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  ..: A Word about Jonathan Pollard :..
August 7, 2007

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Recently, the illegal Jewish settlers from Kach, the “Jewish Underground” and other terror organizations - most of them extremist Jewish squatters with USA passport - who occupy the heart of my homeland Hebron, granted the filthy American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard a “honorary citizenship of Hebron”. Jonathan Pollards not-really-wife Esther Zeitz (who calls herself Esther Pollard) met with persons associated with a “Foreign Terrorists Organization” for the ocassion.

Esther Pollard with Hebron settlers. In the background Noam Arnon and Rabbi Frank.
 The text reads 'Commendation of Honor and Certificate of Appreciation for
 Jonathan Pollard granted by the Municipality of Hebron.'

As a Hebronite, I state clearly that the criminal Jonathan and all the other Jewish terrorists and squatters have nothing to do with my homeland Hebron. They are psychologically abormal criminals, their unwelcome presence in Hebron is a shame and a blemish upon our city, and they have no right whatsoever to name anybody, much less a major criminal, as anything related to Hebron. The major of Hebron, Khaled Iseleh, has nothing to do with this filth. Noam Arnon, in the background of the picture, is the spokesperson of all the settlers, including Kach, a specially designated “Foreign Terrorist Organization” according to US legislation 31 CFR Chapter V (2.5MB text file, search for “Kach”). Thus, Esther Zeitz, the not-really-wife of convicted criminal Jonathan Pollard, is seen here meeting (and possibly providing money to) persons associated with a designated terrorist organization, a federal crime according to US laws.

Poster of Jonathan Pollard polluting Hebron

Jonathan Pollard is a Jew from Texas who worked as an “intelligence analyst” for the US Navy until he was caught betraying his employer and his homeland, the USA. According to what has been published, Pollard and his wife stole American state secrets and sold them to Israel, which subsequently sold this samei information to the former USSR and to China, the then-rivals of the USA. Pollard was justly sentenced to life in jail for his treasonous act and is currently imprisoned without parole.

Today, a vigorous campaign to free Pollard exists, driven by Jews in the USA and in Israel. Former President Bill Clinton was put under heavy pressure to free this criminal by the Jews in the USA, but he ultimately declined. The current Bush regime is far more likely to free Pollard. In the USA this campaign is being furthered by many Jewish and zionist organizations. In Israel, it is being advanced by persons related to Ovadia Yosef, Pollards Rabbi. An important link between the American and Israeli efforts is the so-called “Hebron Fund”, an organization of American Jews in New York which collects money and helps fund terrorist people related to organizations like Kach and Gush Emunim. Most Hebron settlers are involved in one way with these and other terrorist organizations. For instance, Baruch Marzel is the spokesperson for Kach, and he is assisted in this role by Noam Federman, who is the “finance minister” of this terror organization and solely authorized to access their financial sources in the USA.

However the outcome of these efforts are, the mere idea of having such a disgusting criminal named “honorary citizen”of my home is disgusting. The Jewish settlers in Hebron have no legal standing in Hebron, because of what they are forced to employ the IDF to ethnically cleanse the place.

As a citizen of Hebron I want to say to all Americans that the criminal Pollard will never be a honorary citizen anywhere in Palestine, and his memory will will be extinct when the settlers have been kicked out.

I hope that Americans will know what to do to make sure that Pollard never leaves jail alive.

Pollards friend Baruch Marzel, a multiple murderer and the spokesperson of Kach.

Pollards friend Ovadia Yosef, who has called several times for all non-Jews to be killed.

One a separate note, which is the relationship between the Jewish settlers in Hebron and the Riggs Bank ? The Riggs Bank was an entity widely believed to have been a CIA front organization, it ceased to exist when it was bought up by PNC Financial Services in 2005.

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