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  ..: IDF Ignores Rulings of Israels Supreme Court :..
July 25, 2007

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"… if this is how the state treats court rulings, what can we expect from the ordinary citizen?
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Israeli Supreme Court
Justice Ayala Procaccia

All over the world, the decisions and rulings of the Supreme Courts of Justice are respected and duly implemented by  governmental and private organizations and by businesses and citizens alike. Only in Israel are Supreme Court rulings disregarded whenever these rulings interfere in the deals between the IDF and the illegal settlers. In 1998 the IDF made an agreement with the Jewish settlers south of Hebron regarding the village of Yatta. This agreement included “confiscating” lands of Palestinian farmer and destroying their homes, caves and wells in order to increase the lands “belonging” to the illegal settlements nearby, and in general to increase the terrorization and threats to the existence of the Palestinian farmers in the village of Yatta in order to make them go “voluntarily”. This “agreement” included also giving permission to the illegitimate settlement of Maon, which was established without “license” from the Israeli military civil administration.

Dorit Beinisch, President of Israeli Supreme Court (Pic Credit: Reuters)

The brigade commander of Hebron, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, in full coordination with the IDF Central Command, dumped a decision of last December, 2006 by Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch of Israeli Supreme Court, in the garbage bin. The court decision ordered the army to remove, within six months, the concrete wall built along road 317 and part of road 60 from “Tiena” to the illegal settlement of “Karmel” south of the village of Yatta in the district of Hebron. The IDF built a wall 41 Km long and 82 cm high on Palestinian lands, which were stolen for the benefit of the illegal Jewish settlements nearby.

Colonel Yehuda Fuchs ignored the high court decision which is against the plans of the Central Command to build a concrete wall of 186 Km around the city of Hebron. This concrete wall, invented by the Central Command and Yehuda Fuchs, will be longer than the “green line” around the district of Hebron. This “green line” around the city is about 155 Km. The concrete wall will cut various towns and villages, about 84.32% of the total land surface of the district of Hebron, outside of the wall. Colonel Yehuda Fuchs proposed to put “gaps” in the wall (13 in total) at fixed intervals. These “gaps” would be secured with metal doors whose keys would be held by the IDF, instead of removing this hellish apartheid wall which he is building against the will of the Supreme Court.

This barrier, here being built along road 317 in 2006, should be dismantled according
to a ruling recently re-issued by the Israeli the Supreme Court (Pic Credit: CPT)

According to the hellish plan of the IDF Central Command and the Brigade of Hebron, the old city of Hebron, including many Palestinian inhabitants of nearby villages and towns in the west, north and south of the district of Hebron will face new measures of isolation. The area east of road 317 will be kept under the control of Jewish settlers and the IDF. The target of the occupation is to isolate over 3000 Palestinians living in Yatta in small, closed ghettos, and denying them the right to receive their necessary service from Yatta municipality and to reach their agricultural lands.

Terrorising family Al-Nawaja of Yatta, in 1998. The settlers burnt all their possessions
while they were asleep. Their animals, their savings ... everything was lost.

The 2006 supreme court ruling came in response to a petition filed by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel along with Palestinian inhabitants of villages near Hebron. According to media reports, the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice handed down a new decision Tuesday, July 24, 2007, re-ordering the IDF to dismantle a concrete barrier near Hebron within two weeks. It gave the IDF a week to destroy the barrier, and a further week to remove its remains from the road. The IDF is accused by the court of deliberately delaying the implementation of a ruling issued in December, 2006 “for unknown reasons”.

The plans of the IDF Central Command, which the occupational government has tried to implement since 1999, is to add all the southern part of Yatta, agricultural lands belonging to Palestinian farmers, to Israel in order to increase the lands of seven illegal settlements which are suffocating Yatta. There is a deal between the Jewish settlers and the IDF to expulse all the Palestinians from south of Yatta following several steps and measures in the coming years. The IDF has implemented part of these measures and destroyed the Palestinian wells and the caves were local Palestinians lived, and also destroyed their roads, and they declared their lands as “military areas” which they are forbidden to access.

Yair, a settler connected to the Dreben terrorist clan, discussing with Palestinian
farmers in Buweib, a small village near Yatta. (Pic Credit: CPT)

In the years 1998 -1999 the IDF brigade commanders broke several rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court in Hebron. The Supreme Court iussued a ruling to re-open the gasoline station of Al-Jabari in Al-Shuhada Street. Former Hebron Commander Ygal Sharon ignored the ruling.

In 1999, the Supreme Court ruled that any partner (wife or husband) of a Palestinian present in the West Bank and Gaza between 1990 – 1992 had the right to get an immediate reunification permit after three months of having applied to the Israeli military DCL (the civil administration).  Colonel Amnon Cohen of the military DCL office ignored this ruling.   

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