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  ..: What Really Happens in Gaza and the West Bank :..
June 26, 2007

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On Sunday 24, it became known that Keith Dayton and Jacob Wallace, the US Consul General in Jerusalem, are dictating the “security policy” for Palestine. Several meeting were held between the PA president Abass, the American envoys, and Palestinian General Abdel Razeq Al-Yehyah. This can only mean that a disaster is coming and that huge lists with names of persons to be killed or detained in the West Bank will passed by the Americans to the PA.

The publication of the meeting with the Americans in the Palestinian media generated a huge wave of hate toward the US as well as huge anger against the PA. The Palestinian public is against the interference of US in the Palestinian internal and security affairs. “We hate the US as they are the strongest alley of Israeli occupation, the Americans will never bring us the justice and peace, they just want to create a CIA puppet body in our land”, is what the Palestinian public says.

American training camp for death squads near Jericho (Pic Credit: ?)

The US offered their help Abbas’ troops since October 2006. They built a military training camp near Jericho, and American officers trained Abbas troops in this camp. Since then, an increasing wave of anger against the US started, together with massive troubles between the two biggest parties Fatah and Hamas. The majority of Palestinians express their sympathy with Hamas as they are the legitimate government. The Palestinians will never support the US puppets at the PA, even if the US builds a palace for each Palestinian or even if they live under the international siege and starvation for the rest of their lives. These are the Palestinians, and they will be for ever like that.

In the West Bank, and since the press conference Khalil El-Hayyeh, the Hamas speaker hold in Gaza, the main talk of Palestinians in public is around the documents which Hamas found at the various PA compound, the sophisticated American spying equipment, and the recordings on memory devices (“chips”) which show that the “Alternative Security” and the Intelligence system of the PA were spying not only on persons in Palestine with political views different from theirs, but that they were also spying on President Abbas and former President Arafat and their staffs, and on religious, military and political leaders of other Arab countries as well. Also, lists with names of people and orders to kill them were reportedly found.

the master of the universe, and Mofaz, his master (Pic Credit: ?)

The Palestinians wonder if there are real documents. Even in Israel there is talk about this subject: the Israeli intelligence is worried that a scandal could soon break out if Hamas published these documents. According to Hamas, in these documents several cases of sexual entrapment of well-known and politically independent persons are described: they were involved in “immoral activities”. According to Hamas, two ministers and several lawyers were filmed in sexually compromising scenes by the PA in order to damage their reputations and their viability as prospective leaders. According to former Interior Minister Said Seyyam, the Palestinian security systems brought political leaders, directors of social institutions and lawyers to certain houses in Gaza were they had installed secret cameras and engaged prostitutes. These leaders were filmed with the prostitutes in compromising situations. These people were then coerced by the PA security systems and threatened to expose them if they did not pay money. Some of them paid thousands of dollars in order to hide the scandal. Former minister Seyyam said that the PA had used the same methods as the occupation.

Sharm El-Sheikh, Shalit and Johnston

The Palestinians are interested in seeing the abandoned documents of the PA. The Palestinians are not interested about the summit at Sharm al-Sheikh between Abbas, Olmert, Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah II. They know that they were sold out, and that Israel will never fulfill any Palestinian demands in this summit, that they will not stop building the wall, that they will not stop building illegal Jewish settlements on the Palestinian land and they will not stop demolishing Palestinians homes, that the offer to Abbas about releasing 250 the prisoners was ultimately a scam … Hamas on their part released a video of Gilad Shalit in order to cloud the athmosphere at Sharm El-Sheikh and to incite the Israeli public against the Olmert regime. And regarding journalist Johnston, there are allegations that Hamas want to free him, but Fatah/PA want to hinder his liberation and are giving the kidnappers weapons, as they don’t want Hamas to make any political points, and ultimately want to use Johnston for their own political purposes.

Perhaps the Israelis will offer to remove some checkpoints, but we have thousands of Israeli checkpoints in and between Palestinians cities, so this will not change the situation either. In one street, Al-Shuhada street in Hebron, there are over 50 Israeli checkpoints, and removing one or two will not change anything. It is the same in all the West Bank. The Jewish Prime Minister Olmert did not even give back the US$ 700 million PA tax money stolen by Israel. He gave back only half of that, about the rest he wants to “negotiate”, adducing that the other half was “frozen by a court decision”.

Security Coordination

According to Ynet News, Olmert will offer Abbas 60 Russian tanks to face the Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. This could be the only achievement in the summit. The two Presidents will also exchange lists with the names of wanted people, this is called “security coordination”, what means spying. This is the only article left standing from Oslo “agreements”. In this way the PA will catch the people wanted by Israel and jail them. After that, and this is expected, the Israelis will break into the Palestinian cities where the PA has rounded up the wanted people for them, and they will kidnap all of them just like before, when the Israelis broke into Jericho and ordered Palestinian militants to strip their pants and to go out naked, and then kidnapped all of them. This also happened in Ramallah at the beginning of the Intifada. Under the new “security coordination”, Olmert will take the responsibility of assassinating leaders of Hamas.

This woman expresses the true feelings of sold-out Palestinians (Pic Credit: Jalal Al-Rifaii)

Yesterday, Olmert offered Abbas to release 250 Fatah prisoners, but after he had asked his cabinet for approval. Olmert said that the 250 Fatah prisoners who would be released should have their hands “clean of blood”. Olmert did not, however, announce that Israel would remove checkpoints in the West Bank. This step is halted due to IDF objections, who don’t want Olmert to interfere in their operations, like breaking into Palestinian cities, assassinating and murdering unarmed Palestinians.

PA and Hamas: Mutuals Insults

All Palestinians know that Abbas-Olmert-Mubarak and King Abdullah II of Jordan called their “summit” in order to discuss how to destroy Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank. These four leaders will discuss how to help Abbas to crush Hamas in the West Bank, how to assassinate and arrest them. During the last day the PA has arrested 17 leaders of Hamas from the West Bank. What ever happens at Sharm Al-Sheikh is not important to Palestinians, who are not interested in hearing about the predictable outcomes of the show. What is of more interest to Palestinians following the news is the level of discourse between Hamas and Fatah, which has degraded to the level of uneducated street thugs in recent days, the parties insulting each other as “bald” or “mongolic”

The PA officials are scared of what Hamas found in Gaza. Tawfik Tirawi of the PA held a conference in Ramallah where he responded to Hamas allegations. He was not able to give objective answers. He denied that Fatah had killed Hamas members in the West Bank, and instead he claimed that they were killed by other members of Hamas. He then warned that Hamas militants were hoarding weapons in the West Bank and might try to target Palestinian government installations there (“Believe me, it’s my say-so as PA spy”). Tirawi himself knows what he left behind him in Gaza and because of that he was scared. Al-Tirawi is one of the most disgusting and corrupt PA officials who lead the intelligence system in Gaza.

Last weekend President Abbas rewarded the thief and the murderer Abu-Shibak with the post of ambassador to Egypt, after Abu-Shibak stole Palestinian government funds and bunkered them there. He instead punished Colonel Suleiman Khader and degraded him from colonel to simple soldier. Khader was the only officer who stayed in Gaza during the clashes with Hamas, while the officers above him ran out away. Abbas accused Khader of not protecting the PA military compounds in Gaza. This is a big farce. Everybody knows that Abu-Shibak, Dahlan and Al-Mishharawi have own business interests in Egypt, they have their prosperity there and they are loyalty to the Egyptian government.

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