (2000)

The terrorist action of the settlers came as a result of the Sunday evacuation order from the police. The order informed two Jewish squatter families to evacuate within 48 hour from the Palestinian houses which they had occupied in the old vegetable market Hebron. The Central commander of the IDF in the occupied territories, General Yair Golan, made a deal with the two Jewish families: they would leave the Palestinian buildings, he in return promised them that they would be allowed to return soon after with an improved legal status which would be imposed upon the political leadership.

The IDF destroying the vegetable market in 2000

The Israeli Propaganda about “Evacuation”
The Israeli politics set up the show of “evacuation” of the settlers from the Palestinian property in the vegetable market in Hebron as a propaganda campaign before the Olmert-Abbas summit in Jericho. There was no real evacuation from the two Palestinian buildings in Hebron, The “evacuation” which was shown was actually from two Palestinian shops where the settlers had been squatting since April, 2001. The two shops are among 40 shops closed by the Israeli occupation in Hebron. The IDF soldiers destroyed the vegetable market from the old city and closed they all the roads and buildings around it. The current evacuation order is totally useless while the brigade commander of Hebron and the IDF and the central command do not open all the shops, the building, Al-Shuhada and Al-Shalaleh street in the city.

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