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  ..: The Fight against the American-Israeli Project in Gaza :..
June 14, 2007

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The American military coordinator and representative at the Palestinian military, the war criminal General Keith Dayton should return to the US. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should resign, and the International community should take charge of their responsibility toward the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The continued failings of the PA government and bloody disaster which the radical militants of Hamas brought upon the lives of all Palestinians should force President Abbas to resign, and the International Community to take over the responsibility for peace and order in all Palestinian cities, in all the Palestinian Territory.

The Palestinians are seeking that international military forces be stationed in Gaza and the West Bank, replacing the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas militants and the Israeli occupation. They Palestinians strongly refuse the interference and participation of the US in this military deployment. They also refuse the European offer of sending troops for protecting Israel by blocking the southern border along Gaza. What Palestinians are seeking is a powerful military force to be stationed in all Palestinians cities, to protect them from the daily attacks by Israelis, the corrupt PA and the various Palestinian militant groups. The US is not invited to take part in this action, they are specifically excluded from this invitation.

Burning building in Gaza (Pic Source: Al Hayat Al Jadeeda)

These are the Palestinian demands which the local Palestinian press controlled by the PA have censored until now. The International media has also failed to clarify the Palestinian demands and the reasons behind the bloody fight between the two biggest parties in Gaza and the West Bank, the radical Islamic movement, Hamas, and the corrupt wing of the Palestinians Authority, Fatah. According to Palestinian civilians from Gaza, the Hamas, supported by other Palestinians opposition movements, and some leaders from the Fatah movement itself are fighting against the American-Israeli-Arab project which is being implemented by the corrupt PA government along with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the head of the death squads in Gaza, Muhammad Dahlan. This project has the purpose of  creating a PA “government” which supports US and Israeli interests, and denies Palestinians their rights of return among other things.

The majority of the Palestinians from Gaza accuse Muhammad Dahlan of hindering the work of the coalition government in Gaza, and of causing the bloody war in Gaza. The gangster Dahlan is well known as the hand of Israel and the C.I.A in the Palestinian government. The US-supported Dahlan gang has succeeded in creating the bloody war between the two biggest parties in West Bank and Gaza, Hamas and Fatah. The Israeli media kindle the fires of hatred between the Palestinians themselves. Daily incitements against Hamas appear, as well as support for arming the “Presidential Guard", a force which receives training and funding from the US and the EU.

The IDF airstrikes in Gaza during the past few weeks, their murdering of some leaders from Hamas and the destruction of their organizations are explained by Hamas as a conspiracy between the Muhammad Dahlan, the PA, and the Israeli occupation.

The anger against Muhammad Dahlan in Gaza is huge. Dahlan is supported by the US, Israel, the Jordanian Royal family of King Abdallah, the Egyptian government, and European countries. But Dahlan and his gangster have the public opinion in Gaza against them. The Palestinians are also very angry with Hamas, and they complain against the silence and cover-up of by the “International Community” and the corporate press of the terrible situation which they live.

Palestinians live in two giant concentration camps, Gaza and the West Bank. They are not safe from Israeli rockets or from Hamas and Fatah bombs and murderers. They live under death threat 24 hours a day, they spend all their time taking part in funerals, starving and hearing the bombs exploding somewhere. The “International community” has furthered this genocide by imposing allowing Israel to steal PA funds and then by imposing a financial siege on the Palestinians, leaving them to starve. The Palestinians Authority did not offer any alternative solution; it is a very weak and corrupt system which is distrusted by most Palestinians.
It’s very simple: the Palestinians say “Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell, all of them should disappear from the Palestine”. The International community should stand up to its responsibility toward the Palestinians according to the International laws, and not according to the Israelis demands. This is a logical demand.

The bloody fight has spread from street to street and from one house to another. Rockets are falling from everywhere on innocent civilians, destroying their houses over their heads. During the last days over 80 Palestinians were killed, among them two women, and over 260 were injured, many are in critical conditions. During the past few weeks, dozens of Hamas and Fatah members have been killed in heavy clashes, there were some civilians among the Palestinians who were killed.

IDF soldiers shooting in Gaza (Pic Source: Reuters)

A summary of the News until now

During the continued clashes, Hamas seized control of the refugee camps in the central Gaza Strip; after that it swept into the central Gaza headquarters of Abbas' powerful National Security Forces facing only token resistance. Some Palestinians security forces fled to the Egyptian borders. The Palestinians leaders from the PA have all disappeared from Gaza. Hundreds of senior Fatah officials feared for their lives: they asked Israel for permission to evacuate from Gaza by sea. These PA officials accessed Israel on their way to Egypt and the PA headquarter in the West Bank.

Today Thursday, the Islamic militants from Hamas bombed the Preventive Security compound belonging to Fatah in Gaza City. Yesterday, the fighting which had been mostly limited to the Gaza Strip also spread to the West Bank, with Hamas and Fatah gunmen trading fire in Nablus.

The gunmen from the Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades, a military wing of Fatah, tried to seize employees of a pro-Hamas TV company. Hamas gunmen rushed to the scene sparking a firefight. According to Al-Aqsa leaders the attack was in retaliation for Hamas attacks on positions of Fatah-allied security forces in Gaza. The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank allied to Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, arrested large numbers of men from Hamas.

Finally, the armed wing of Hamas asked the Palestinian security forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, to surrender their arms. Hamas ordered these security forces in the northern Gaza Strip to hand over their weapons by Friday at 1600GMT.

Militants from Fatah in Gaza

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